Best Vegan Walking Shoes & Boots

There’s not much fun in saving the environment when you can’t go outside and enjoy nature! So, we’ve compiled a list of vegan walking shoes for all weather conditions, all year round.

It wasn’t an easy task by any means. Popular material like Gore-Tex used to create waterproof hiking boots are full of chemicals and are near impossible to biodegrade. Finding vegan hiking boots that are not only animal-friendly but environment-friendly was a mission in itself.

Luckily, there are some epic eco-companies about, using recycled PET plastic and recyclable EVA foams. These shoes are made for eco-hiking!

Interested in the barefoot experience? We’ve also included some amazing vegan barefoot shoes from Vivobarefoot.

As always, every pair of boots and shoes on our list is available with shipping to the UK.

Purple Vegan Hiking Boots Women Love


These lightweight and quick-drying hiking boots are ultra comfy and casual in design – stepping off the nature trail into the urban jungle doesn’t require a change of shoes. The supportive EVA foam base is entirely biodegradable and EVA manufacturers are working to make the production process zero waste too. It’s comfy, spongy and safe for the environment.

We love it because: it has the rubber grip and versatility of a hiking boot, but the style and design of a modern trainer.

Astral TR1 Merge in Men’s Sizes Too!


Yep, it’s the same model just in men’s sizes and different colours. Honestly, hiking shoes are pretty much unisex as long as you have the right size, so definitely check these out regardless of your feet. The soles on this model will grip like you’re walking through sticky tar, which is ideal for slippery rock climbs.

We love it because: all Astral shoes are vegan and they try to use recycled polyester wherever possible. Sustainable sourcing is high on their agenda too.

Altra-Awesome Vegan Hiking Shoes


These Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Low are our favourite waterproof hiking shoes for men. They’re equipped especially for wet, soggy conditions, and they’re designed to keep debris out of your shoes. They also have hooks at the back for easy removal even when they’re caked in mud.

We love it because: these vegan trail shoes are great for wide feet, as they really allow your foot to expand and stay comfy throughout your hike.

The Only Thing As Awesome As Altra’s Mens Vegan Hiking Boots?


Their women’s shoes of course! Just like the men’s, these vegan trail shoes are made with gum rubber soles – rubber tapped directly from trees, which is a completely sustainable material that doesn’t even harm the tree it’s tapped from! These are good for running and performance with improved breathability over the older shoe designs.

We love it because: the midsole has EVA cushioning for extra bounce and rebound to protect your feet. We love that these shoes don’t sacrifice top performance for eco values!

Lightweight Unisex Hiking Boots for Snow Treks


These unisex insulated boots by Inov-8 are designed especially for trekking through the snow and on icy slopes. It has aggressive claw lugs for digging into the ground to give you grip, plus insulation on all sides to keep your feet toasty warm.

We love it because: the sole of these vegan trekking shoes is made of part gum rubber (totally natural) and graphene, the strongest and lightest material on earth. It’s also one of the materials with the most potential for an eco-friendly future. It’s entirely sustainable and a fantastic alternative to plastic.

Best Hiking Boots UK for Muddy Conditions


Designed for off-trail, water fell and mountain walks, the Inov-8 Mudclaw 300 is an epic hiking boot for serious hikers. No matter how muddy it gets, these shoes will keep you upright with an aggressive outsole and unique stud design.

We love it because: they were designed right here in the UK, the Lake District to be exact, to deal with the extremely slippery mudslides that dedicated runners tackle. If you’re considering the extreme Gladiator events, you definitely need a pair of these.

Recycled Vegan Walking Shoes from Vivobarefoot

These low-cut women’s vegan barefoot shoes are ideal for summer runs, jogging and long walks. They’re soft and flexible, giving you that feeling like you’re running barefoot! Don’t let the soft feel and appearance fool you though, they’re designed to give you stable footing even over rocky ground. We also applaud Vivobarefoot’s commitment to use 90% of sustainable materials across their product range by 2020!

We love it because: it’s entirely vegan, of course, and is made of lightweight recycled PET mesh that allows your feet to breathe. When buying shoes made entirely of synthetic materials, breathability is a real concern. But not with these shoes!

Learn more about these Vivobarefoot vegan shoes here

More Vivobarefoot Vegan Barefoot Shoes


These running shoes have more of a plimsole vibe, with soft yet supportive soles made from all-natural gum rubber. They’re aptly named ‘Stealth II’ as they’re quiet, sleek and perfect for those quiet runs in the early hours.

We love it because: the soles are ultra-thin yet puncture proof. Ideal for city runs through the park or along the pavement – no need to keep a sharp eye out for glass, just keep your head up and let the wind take you.

Breathable Summer Cork Trainers for Chilled Walks and Hikes


Yes, working out your UK size from EU sizes is a little bit of a pain… but trust us, these trainers are worth it! For casual walks on simple trails, you need a sturdy shoe that can be relied on. These are ideal for summer walks as the natural cork is very breathable.

We love it because: cork is hypoallergenic and is pretty effective at preventing orthopaedic diseases too. It keeps your feet clean and happy even on hot days. Yes, cork makes a great vegan leather alternative.

Will’s Vegan Shoes for Simple, No-Fuss Hiking Trips


Our last vegan hiking boot brings us back to the traditional, hard-core walking shoe style. Will’s Vegan Shoes are grippy, scuff resistant and protective. They feature removable EVA innersoles too, so you can adjust the size a little depending on the thickness of your socks.

We love it because: all Will’s products are certified and registered with the Vegan Society. They also use vegan leather made from bio oil, sourced from plants in Northern Europe – it’s eco-friendly, non-toxic and very durable.

Bonus: New Vivobarefoot’s Revolutionary Bio Performance Shoes

Ok, this model may not be what you’re looking for when it comes to vegan hiking boots. However, these innovative high performance shoes deserved a spot in this article. The Primus Lite II Bio is Vivobarefoot’s most eco-friendly shoes yet. They are not only vegan, but they are also made from more than 30% renewable plant-based materials, making it one of the world’s first plant-based performance shoes. (Also available for men).

We love it because: These vegan barefoot running shoes certainly offer the closest barefoot feeling you can get while still wearing shoes. If you’re interested in the barefoot running or walking experience, you can’t go wrong with these. They also look great as casual shoes for daily use!

Why not get your feet some rest after a long hike with a pair of eco-friendly flip flops?

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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