Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

While we’re eagerly awaiting the first truly eco-friendly phone (seriously, phone manufacturers need to get on that), we’re busy searching for other ways we can do our bit for the environment.
While we’re eagerly awaiting the first truly eco-friendly phone (seriously, phone manufacturers need to get on that), we’re busy searching for other ways we can do our bit for the environment.

The wooden phone case and recycled phone case trend is one of the best eco-inventions in more ways than you know.

Made with sustainable or recycled materials. Check.

Prolongs the life of your phone and keeps it out of landfill for longer. Check.

Can be reused and resold. Check.

Is biodegradable. Check.

Looks hella good. Double check.

These 8 eco-friendly phone cases are great for the environment and your phone. All are available in the UK too.

P.S. there might be a few vegan phone cases lurking around here. Keep an eye out…

Zero-Waste Pela Case from the Eco Series

The most eco iPhone plus case around. Pela make this ocean turquoise beauty from 100% compostable, biodegradable materials. It’s scratch-resistant, drop-absorbant and, most importantly, plastic-free. 

The perfect biodegradable phone case for the zero-waste lifestyle.

We love it because: on top of everything, it’s delivered in plastic-free packaging! Pela has an amazing concept, check our product page of their biodegradable phone case to know more about them.

Eco Tribal Wood Phone Case

MMOREcases make phone cases for Samsung, iPhone and HUAWEI phone models from gloriously natural carved wooden pieces. Encased in 100% recyclable PU plastic for strength, we love the handmade designs! These tribal markings ward off bad spam text messages.

We love it because: no two wooden phone cases are the same, thanks to the natural variations in wood grains and patterns.

The Essential Bamboo Phone Case

The British mantra that’s carried us through endless rainy summers, 13 world cups since we last brought it home, and The Great British Bake-Off moving to Channel 4. Now it’s on cool phone cases. Thanks, Otto!

We love it because: bamboo is great for the environment, releasing 30% more O2 than most trees and plants. We should encourage sustainable bamboo growth!

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases with a Whiff

How many awesome iPhone cases have you seen… and smelt? This coffee iPhone case from MMOREcases is handmade with organic Arabica coffee beans that smell sooooo good. It can be made to fit lots of iPhone, Samsung and HUAWEI phones. Fair warning, people will be sniffing it constantly.

We love it because: the unfortunately necessary plastic that holds those amazing coffee beans in place is entirely recyclable!

The Best Case for iPhone XS Max is… CORK!

This iPhone XS Max case has a beautiful Japanese print design on the cork phone case back! Cork is a super material. It’s 100% sustainable and harvesting it doesn’t destroy or damage the tree. It just grows right back.

We love it because: cork is lightweight, shock-proof and water resistant. An ideal iPhone XS Max phone case material.

Cute iPhone 7 Cases Are Cuter When They’re Eco

This wood iPhone 7 case is utterly adorable. We love it. You’ll love it. The environment loves that it’s a biodegradable phone case  too. Engrave your initials alongside your partners into the lovers tree heart symbol engraved on the back.

We love it because: the iMakeTheCase Etsy store proves that cute phone cases for iPhone 7 models don’t have to be coated in a plastic glitter nightmare!

Cork Creative Phone Cases Waiting for Customisation! Cor!

EcoQuote’s Samsung S9 Plus case is a blank canvas waiting for you to doodle all over it. It’s a pure cork beauty, showing off the natural colours and designs of cork. Plus it has free delivery all the way from Kuala Lumpur!

We love it because: it’s vegan friendly baby! But it hates fungi. Literally. This cork S9 Plus phone case is fungus resistant.

Utterly Unique Phone Cases from Skate4create!

These awesome phone cases fit nearly all iPhone models, but Skate4create do custom orders too. For those obscure phone sizes, message them on Etsy to see if they can help. Everyone should have the opportunity to go eco.

We love it because: a recycled phone case has never looked so edgy and cool, with wood sourced from abandoned and broken skateboards.

A Simple & Classy Wooden Phone Case

Looking for a new phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S7? This wood case by KWMobile could be the one! Simple, yet classy, the case is available in 3 colors according to the wood you pick: bamboo, walnut or rosewood. 

We love it because: a wooden touch makes everything nicer, and phone covers are no exception. Plus, every wooden phone case is one of a kind thanks to the wood grain variations. 

Don’t forget, all of these eco phone cases are available to ship anywhere in the UK. The more time you waste, the longer it will be until they arrive…

… or, if you want to take your phone safety a bit more seriously, try an eco-friendly mobile phone pouch instead. These 2 caught our eye!

Cheap Phone Pouches That Will Have You Drooling

This Dairy Milk phone sleeve from Mylittlesweethearts (a UK business!) is made from a recycled Cadbury’s chocolate wrapper. We wish it smelt like chocolate, but it’s been cleaned and sewn up so well with a biodegradable cotton lining and soft felt backing. It offers great protection for your phone! It measures 12cm by 8.5cm, which is just right for an iPhone SE.

We love it because: keeping it in our pockets reminds us to stay eco! It’s estimated that the chocolate industry contributes as much green house gases as an entire city alone in one year. Furthermore, global rising temperatures is bad news for cocoa trees that are particularly sensitive to heat and drought. Keep this phone sleeve as a reminder to snack healthy instead, for everyone’s benefit!

A Stylish Hand-Woven Phone Sleeve

Paralifes hand-weaves each of these protective phone socks and personalises them for you! It’s just the right size for an iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S7 and has an inner cotton layer to keep your screen scratch-free. Oh, and there’s free delivery.

We love it because: using the leaves of a plant is so awesome! Unlike solid wood phone cases, harvesting materials for this mobile phone sleeve leaves the plant healthy and ready to keep growing.

There’s an option here for every phone model and size, whether you stick to a trusty Nokia or the latest iPhone model… and all are available with UK shipping so what do you have to lose?

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!