Thought’s adventure started in Australia back in 1995, when 2 friends launched a simple capsule collection of natural and cool clothing . In 2002, they brought the brand to London and jumping forward to today, you can find their clothes in over 1000 shops all over the world.

That success doesn’t stop them to keep things simple though. With a team of 30 people in London, Thought remains a small business, working together as a family to create sustainable and timeless fashionable pieces.

In terms of fabrics, they focus on using exclusively eco-friendly fabrics that are free from harmful pesticides and chemical. Not only are these fabrics environmentally friendly, but they are also stronger and softer. Amongst these, you can find naturally grown bamboo, cotton wool and hemp but also more innovative fabrics such as Tencel, modal and recycled plastic.


Also, because having eco-friendly clothes doesn’t mean anything if not produced ethically, they consider every impact their business has, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the final product. Following that purpose, they work only with ethical suppliers (including the same factories when they started the adventure), they make their clothes in the same country and they use slow shipping.

Their mantra is  “Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On”. They support and promote slow fashion by producing durable timeless clothes and by encouraging their clients to take good care of their clothes in order to make them “live longer”.

Want to be part of their thoughtful world? Start with following their advice:

  • commit to wearing clothing more than once before washing
  • repair (rather than replace) clothes when needed
  • give unwanted clothes to friends, family or charity

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