People Tree’s story started back in 1991 and the UK brand has been a strong representative of sustainable and fair trade fashion ever since. It is also the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation product label.

They commit to produce eco-friendly clothes, not only by using sustainable fabrics (such as organic cotton, Tencel and responsible wool), but also by following environmental and health best practices all along the process. In that way, they adhere to certifications such as GOTS, they use low impact dyes, free from harmful chemicals, and they avoid plastic and toxic substances as much as they can.

Their dedication to fair trade means they are going further than offering clothes made from eco-friendly materials. Indeed, they put a great amount of efforts into improving the life of the workers invovled in the manufacturing of their clothes, in terms of wages, gender equality and working conditions.


Their partnership with Assisi Garments says it all. Nestled in the mountainous, tropical forests of South India where the few remaining Bengal tigers are still on the prowl, Assisi Garments skillfully weaves, prints and sews sustainable clothes for People Tree.

This partnership is, before anything else, a friendship. Together they achieved the world’s first Soil Association Global Organic Textile Standards mark. Their organic cotton clothes are certified at the highest level. 

But People Tree go one step further than just buying organic products from hard working communities. They actually send Assisi Garments a 50% advance before they’ve even laid eyes on the product, unlike the big brand clothing companies (we know who you are) who only release funds 90 days after unloading the clothes in the UK.

Without this advance (used to pay the cotton farmers, workers, suppliers and deliverers) they’d need a loan from the local bank. The extortionate interest rate attached would see the cost of their yoga pants rise higher than the urdhva hastasana pose.

Costs are kept low for you, cotton farmers are paid fairly for their organic cotton, Assisi don’t need to take extortionate loans and their seamstresses are paid regular, reliable wages. It’s a win, win, win, win, win

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