Best Eco-Friendly Business Cards in 2020

8 billion of cards we print each year end up in the bin within a week.

So, if you’re looking to lessen your impact on the environment, you can start by replacing your usual business cards with recycled business cards.

If not, what kind of material do you want to print on? Do you know what other properties you need to look for in an eco-friendly business card? Have you even thought about going paperless?

We selected for you the best 10 sustainable business cards for a green first impression.

From banana paper business cards to cotton business cards, all available in the UK.

Moo, A Tree-Free Business Card


Moo makes all of their cards from tees, not trees.

They use recycled t-shirt offcuts to make cotton, which will then be used to produce their tree-free paper. Moo put a new spin on the traditional paper production process, one which has been used for centuries to create some of the best types of paper.

Using such an innovative process, you get a crisp and subtly textured cotton-based paper. It’s lightweight yet durable. It’s uncoated, and it’s naturally bright white. Colours will come out vividly when printed on such paper.

Good Stuff
*Made of tree-free paper
*Made of 100% cotton from t-shirt scraps
*Quality business card (More durable than pulp-based paper)
*Naturally white paper
*Prints colours vividly
*Comes in recycled packaging

Bad Stuff
*On the pricey side

Learn more about Moo business cards here

The Sustainable Print, A Customisable Business Card


If you want to make a statement about your company’s values, you can do so by printing your business card on recycled paper.

The Sustainable Print is one of a handful of companies who are producing them. Sustainability is an important factor in their operations. They source their materials locally and deliver products by batches. They also use recyclable toner and ink cartridges.

Using 100% recycled paper doesn’t leave you with limited options. The Sustainable Print provides a myriad of paper types—uncoated, silky or glossy. And you can get all these options for the same price as their non-recycled counterparts.

Good Stuff
*Sustainably and ethically made
*Paper comes in several grades and finishes
*Company uses waste-reduction practices
*Great quality for a reasonable price

Learn more about these recycled business cards here

Devraaj Eco-friendly White Seed Paper Business Cards


If you are looking for a new way to present yourself, the Devraaj business cards are perfect for you. These eco-friendly business cards are made of cotton pulp to which seeds of various plants have been added. These wood free business cards are beneficial to the environment without losing the natural and soft texture.

The Devraaj Business cards are only available in the US, but we love them because they are beneficial for the environment as they are wood free. But even more impressive, these cotton business cards can be planted. Yes, you read it right! After using the seed paper, you can plant it and it will germinate at any weather.

These business cards will come plain white which allows you to print you own message and design, you can even paint your fingerprint using, of course, an eco-friendly paint.

Good Stuff
*100% recyclable
*Wood free
*Germinates in any weather
*Soft and natural texture

Kraft Business Card, An Award-Winning Eco-Friendly Paper


Vistaprint kraft business cards are mostly made from post-consumer materials.

Kraft paper’s naturally brown hue is simple but striking. Its natural colouring gives off a classy and vintage vibe. With natural fibres showing through, the paper elevates your designs, making them look more rustic.

Kraft’s light brown paper looks best with blank ink. Avoid using yellow and orange tones or other light colours as they don’t work well with the paper’s natural colour. Since the cards have an uncoated finish, they are perfect for handwritten notes.

Good Stuff
*Made of post-consumer materials
*Uses natural colouring
*Slightly textured
*Great for simple business cards designs with black ink

Bad Stuff
*Vivid colours may look dull

Learn more about this vista print business cards here

Plantable Business Card, A Unique Business Card Made with Seed Paper


Botanical Paperworks creates sustainable business cards made with seed-infused paper. Without a doubt, they make lasting impressions. They should also help your company stand out from a sea of competitors.

Plantable business cards are made from post-consumer materials. No new fibres were used in the production of their paper. They are biodegradable, so you won’t have to worry about leaving any waste behind when consumers throw them away.

When you can plant your paper, you will leave wildflowers and zero waste behind.

Good Stuff
*Made of post-consumer material; infused with seeds
*100% biodegradable and eco-friendly
*Plantable paper (produces vegetables, herbs or flowers)

Bad Stuff
*On the pricey side
*Not UK-based

Learn more about these sustainable business cards here

Banana Paper Business Cards, A Great Conversational Starter

Banana paper is an unusual material for a business card, but it certainly makes a great conversation piece.

Green Banana offers a unique and personal touch to your networking collateral. All their business cards are made from a combination of banana fibre and recycled paper. And they’re all handmade.

Aside from helping the environment, you can also empower the community of Kosrae, Micronesia. You can create more jobs on this little island and provide more opportunities for the locals to flourish.

With this eco-friendly paper, you can use full-colour ink prints to your heart’s content. You can go all out in your designs, just as with any regular paper.

Good Stuff
*Made of organic materials (recycled paper and banana fibres)
*Sustainably and ethically made
*Prints colours vividly

Bad Stuff
*Not UK-based

Learn more about these banana paper business cards here

Digital Alternatives to Paper Business Cards

Haystack, A Paperless Alternative to Traditional Business Cards


Paperless business cards are great for the environment.

In addition to be a cool business card alternative, they don’t leave any waste behind, and consumers can’t exactly throw them away. And by going digital, you will never run out of business cards when you’re networking.

Haystack is an app you can use to create and share an electronic business card. With this app, your employees can share their cards in a matter of seconds.

Even without the app, consumers can receive your employees’ digital cards. If any of their contact information changes, the app automatically updates the necessary detail on people’s devices.

Good Stuff
*User-friendly UI
*Comes with advanced sharing options
*Cloud sync
*Has a FREE version

Bad Stuff
*Optical character recognition (OCR) is sometimes faulty

You can also choose of the best eco-friendly phone cases to protect your smartphone from any scratches.

ScanBizcards, A Digital Solution for Lost and Misplaced Cards

Do you constantly misplace business cards? Well, say no more.

ScanBizcard is a fast and secure way of digitising contacts. You can scan cards that you receive and save them in the app.

CircleBack’s paperless solution lets you export your scanned contacts to different kinds of CRMs or through a CSV. It also allows you to sync your contacts with any gadget you need, so you can view your cards anytime, anywhere.

Good Stuff
*Never lose precious contacts again!
*Several CRM export options
*Integrates with Salesforce
*Offers human transcription option
*Compatible with CardScan
*Has a FREE version

Bad Stuff
*Web sync is not available
*Poor OCR
*Confusing interface
*Its scan-only feature doesn’t let you send your card through the app

CamCard, A Scanner App for an Electronic Business Card


CamCard is one of the best business card scanner apps today.

You can use it to scan cards in over 15 different languages. All the information you need will be quickly and accurately stored in your smartphone.

Using CamCard, you can also exchange business cards with prospects and colleagues at conferences and events. You never have to worry about running out of cards to hand out or misplacing cards you received. Your cards are stored in the cloud and are synchronised across all your devices and apps in real time.

Good Stuff
*Cloud sync
*Excellent OCR
*User-friendly interface
*Images adjust automatically
*Allows cards to be sent through a QR code
*Has a FREE version

Bad Stuff
*Incompatible with Salesforce
*Doesn’t export full database
*Doesn’t store a permanent image of the card

LinkedIn QR Code, Keeping You Connected to Your Professional Community


LinkedIn’s QR Code is another eco-friendly alternative to business cards.

At social gatherings, you don’t need to whip out a business card or ask for one to build a connection with colleagues. You can keep in touch through your LinkedIn QR Code.

It lets you find the online profile of someone you just met, and it lets you stay connected. You can even add your QR code to your email signature, your brochures or event materials, so people know how to contact you whenever they need to.

Good Stuff
*Integrated in LinkedIn app
*Has multiple functions
*Can be placed anywhere (business cards, flyers, posters, etc.)
*It’s FREE

Bad Stuff
*Not everyone is willing to download an app to scan a QR code

Make sure to keep your sustainable business cards in a vegan and recycled wallet!

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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