8 Coffee Pod Storage Ideas for Your Eco Home

A home crafts DIY list with a twist – it’s short and it’s eco-friendly!

Who has time to scroll through a generic list of the top 20 billion coffee pod storage ideas anyway? Not to mention the time spent dodging all the pop-up ads. The mere thought is enough to make your web browser shudder.

That’s why we’ve limited our list to the 8 storage ideas that are actually worth considering. So, go fill up your coffee pod maker – you can read this list in the time it takes to make a tasty cuppa joe.

If you have some time to spare, we also have a list of the best compostable coffee pods. 8 eco coffee pod options, to be exact. 

Coincidence? We think not. 

Make sure you check out that article after this one!

The Decorative Container

Let’s start with the easiest – the simple worktop container. It’s unbelievably easy to put together and with a little creativity it will look fantastic!

The trick here is to make sure you use a container that’s see through, so you don’t need to spend an hour sifting through the pot trying to find your favourite coffee. Glass containers look the best, but the great thing about a wire pot or tub for your coffee pod storage is that it won’t shatter if it’s accidentally knocked!

For DIY, try:

  • A large jar that once held instant coffee (we love the symmetry of this).
  • Painted mason jars.
  • Old globe-style fish bowls.
  • Novelty wire shaped containers (try Hobbycraft, QVC, The Works, etc.)

More inspiration:

The Countertop Display


Go big or go home, right?

You can easily make your kitchen coffee pod storage beautiful as well as convenient. We love these wire designs for holding all your coffee pods on display. Our favourite is InteriorsatNo36’s cactus coffee pot holder!

If you want to go DIY, look for aluminium craft wire which is thick and sturdy without being too heavy and hard to handle. Focus on creating a wide base (or attaching the wire to a tea tray) so it won’t topple over, then get creative with your design! Simple wire tracks for you to slide the pods into are easiest, but you can also get loopy and great individual holes for each pod.

The lovely thing about making it yourself is that once you no longer need a coffee pod storer, you can just unravel the wire and reuse it!

More inspiration:

The Beautifully Organised Drawer

Never ever underestimate the power of a neatly organised drawer. Once you’ve created a beautiful coffee drawer, you’ll be itching to remodel the cutlery drawer too!

First, you need to decide if you’ll have a freestanding drawer that sits on your countertop (like this hand-carved one), or if you’ll just play around with an existing drawer in your kitchen.

The easiest option is to add dividers to your drawer so coffee pods sit in neat rows and won’t slide around. The more advanced option is to cut holes into a board that’s suspended halfway inside the drawer for your pods to sit snugly into.

Marie Kondo will be so proud.

More inspiration:

The Wall Display

No space left on your countertop? No problem. Take down that cringeworthy photo and replace it with cool coffee pod storage wall art. You could also add this to a cabinet door, if you’re in a super small kitchen.

To make a simple wall display, you need one large piece of material (ideally wood) that you can glue or nail wooden strips to and hang up.

A few places to start:

  • The kid’s blackboard or easel from the nursery.
  • Pop out the wooden base from an unused drawer.
  • Take the glass and image out of a large picture frame.
  • Try chopsticks, old wooden fence panels, or even bamboo canes as slats.

More inspiration:

The Hanging Gardens of Coffee Pods

An innovative idea that needs installing by someone with a little DIY experience. Just like the slats on your wall hanging coffee pod display, you could attach rows to the underside of your upper cabinets for hanging coffee pods!

If hinges and joints don’t intimidate you, try upcycling an old tray or drawer for an extendable coffee pod storage option, like these.

More inspiration:

The Pick ‘n Mix

Feeling brave? Create a coffee pod pick ‘n mix container to dip your hand into. Who knows what coffee pod you’ll end up using today!

This is a great opportunity to use up old baskets and hampers. The kind you get too many of at Christmas.

Other cute options:

  • Old fashioned cookie jars.
  • Novelty sized tea cups and mugs.
  • Wacky ceramic bowls, plates and platters (your nearest charity shop will have a tonne).

More inspiration:

The Space Saver

What if you could combine a drawer with a shelf and wall-hanging piece of art? 


Take your coffee pod storage a step further and integrate a shelf for your tea bags, hooks for coffee mugs, or even a sugar bowl stand. 

A DIY option would be to add your wall hanging display (see above) to an old fashioned coat peg rack and shelf. You can buy these handmade from Etsy, made entirely of biodegradable wood. Vintage coat pegs are very kitsch, if you plan to make one from scratch!

More inspiration:

Bonus! One Crazy Coffee Pod Storage Idea

You’ve seen air plants. You’ve fallen in love with macrame plant hangers. But have you seen the macrame coffee pod storage bowl?!

If you’ve been meaning to learn how to macrame, now is your excuse. 

We normally advise against using plastic here at beeco, but just this once we’re going to recommend a plastic bowl (upcycled, of course) rather than a glass one. With the heavy macrame and weight of your coffee pods, you don’t want to put too much strain on the ceiling… 

…or whack your head on a floating glass bowl when you come down for a glass of water in the middle of the night.

A Few More Coffee Pod Storage Ideas…

If you’re still thirsty for more, these 3 ideas almost made our list:

The fancy vertical cupboard storage.

The tower of coffee.

Magneto’s coffee solution.

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