The Best Sustainable Razors in 2020

Ladies, gentlemen, how often do you shave? We’re not the kind of people who’ll judge you for partaking in the social norm of shaving… but using disposable razors? Well, we can’t let that slide.

Billions of disposable razors are sent to landfill each year. Yes, the blades can usually be recycled even if the plastic handle can’t… but honestly, how many of us will actually break down a disposable razor to ensure it’s recycled properly?

Not many, is the answer.

But don’t stress, there are 11 of the best eco friendly razors you can try instead listed right here! And obviously, they are all available in the UK.

You can also go straight to our recommended razors if you don’t need all the details.

Bonus treat: most of these eco razors will give you a close shave that disposable razors can only dream of.

Most Asked Questions

Bamboo Safety Razor by Bambaw, A Cheap Bamboo Alternative to Disposable Razors

The first of our bamboo double edge safety razors. Quit being bamboozled by plastic razors and try a Bambaw razor. This sustainable razor has a lightweight bamboo handle, stainless-steel components and fits double edge blades.

Once this beauty has a spot in your bathroom cabinet, you’re set for life! Just replace the blades (recycling the old ones, of course) and get shaving.

Good Stuff
* Durable Bamboo handle and stainless steel components
* Cheaper than chrome/stainless steel safety razors
* Awesome tips in the manual

Bad Stuff
* Intimidating to begin with!
* Takes a while to shave large, curvy areas.
* Blade replacement could be easier

Bulldog Bamboo Razor, The Original Replaceable Blade Cartridge Razor


Another bamboo beauty to boggle at. But it’s not just for a pretty face. This razor uses changeable blade cartridges with 5 tempered steel blades and aloe lubrication strip.

It feels just like your disposable razor and can pivot for curvy areas, making it suitable for shaving legs, armpits and faces alike (but change the cartridge to keep it hygienic!).

Good Stuff
* Built like the disposable razors you’re used to.
* Less likely to cut yourself.
* Packaging made entirely from recycled materials.

Bad Stuff
* Blade quality not as good as a safety razor
* Razor performance about equal to a standard, disposable razor.
* Blade cartridges create waste

Shave 5 Razor – Recycled Plastic Eco Friendly Shaving by Preserve


Yes, it’s plastic… but don’t judge yet!

It’s the only razor handle made entirely from a recycled material. It might not last as long, but it’s not made from brand new materials (like bamboo and stainless steel) either. This actually makes it one of the most eco friendly, recycled shaving tools for those on a tight budget.

A great cheap option.

Good Stuff
* Made from recycled plastic
* Replaceable cartridges
* Standard razor design, like you’ve been using all your life.

Bad Stuff
* Hefty carbon footprint! (Made in USA & Mexico)
* Plastic packaging
* Overall feel is, well, cheap.

Feather Straight Razor, The Best Eco Friendly Razor for The Adventurous Shaving Pro

Woah, calm down there Sweeney Todd! This is not a razor for the light-hearted, the heavy-handed, or the over-confident, as we found out (ouch).

Within the silicone grip (which is easy to recycle and better than plastic) is a firm, stainless steel handle. The blade is incredibly sharp but easy to change.

If you’ve not used a straight blade before, start with a safety blade and work your way up.

Good Stuff
* Sexiest razor we’ve ever seen
* Replaceable blades in 3 types (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
* Easy to change the blades
* Provides the best shave when you know how to wield it.

Bad Stuff
* You need to be a pro to use it.
* Silicone grip isn’t biodegradable (but it’s a whole lot better than plastic).

Feather Stainless Steel Safety Razor, A Top-of-The-Range Vintage Double Edge Safety Razor


Another, more approachable, blade from Feather. If you have the money, we highly recommend investing in this sustainable razor. The classic design is extremely long lasting, durable and comfortable to hold.

It will take a little while to learn how to use it, but once you do you’re in for superbly close shaves for the rest of your life!

Good Stuff
* 100% stainless steel
* Amazing quality and durability
* It could outlast a Galapagos Giant Tortoise
* Close shave leaves you feeling like a million bucks
* High precision captures every hair

Bad Stuff
* Costs an arm and a leg
* You’re likely to cut yourself for those first few shaves

Merkur 34C Safety Razor, Best Safety Razor for Beginners


Our top choice for beginners is definitely the Merkur 34C heavy duty classic double edge safety razor. It’s a little expensive but it’s not going to drain your wallet, plus it’s super easy to get to grips with.

If you’re starting your safety razor shaving journey at the same time as your sustainable shaving journey, this bestseller is the one for you.

Good Stuff
* Basic but high-quality razor
* Ideal for beginners
* Easy to get to grips with
* Not too expensive
* Sleek design

Bad Stuff
* Handle is quite short, even for average-small sized hands
* Not the best at shaving difficult areas

Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor, The Best Safety Razor for Women… and Big Hands!


Men, women, and everyone in-between are going to love this. The lengthy handle (4 inches) makes shaving over curves and awkward areas easy, while it’s also the best option for those with larger than average hands.

Find more options on our selection of the Best sustainable razors for women.

Despite the easy manoeuvrability, you still get the close shave you’d expect from a safety razor.

Good Stuff
* Long handle: better grip for big hands
* Easy to control when shaving legs and hard-to-reach places
* Lightweight design
* Comfortable to hold
* Textured handle is non-slip

Bad Stuff
* Takes a while to get used to
* Struggles to cut through the thickest, wiry hairs

Edwin Jagger Safety Razor, Featuring a Chrome Plated Safety Razor Handle Made In The UK

A decent price for a safety razor, made in the UK (Sheffield to be exact), and a blade angle that’s just right for sensitive skin. So yes, you can have your eco-cake and eat it.

The Edwin Jagger is compatible with all standard safety razor blades and includes all the instructions you need to shave accurately.

Good Stuff
* Made close to home in the UK
* Gentle enough for sensitive skin
* Well-balanced weight makes it easy for beginners to handle

Bad Stuff
* The handle can be a little slippery when wet
* Not the best for stubborn beard stubble

Rabbit Razors Rosewood Razor


This razor before your eyes offers 100% eco-friendly shaving. It has a beautiful rosewood hand that is durable and biodegradable. The razors are completely recyclable and replaceable, and even the package it’s shipped in is not made of plastic!

Is this your first time purchasing a one blade safety razor? Are you worried that you may cut yourself? Well, don’t worry! Rabbit Razors has you completely covered; included in the purchase of this product is a FREE ebook that will teach you everything you need to know about how to use one of these blades. What a steal!

Good Stuff
* Has a traditional style
* Offers a free eBook
* Has a beautiful rosewood handle

Bad Stuff
* Only 1 Blade included
* Learning curve with a safety razor

Earnest James Double Edged Razor


Now, this is the definition of sustainable luxury. This eco-friendly razor is simply beautiful. The razor offers crosshatch knurling to give you a great grip, and it’s made of chrome! Plus, you have many options to choose from if that one grip doesn’t fit your needs. The company offers 5 different versions, two of which have beautiful wooden handles if you want a more “natural” feel.

And don’t forget, since it’s all metal it will rust and degrade over time (if it ends up in a landfill, etc) but otherwise you can use it forever and simply recycle your blades.

Good Stuff
* Multiple options
* Luxurious, yet eco-friendly

Bad Stuff
* Slightly more expensive
* No eBook included

Jagen David Safety Razor


This product is beautifully priced for such a classic looking piece. This razor is 100% classy, you’re going to feel transformed using it. The razor features a butterfly head, allowing for easy and quick switching of blades. The razor comes in an eco-friendly box too, which not only houses the razor itself but also includes a high-quality Jagen David portable case!

Good Stuff
* Great Price
* Comes in an eco-friendly box
* Butterfly head (Easy Blade Switch)

Bad Stuff
* Has a slightly odd grip

One last important note before you pick the eco razor you’ll spend a lifetime with.

Many of these razor sets are sold without blades, for legal and safety reasons. Just make sure you order your blades at the same time so you can combine shipping and save excess packaging!

For the safety razors, we like the pack of 100 Astra superior platinum double edge safety razor blades. They are rather inexpensive and of high quality.

Astra Superior Razor Blades

I can barely even put into words how great of a deal this package is. Let’s just start with the most basic thing; you’re getting 100, yes 100, of these blades in ONE order. Plus they’re platinum grade! You’re also getting a FREE shaving cream soap stick added in!

And yes, it is environmentally friendly. They are completely recyclable and will biodegrade over time!

Most Asked Questions

Are Safety razors eco-friendly?

Unlike many modern razors that are generally made of plastic, safety razors are designed to last for a long time. Back in the 90s, the EPA has estimated that 2 billion disposable razors ended up in the trash, for that reason, you should invest in a reusable razor

Most of the reusable razors are made of stainless steel which explains their longevity. Others are made of bamboo, and they are cruelty-free, plastic-free, and can be easily recycled.

The double-edge razor blades, on the other hand, are fully recyclable; however, you need to be familiar with the local regulations concerning tossing razor blades, as it defers from one place to another. sustainable-shaving

How to Use a Safety Razor?

Before Shaving
Before you start using your sustainable razor, it is recommended to prepare your skin first. To do so, it is better to shave during or after a hot shower, as it would open up your pores and permit a closer shaving. However, if you are a hot shower lover, it is preferable to allow your skin to cool down before shaving since hot water will soften your skin, and you risk cutting yourself.  

Using the Safety Razor
First, make sure to apply a generous amount of shaving soap or cream and leave it for about 30 seconds to soften your skin. Then, hold your razor 30-45 degrees angle and start shaving in the direction of your hair growth and take short straight strokes. Last, but not least, do not apply additional pressure that could cause any razor burn; the weight of the handle itself is enough to do the work. Make sure to replace the razor blade each week.

After Shaving
After your shaving experience, rinse with cold water which will close your skin pores. Then, apply a refreshing after shaving cream or a body lotion that will smoothen your skin and protect it from any additional irritations. 

Let’s be honest, going for an eco razor is an easy (but important) step towards a sustainable bathroom right? 

Whenever you feel ready to take the next step, we’ve got you and your baby covered (literally)! 

Yes, we’re talking eco-friendly toilet paper and reusable nappies

If you are looking for more bamboo products, check out our collection of the best bamboo toothbrushes that are 100% biodegradable and exceptionally durable.

Looking for more? Organic bathroom products don’t include any chemicals which could be harmful both to your skin and the environment. You can go organic with your shampoo (even for coloured hair), conditioner or deodorant.

A zero-waste bathroom? Almost there!

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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