Organicbasics is relatively new in the world of sustainable fashion. But they are already rubbing shoulders with the top brands. Behind this project are 4 danish friends based in Copenhagen and since 2015 they are working on designing better made, sustainable basics.

“Buy, wear, wash, throw away”. Sounds familiar with underwear right? Even with expensive brands… It’s this unsustainable lifecycle and its related waste of time and money that motivated the four friends to change the trend.

Always in the lookout for more sustainability opportunities, they take green steps wherever they can, from the fabrics to the delivery, going through the whole supply chain. They even use LED lights in their European factories.

Now, as their name suggests, they focus on the basics. They started the adventure with men underwear but rapidly expanded their collection with socks and t-shirts, for both men and women. But what they do, they do it well. 


Most of their products are made of GOTS certified organic cotton, sourced locally (from ethical factories) in Turkey and they focus on offering a timeless design. With durable fabrics, no seasonal collections and basic colours, they make sure your basics will last longer and won’t go out of fashion.

But they even go further in their search of sustainability. They noticed around ⅔ of the environmental impact of a piece of clothing comes from washing and drying it. With that in mind they created an innovative fabric called SilverTech. That blend of cotton and pure silver results in a heat-regulating, antibacterial and odorless fabric.  

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