Top Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Beauty products are all about making you look and feel better, right? So, the last thing you want is to coat your lashes or soothe your skin with products that contain animals or damage the planet!

Can we just take a moment to address palm oil? It could be lingering in more than 70% of our cosmetics, even vegan makeup. While the plant is actually pretty space-efficient (0.26 hectares are needed to make 1 tonne of palm oil, compared to 1.43 for sunflower and 2 for soybean) it’s all about where the palm oil is from and if deforestation occurred to grow it. Always keep an eye out for sustainably sourced palm oil!

All the lush vegan beauty products on our list are available with shipping in the UK.

Organic Body Cream for Stretch Marks – Thank the Bees!


This Fysio natural moisturising cream is awesome for stretch marks. The 2 main ingredients, olive oil and natural beeswax lock in moisture and can soothe away marks and scars over time.

We love it because: it’s not diluted with water, meaningless (or no) chemical preservatives are needed and unnecessary freshwater is saved!

EcoPanda Makeup Remover Pads – No More Panda Eyes!


It’s time to remove the best vegan beauty products you’ve been loving – with another great eco option! Made from bamboo (like these sunglasses), these fabric pads can be added to your laundry pile for the washing machine and are totally hypoallergenic.

We love it because: EcoPanda created an eBook with beauty tips and skincare help for these pads – no more chopping down trees to make extensive (and largely unused) manuals.

PETA-Certified EcoTools Makeup Brushes


5 essential makeup brushes in eco packaging? Yes, please! The EcoTools bamboo makeup brushes are PETA certified with synthetic strands, recycled aluminium fixtures and natural bamboo handles.

We love it because: the packaging is 100% tree free, with recycled plastic and a cotton/bamboo card combination.

EcoTools Travel Detangler for Messy Mornings


The synthetic bristles on this vegan hairbrush are great for knotty hair – wet or dry! Put your old plastic detangler from the 00s out in the recycling bin. This one is so much better.

We love it because: the small size is perfect for eco travelling when you need to pack light or when you’re creating a zero-waste handbag.

Exfoliating Vegan Soap for Men and Women


The gentle vegan formula of these natural soaps is so good for soothing your body after a long day without sacrificing any animals in the process. Our favourite is the detoxifying tea tree soap as tea tree oils are naturally antibacterial!

We love it because: they smell so great and lather up just like normal – swap out your old soap for these bars and we promise no one will even notice.

Lavera Mousse Blush Vegan Makeup


So pretty it could make a moose blush. This silky mousse blush contains natural ingredients rose blossom, mallow and linden blooms for a beautiful natural fragrance.

We love it because: it’s dermatologically tested and made with only non-GMO products. Lavera takes the production and testing stages seriously!

PureChimp Natural Deodorant in Recyclable Packaging


PureChimp’s vegan deodorant frees you from repressing chemicals and irritating fragrances! This small glass jar contains enough last at least 2 months. Plus 5% of profits are donated to charity.

We love it because: unlike many vegan deodorants, this one actually has antiperspirant properties thanks to activated charcoal and natural arrowroot.

If you haven’t made the switch to an eco-friendly deodorant yet, our guide to the best natural and plastic free deodorants will help you find the perfect one.

Poppy Austin Organic Eyelash Serum in Fairtrade Bamboo Tubes


This organic eyelash serum by Poppy Austin is bursting with natural oils, vitamins and even aloe vera to revitalise your eyelash hair follicles. It’s a great treatment for mascara-tired lashes.

We love it because: it enhances your natural beauty! A few months of applying this healthy serum and you may be able to forgo sticky mascara altogether…

Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm in 24 Lickable Flavours!


Hurraw! Vegan lip balm is here and it’s available in stick applicators so you can keep your hands sticky-free. Coconut is our favourite flavour – because looking good means feeling good. And tasting good. Yum.

We love it because: it’s made with organic, vegan and raw ingredients to lock in as many nutrients and vitamins as possible to nourish your lips.

Vegan Lip Balm Scrub – Key Lime Pie Flavour

Key lime pie lip scrub sounds too good to be true, but here it is! The oil based moisture scrub literally scrubs away chapped lips and flaky skin. It’s made with a very short and simple ingredients list and arrives in a recyclable glass jar.

We love it because: it’s so lickable. When your beauty products are 100% safe to eat after use, you know they only contain good ingredients!

Poppy Austin Organic Mascara is Free of Palm Oil!


It’s cruelty-free for animals and for your lashes! Handmade vegan mascara formulated with natural and organic ingredients (no palm oil) is so much kinder. No more pulling out eyelashes along with clumps of mascara at the end of the day.

We love it because: natural plant waxes used to make this mascara give your eyelashes a lovely shiny effect too.

Handmade Organic Shampoo Soap with Therapeutic Essential Oils

These handmade shampoo soaps smell amazing – way better than your old favourite Herbal Essences. And you can wave goodbye to plastic shampoo bottles! Remember to stick with this shampoo bar for at least 2 weeks to let your hair adjust. Then come out of hiding and reveal your beautiful shiny locks.

We love it because: each soap is lovingly handmade in Devon, UK with traditional cold press methods and aromatic oils! Our favourite is the eucalyptus, lemon and mint shampoo soap.

Discover more products on our top 10 natural shampoo bars including cruelty-free, chemical-free, plastic-free, organic, and natural shampoo bars.

Aprilis Vegan Bath Bombs for a Little Eco Luxury


If you can forgive the plastic wrappings (essential to ensure the bombs don’t go off in the package) then you’re in for a real treat here. These bath bombs are vegan, sulphate-free, paraben-free and even gluten-free!

We love it because: They’re super affordable and great for aromatherapy with a dash of fun.

Naissance Organic Skincare Oil – Vegan and Organic!


We’ve saved the best organic body moisturiser for last. Naissance almond oil body moisturiser leaves you smelling sweet and feeling even sweeter! It’s rich in fatty acids and nutrients to restore skin plumpness.

We love it because: it’s certified organic by the Soil Association, one of the UKs best certifications for organic and natural products. It’s a big deal!

That concludes our list of vegan beauty products but there’s still more to discover!

Check out our picks of the best organic lotions in the UK, or take your beautifying routine even further with plastic-saving and money-saving eco-friendly razors and get closer to a zero waste bathroom with these 5 swaps (toilet talk)!

Or find other ways to shake up your lifestyle at eco-.

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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