Top 12 Women’s Pyjamas for Natural, Organic Sleep!

Put down the polyester and don’t even think about heading to the high-street. Organic cotton pyjamas are the only nightwear you should consider! Not only are natural, biodegradable materials like cotton and bamboo better for the environment, but they’re also wonderful for letting your skin breathe and feel healthy overnight.

Oh, and one important note. Keep a careful eye on materials labelled ‘viscose’ or ‘rayon’ as these fabrics with seemingly synthetic names can be made with eco fibres and are especially common for bamboo pyjamas… but that’s not always good.

The Problem with Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo pyjamas are commonly made from bamboo viscose. Viscose is a type of fabric that can be made of various types of fibres. So, you can find viscose made of potentially eco materials like bamboo.

The problem, however, is that you can’t always tell how bamboo nightwear has been produced. The traditional way of creating viscose is to mulch down wood pulp (in this case from bamboo) using water and chemicals to ensure that your womens pyjamas are then durable and long-lasting through the washing machine.

These chemicals and wastewater are highly polluting and dangerous to communities nearby the fabric factory.

So, even if your bamboo viscose is labelled as organic or even has OEKO-TEX certification, that doesn’t mean that the process to turn your eco material into fabric is good for the environment.

(Have a look at our clothing fabrics guide if you want to know how sustainable your wardrobe is).

It is possible for bamboo to be made into an eco-friendly material without polluting the planet. In fact, all of our bamboo pyjamas on our list were created with earth-friendly production processes without the need for harsh chemicals. (just like all the bamboo toilet papers in this amazing list)

All of the carefully selected organic pyjamas that made our list will ship to the UK, many of them for free! And don’t forget to look at some of our handmade-in-the-UK options too.

Vegan Ladies Cotton Pyjamas!


People Tree are one of our favourite ethical pyjama companies. They make modern, 100% cotton pyjamas using certified organic cotton! The galaxy print bottoms have a matching long-sleeve top made of the same material.

We love it because: with the adjustable, elasticated and tie waistline, these pyjamas will last you a long time even if you put on a bit of weight!

Organic Cotton Pyjamas Handmade in the UK!


Natalie, owner of SisterOrganics in Dartmouth, creates beautiful pyjama sets for women. She uses 100% organic cotton for the pyjama bottoms and jersey cotton pyjama top. All her cotton nightwear has free UK shipping too!

We love it because: the design of these pyjamas is so thoughtful. They have pockets (hurrah!) and don’t have seams at the sides, for extra comfort for side sleepers.

Susannah Cotton Ethical Pyjamas UK

We adore this kimono style dressing gown; it goes perfectly with everything on our womens pyjamas UK list! Susannah Cotton hand make each kimono with organic cotton, which is very light and breathable.

We love it because: unlike mass-made dressing gowns in pollution-rife factories, these kimonos are printed by hand, using block-print and screen-print techniques.

ESPRIT Maternity Organic Pyjamas


Made from 95% organic cotton, this maternity pyjama top (matching bottoms available) is sooo comfy. Sleeveless and with a generous v-shaped neckline, it won’t restrict movement or make you too hot.

We love it because: ESPRIT are dedicated to using 100% sustainably sourced cotton by 2021. Buying this organic pyjama top will help spur them on!

Boody Dedicated EcoWear Organic Pyjamas


Feeling hot? This organic bamboo cami top is ideal for hot weather. Wear it as casual pyjamas, loungewear or just to layer up under your clothes during the day. It’s made from EcoCert certified bamboo, grown without fertilisers and pesticides.

We love it because: this pyjama top is very versatile. You’ll get so much more use out of it as a regular top, vest and pyjama top. Keeping your wardrobe small is another step towards a zero-waste lifestyle!

Khadi Handwoven Fabric Makes Stunning Ethical Pyjamas UK!


Okay, they might not be practical beachwear, but these pjs are absolutely, incredibly, and fantastically unique. The cotton fabric is hand spun and hand woven, giving it a wonderful character with beautiful imperfections, and is sewn into pjs in the UK.

We love it because: although these women’s pyjamas are dyed, no skin-irritating chemicals are used to seal in the dyes. You’ll need to be a little careful with washing these extra eco-friendly pyjamas.

Hatley’s Cute Cotton Pyjamas Womens Range


Made from super soft, 100% organic cotton jersey, these womens pyjamas are on the whimsical side! Hatley always has the most fun prints. With a drawstring waist and pretty bow detail, they are just the right balance between eco, stylish and comfortable.

We love it because: Hatley firmly believes in quality over quantity. Each pyjama bottom and top is designed to last as long as possible, so that you might pass these pjs down as family heirlooms!

Cat Nap? Yes Please, People Tree!


People Tree’s cotton women’s pyjamas are so adorable. These short bottoms have a matching top with cuddly cat print all over. The soft, 100% organic cotton is great for sweaty summer nights, as it’s such a good breathable fabric.

We love it because: People Tree pyjamas partner with Fusion, a Fairtrade company that helps to turn their carefully selected natural cotton (Soil Association Certified) into funky pyjama designs.

Stony Pink Cotton Short Nighty Handmade in the UK

Made from GOTS certified organic cotton in Bath, England, the Aysu 100% cotton nightdress is a super soft, comfy and relaxed way to spend your beauty sleep. Plus, it’s machine washable at 40°C so there’s none of that water-wasting ‘hand wash only’ nonsense.

We love it because: Aysu is a combination of ay (moon) and su (water), together meaning “clear and lucid as moon water” which is so poetic and just like this Etsy store’s eco practices – transparent and clean!

Maternity PJs for Those Last Few Peaceful Nights


You know that all too soon, your nights will be filled with your beautiful baby’s cries. So, celebrate those last few peaceful nights in an ultra-comfortable, organic cotton night dress by ESPRIT.

We love it because: it has a practical and comfortable nursing bodice at the front, so you can keep on wearing it after your pregnancy and get plenty of wear from it!

Kimonos Hand-Printed with Earth-Friendly Dyes


Kerry Mounsey creates these beautiful screen-printed, organic bamboo kimonos for her wonderful Etsy store. We adore the wildflower prints! These are super popular with eco-conscious bridesmaids and brides for getting ready on the big day.

We love it because: after the wedding, you’ll love reusing your eco-friendly kimono as a light, snuggly dressing gown over your pyjamas.

Organic Cotton Womens Loungewear Harem Pants


Perfect for lounging in or sleeping in (or picking up the kids), these harems from the Noctu Organic Etsy store are so comfortable. They’re made entirely from GOTS certified organic cotton with a drawstring waist that you can slouch low on the hips.

We love it because: Noctu work with Fairtrade suppliers to make these super ethical pyjamas in the UK for sleeping, lounging and a spot of meditation.

All of these pyjamas ship to any UK address. Oh, and don’t forget that many of these simple, moisture-wicking pyjama bottoms are perfect for getting your sweat on in yoga class.

Check out our guides to the Top Eco Yoga Mats or bamboo wood sunglasses next.

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