Best Halogen Oven in the UK for 2020

Halogen ovens are the latest energy-efficient electronics you need in your kitchen. Apart from being energy efficient, they also cook food in less time than the traditional ovens. And, they take less space in your kitchen. 

The plethora of choices in the UK market does not make it easy for you to choose your preferred halogen oven. We have narrowed it down for you with a list of the best halogen ovens available in the UK.

What is a Halogen Oven?

If you are tired of paying huge energy bills, and waiting for hours for your food to be ready, a halogen oven is what your kitchen is lacking. This multi-functional appliance works better than a traditional oven. Depending on the brand, you can grill, roast, fry, stem, and even defrost using this device. They are fast, saving up to 40% of your cooking time.

Halogen ovens are also economical, with some having a capacity of up to 17 litres. With some, you will also be able to watch your diet since you can use little to no oil when cooking. 

Features to Consider Before Buying Your Halogen Oven


The ease of using a halogen oven will depend on the control available. Some brands have a manual control panel while others have a digital control panel. A digital control panel offers you more flexibility and precision when using the oven. A manual control panel is pretty easy to use since there are only 2 dials for control dials. 


What are you looking for in terms of cooking modes? Roasting, grilling, deep-frying, warming, steaming, or even defrosting. Some brands will even have a baking option. The more diverse the functions, the easier it is for you to make an array of dishes using your halogen oven. 


The material of the halogen oven will help you determine whether it is durable or not. The bowl will either be glass or a heat-resisting plastic. As an Eco consumer, you should go for the glass bowl because glass is a natural element and is not harmful to the environment. It is easy to maintain, does not oxidize, and resistant to dishwashing formulas. If you want to opt for the plastic bowl, ensure that it is BPA-free. 

Most halogen bowls have an enhanced plastic base that will withstand the temperature and weight. Also, confirm the materials of the accessories. The most durable and sustainable ones to go for will be of stainless steel. 


The number of Watts in a halogen oven shows how fast it can cook. So, the higher the power capacity the faster the halogen oven is at cooking. The power ranges from 1200W to 1600W. 

Top 10 Halogen Ovens in the UK

Andrew James Digital Halogen Oven with Self Cleaning Feature

The best halogen oven in the UK that you can get right now is the Andrew James 12 litre model. You might think this capacity does not suit you. However, it comes with a 5L extender ring so you have enough space to make food for a large gathering. Its 1400W power makes it more efficient, economical and lowers your cooking time by at least 40%. 

It has a 2-hour timer, an adjustable temperature dial, and self-cleaning functionality. It comes with a wide range of accessories so you can make a wide range of dishes.

We love it because; shortens cooking time by at least 40% thanks to the 1400w power. Its large capacity is also economical, and it is self-cleaning. 

Daewoo Halogen Oven Deluxe for Your Busy Days

Daewoo is a renowned brand and the Deluxe Daewoo halogen air fryer does not disappoint. With it, you can roast, defrost, grill, bake, steam, and fry. It has a 17 litre capacity. Its 1300W power ensures fast, efficient, and healthy functionality with little to no oil.

The 60-minute in-built timer is an excellent feature if you are busy. Select your preferred time and the oven will start frying then. There is also a temperature timer that is variable so you can pick your preferred temperature. 

Perhaps the most fascinating feature apart from energy-efficiency is its self-cleaning feature. All you have to do is fill the bowl with water and soap and sit back as it cleans itself. There are 7 accessories, including the extender ring that increases its capacity.

We love it because; it has a large capacity, high power for energy-saving, and has a self-cleaning feature. 

Tower T14001HT Halogen Air Fryer for a Fancy Kitchen Look

It looks like fancy is Tower’s middle name. The protective basket on the glass bowl is quite the catch. But that’s not the reason why we are recommending this conventional oven. For starters, it will save your cooking time and energy courtesy of the 1300W power. The cooking time is 3-times faster than the regular oven, and will also convert your diet to a healthy one since you will need little or no oil for cooking. 

With this, you can also become more economical with your meal preparations, thanks to the 12 litre capacity. If you are busy, you can trust this halogen oven to cook your frozen food without thawing.  

We love it because; its triple cooking power that fastens your cooking by at least 3-times. We also loved the nice touch of the protective gear for the glass bowl.

Michael James Direct Halogen Cooker for Healthy Meals

Are you on diet and looking for a halogen oven cooker that will let you cook low-fat foods? One that fries, roasts, grills, steams, or even bakes in no time? The Michael James 17 litre capacity oven has you covered. It is 1400W to help save energy. Its heating elements will circulate air quickly for fast and even cooking. It has a timer for 0 to 60 minutes so it can start making your delicious food at your preferred time. 

The variable temperature control feature lets you cook using your preferred temperature. For safety, the cable of this halogen cooker has a heat resistant covering on its first 250mm. The nicest touch on this is how it automatically switches off when one raises the handle of the lid.  

We love it because; it is economical and energy-efficient with 17 litre capacity and 1400W power. It’s also hard not to love how it will automatically switch off when you lift the lid. 

Cooks Professional LCD Screen Halogen Air Fryer Oven

If you need a touch of elegance in your kitchen, Cooks Professional will deliver that with this 10 litre capacity halogen oven. Well, you cannot compare the capacity with that of the other ovens on this list. However, we would say it makes up for that with its digital LCD screen display, the pause, and the keep-warm functions that let you pause on the cooking and keep the food warm after cooking until you are ready to serve. 

If you are watching your diet, its non-stick bowl will let you use no oil, or little of it, when cooking. Your food will still be crispy at least 80% less fat compared to using a traditional oven. Dues to the double cell make, the outside of the oven will still be cool for you to touch.  

We love it because; it is energy-saving, has an LCD screen, pause and keep-warm function, and comes with 6 cooking modes. 

Elgento All Round 1300W 12L Halogen Cooker 

Reduce your roasting, grilling, boiling, baking, and even defrosting time with 40% courtesy of the halogen cooker from Elgento. It has a 1300W power that is efficient and fast. Imagine making pizza in less than 12 minutes? Or a full chicken in under 30 minutes and a whole fish in 20 minutes or less? That sounds like a device that will save your cooking menace on a busy day. 

Its large capacity of 12 litres makes your cooking economical. It has a manual time of 60 minutes so it can cook when you want. Although this is manual, there is a signal that will let you know once the cooking is over.

We love it because; it is economical, fast, and efficient enough to reduce cooking time by at least 40%, regardless of the cooking mode. 

Budget Friendly Sentik Small Halogen Oven

Are you shopping for a halogen oven but your wallet cannot handle the high-end brands? Well, look no further as this small halogen cooker from Sentik is here for you. Apart from being quite affordable, it ticks all the boxes you need in an efficient oven. It has 1300W power, making it  efficient, fast cooking, and a time saver. It has a 12 litre capacity that is quite sufficient for a small family setting. 

There are two dials that you can use to set your preferred time and temperature. The delayed timer setting of this oven is 60 minutes. Despite its small size and compromise on accessories for the lower price, it still has a defrost feature. 

We love it because; it is economical for a small family, energy-saving and fast cooking to save time as well. We also love the defrost feature and the fact that it is quite affordable. 

ElectriQ 12L 1300W Halogen Cooker with an Extender Ring

Electriq’s halogen oven is as simple in design and easy to use as it gets. It is also very economical compared to a normal oven. Although it has a 12 litre capacity, it comes with an extender ring that will let you increase this capacity to 17 litres. It has a 1300W powerful halogen bulb that makes it cook your food faster than a traditional oven will. 

To keep you healthy, this oven can drain fat from the food you are cooking. You also do not need to add any extra fats when cooking, which will keep you on a healthy diet. 

We love it because; the 5 litre extender ring makes it more economical while the 1300W powerful halogen bulb lowers your cooking time and energy bill. 

Russell Hobbs 18537 Energy Efficient Halogen Oven 

It is elegant, simple, and easy to use. It will also cook your food 40% faster than a normal oven will. The Russell Hoobs 18537 halogen cooker has a 1400W power and a total 16 litres capacity. All these make it an energy-efficient and economical device to have in the kitchen. There is a delay timer of at least 60 minutes that at least you cook at your own pace. 

One of the best accessories that come with this halogen oven is the reversible rack. It makes it possible for you to cook using 2 different levels. 

We love it because; it has a powerful power of 1400W, a large capacity of 16 litres and comes with a reversible rack that gives you 2 different levels of cooking. 

Bredeco Professional 1400W 12L Digital Halogen Oven

Last but not least on our list, is the Bredeco digital halogen oven. The 1400W power and the 12 litre capacity are both energy-efficient and economical. You can extend the capacity by 5 litres using the extender ring. You will love the digital control panel that allows you to set the timer and the preferred temperature of your food. 

There is also a delayed timer function of at least 180 minutes that also lets you pause on the cooking process. This is the highest delayed timer that is not even available in high-end brands. The heating element on the lid of this halogen cooking pot has a temperature control function. It distributes heat evenly ensuring that your food is well cooked. 

We love it because; it will save your energy bill, time, and is also economical. The digital display and functionality are top-notch. We also love the delayed and pausing function of 180 minutes. 


What’s a Halogen Oven and how does it work?

A halogen oven is a small, and compact oven that uses a halogen lamp as the heating element. It has a thermostat to help control the temperature, which makes it possible for the light to switch on or off automatically. While it is smaller than the traditional ovens, it cooks a variety of food in less time, thus saving energy and your precious time.

Is a Halogen Oven Good for Your Health?

Yes, a halogen oven is safe for your health. Halogen ovens help reduce the amount of fat you use in your food. With some models, you do not have to use any fat at all. 

Halogen ovens cook food in less time than the normal ovens by using infrared radiation. This helps preserve the nutrients in your food and reduce the levels of contaminants that come with the high heat cooking process. 

Additionally, the grilling feature ensures there is no exposure to smoke and the meat has no direct contact with the fire. It is a much safer and healthier situation compared to using a charcoal grill.

Are you ready to transform your kitchen’s efficiency and make your cooking time easier? Pick your preferred halogen oven from our top 10 list that ships to the UK.

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