What is beeco?

beeco is a marketplace (currently focused on the UK market) and a media platform showing there is a sustainable alternative for most everyday products and services.

The marketplace is growing constantly its inventory (currently over 60 products from 15 different vendors) and aims at having the largest inventory of eco-friendly products in 2020.

The media platform helps people to move towards a more sustainable way of life through tips, simple guides and interviews of inspiring people.


Our team

beeco has a 100% remote team with people working in the UK, Spain , Estonia and Switzerland. The core team is composed of two people, David and Jonathan, helped by several freelancers for copywriting and development. 


David Douek


David has over 15 years experience in entrepreneurship, working in Switzerland and Spain for various startups in the travel, real estate and content industries.

And he loves all all underwater sports like free diving and underwater hockey.


Jonathan Davies


Jonathan is a young marketer, with a few years’ experience in the Spanish travel and event industry. He recently joined David in his adventure, with the aim to do some good.

There is stunning, affordable, eco-friendly alternative to most every day products

The beginning

How beeco started

beeco was started by David Douek in mid-2018 with the aim to make responsible consumption easier. David noticed that many of his friends were motivated to chose a sustainable alternative when there was one, but finding the alternative often took too much time. He thus decided to allow people to find all sustainable alternatives in a single place and launched a marketplace, aggregating all types of sustainable products.