The Best 10 LED Light Bulbs to Brighten Your Home

The energy saving bulbs industry has been booming for ages and you probably switched a few of your light bulbs over already (we hope). But you’d be surprised at just how advanced the bulbs have become since you last checked. From dimming bulbs to instantly bright and bulbs that last a lifetime.

Before we delve into our list, let’s look closer at the 3 types of energy saving bulb available. All 3 options are more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs that we’re trying to eradicate.

LED Eco Lights – currently, LED bulbs are the absolute best! That’s why our selection focuses on them. To match a 60W incandescent bulb, you’ll only need a 10W LED bulb, saving energy and trimming down your electricity bill. Most LED bulbs have a max 25,000 hour lifetime, which is approximately 20x the lifetime of an incandescent bulb. You might even find 50,000 hour LEDs. There are tricks to ensure LEDs last their full lifetime.

CFL Eco Light Bulbs – you’ll remember these as the curly cheap energy saving light bulbs that take minutes to reach full brightness. When eco-friendly light bulbs emerged, these ruled the market over more expensive LEDs and they’re still good today compared to incandescent. Remember they don’t last as long as LEDs and they release a lot of energy inefficiently as heat too.

Eco Halogen Bulbs – are not as energy efficient as LED and CFL, but still use less power. Their lifespan is the same as the incandescent bulb. If you’re stuck between halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs, go for halogen.

Which Eco Bulb Do I Need?

You can’t just buy any energy saving light bulb and hope for the best, that’s a recipe for wasted bulbs. Before you shop, check:

  • Size – what is the bulb length and width of the one you are replacing?
  • Lumens – this is how we measure brightness. 500 is standard for a home ceiling lightbulb to illuminate a room, while 1000 is for lighting large spaces.
  • Fixture – screw bulbs are, obviously, screwed in. Others use bayonet fixtures to click in. E22 would mean Edison screw base of 22mm. B27 would be a bayonet fixture on a 27mm base.
  • Setting – LEDs don’t do well in enclosed/hot environments as it shortens their lifespan.
  • Hues – from soft warm to natural to blue-tinted, almost-blinding-white. The hue of your lightbulb is important for ambiance.

All eco-friendly light bulbs on our list are available in the UK, have favourable EU energy efficiency labels and will be so much better for our home, the planet.



These golf ball shaped, Edison screw bulbs are as bright as 40W incandescent bulbs but only use a meagre 5W! The lifespan is a respectable 30,000 hours and there’s a lengthy replacement guarantee too.

We love it because: these are ideal for soft table lamps as they’re small E14 size and 3000 kelvin, which is a warm yellowish light, and just 400 lumen.

Super Bright Philips 100W LED Bulb Equivalent


Philips are one of the most respectable brands for UK light bulbs, in fact they’re probably the only brand you’ve heard of, and they don’t let down with quality. These 13W light bulbs are equivalent to a 100W incandescent bulb, and light your home with 1521 lumen in a warm white hue.

We love it because: these eco-LEDs are rated A+ by the EU Energy Efficiency Label, showing they produce a high number of lumens with a very low electricity consumption. Very bright!

Best LED Bulbs for Creating Bright Spots


Bathe your kitchen in cool white light as you prepare a meat-free Monday meal… without tearing a hole in the ozone layer. These bright 500 lumen spotlights use just 5.5W of power! They’re delivered by ELINKUME in a simple, recyclable cardboard box.

We love it because: LEDs are the best light bulb for spotlights as they don’t need to ‘warm up’ to be bright. For reading, studying, workshops and kitchens these are perfect.

Langree Candelabra Best LED Light Bulbs


These warm white candle shaped light bulbs work wonders with chandeliers and old light fixtures. You don’t need to replace and waste old lamps and wall lights to go eco, just find the right bulbs!

We love it because: these bulbs have a 20,000 hour lifetime, so forget about the troubles of climbing up the chandelier every 6 months to replace them.

Super Fun Colour-Changing LED Bulbs Bayonet Fixture


With advanced, eco-friendly LED technology comes so much more choice, including these colour changing bulbs by DaSinKo. With just 10W of power they flick through colours and dim down in the evenings.

We love it because: get the kids involved with being eco and still give them the freedom to make their bedrooms as colourful as they want. Don’t forget to hide the remote when it’s bedtime.

Cheap Energy Saving Light Bulbs for Eco on a Budget


When in doubt, check Amazon Basics. Not only are these LED light bulbs super affordable, but they’re also rated A+ by the EU Energy Efficiency Label and use a tiny 5.5W to light up your home with 470 warm white lumens.

We love it because: Amazon estimate (optimistically) that these bulbs will last over 13 years. Remember to switch the lights off when you’re not using them to prolong the life further!

Dimmable, Halogen-Free Energy Saving Light Bulbs


One of the trickiest light bulbs to replace is the dimmable desktop light. It’s also the most essential when you need a bright light to read or study, but don’t want to go completely blind! Luckily, Ugvmn has a 4W dimmable bulb to replace your old 40W one with pin fixtures.

We love it because: the warm white colour is soft and subtle when dimmed – and there’s no flickering at all!

OMERIL Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs to Scare Away the Monsters


“Dad, leave the light on!” doesn’t mean you need to throw away money and energy overnight. These simple LED night lights emit a super soft, warm glow with only 0.5W.

We love it because: these night lights have sensors on them, so they’ll automatically turn themselves off when daylight breaks so you don’t have to worry about wasted energy.

Watch Out, It’s Eco-Lightning!


Isn’t it always the linear bar light bulbs that flicker constantly? Not anymore. These LED bulbs light up fast and stay bright, with none of that irritating flickering. These are great for floodlighting at home around the display cabinet and in the kitchen.

We love it because: energy class A++ is amazing! With 500 lumen, 35,000 hour lifetime and just 5W power requirement, these energy saving bulbs tick all the right boxes.

Bonlux Dimmable Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs


Fooled you! Yes, they look like the old filament incandescent light bulbs, but these are in fact LEDs in disguise. They use just 4W of power as an equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb with a warm yellow white hue.

We love it because: if you want that industrial home decor scheme, then you need exposed filament bulbs… but that no longer means fishing out “vintage” incandescent light bulbs now we’ve got these LED ones!

Lovers of the light, rejoice! There’s no excuse to leave an incandescent bulb in your home anymore with so many options available in the UK. But lighting options don’t stop there. Take a look at our Best Vegan Candles for natural scents and gentle glowing flames to illuminate your home (or kick the smell out of your bathroom).

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