30 Original Eco-Friendly Gifts in 2020

Everybody loves gifts. But between holiday season, birthdays and other celebrations, all the gifts you offer can rapidly produce a considerable amount of waste. Listed below are 30+ incredible gift ideas.

If you’re determined to minimise the wastefulness of gift-giving and make every celebration ethical and environment-friendly, you can start by wrapping sustainable gifts for your loved ones.

Listed below are 30 incredible gift ideas.

Eco-friendly Wool Blanket for Cold Nights

Pamper a loved one with the comfort of a soft and eco-friendly throw.

The Future Kept’s cosy oversized wool blanket is a present you might also want to get for yourself next Christmas.

It’s made with cruelty-free wool, sourced with only the highest ethical standards. You can even check if you don’t believe us.

The manufacturer can trace their lambswool to the farmer who supplied it, allowing them to find the highest-quality wool.   


An Ethical Bow Tie for Special Occasions

Make a loved one look dapper with an ethically made eco-friendly bow tie. You have six colour combinations to choose from.

Each piece is inspired by the vibrant culture of Guatemala, where these ties were handmade using 100% cotton and love.


Stylish Eco Sunglasses for the Modern Eco-Warrior

Add a little pizzazz to your friend’s life. The Brighton is one stylish pair of sunglasses that’s great for their look and for the environment.

It comes in five colours. Black frames are made from recycled acetate while the coloured ones are made from bio-based acetate.

These sunglasses also come with a recycled leather hard case and a cleaning cloth fashioned from recycled PET bottles.


Cosy Bamboo and Organic Cotton Socks for Men

We know that everyone says socks make boring presents, but this was before they became trendy again. 

This set comes with 4 pairs, all made from soft bamboo and organic cotton. This is the gift for football enthusiasts and friends with stinky feet.

Its naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components will surely keep their feet (and our planet) healthy and happy.

Women Sock Gift Box for the Rainy Days

We’ve found the perfect socks for the rainy-days.

Anyone would enjoy sipping hot cocoa while wearing a warm pair of these lovelies.

And the best part? All four pairs are made from soft bamboo and organic cotton.

Florine Set, Sexy Lingerie for Your Significant Other

Looking to spice up your gift giving?

Anekdot fashioned comfortable yet sexy lingerie out of luxury surplus materials from the fashion industry.

This beautiful lingerie set is made from factory leftovers in Sri Lanka and organic cotton from Börd Shört’s end-of-lines and cut-offs.


A Super Soft Wool Scarf for Cosy Winter Nights

People Tree’s wool scarf looks warm enough to melt the ice-cold heart of the Grinch.

Its heavyweight ribbed-knit makes it cosy for the coldest winters.

Purchasing one also supports artisans from Nepal—the Grinch’s small heart should grow three sizes over the holidays.

Cork Clutch Bag, A Guilt-Free Splurge for Your Favourite Gal Pal

One of the best sustainable gift ideas for a friend, vegan or not, is an evening purse that doubles as a crossbody bag. It would be ideal for ladies’ night.

All she has to do is add the metal strap to transform it into a crossbody bag. No animals were harmed in the making of this clutch.

Rest assured, your favourite gal pal can look good and feel fantastic in this cruelty-free eco-friendly purse.

Recycled Inner Tube Wallet for No-Fuss Modern Men

The Night Out Wallet is an ideal sustainable present for the practical, modern man.

Its sleek build is slim enough to fit in the front and back jean pockets without bulging.

It’s made from rubber, making it sturdier and way more durable than leather wallets. And don’t worry about the rubbery smell—it wears off permanently in a few weeks.


An Upcycled Women’s Purse for the Eco-Conscious Woman

An eco-friendly wallet made of recycled tyre and cotton is an excellent vegan alternative to old-fashioned bulky purses.

This one was created by Lost in Samsara. It comes with several pockets for cards and cash. And it also has a zip for your coins.


Mighty Wallet, a Green Gift for the Crazy Cat Lady

A pocket full of cats: isn’t that every feline fanatic’s fantasy?

Now, you can make their wildest dreams come true with the Mighty Wallet. It has hundreds of cats printed on it, so your favourite crazy cat lady can take all her furry friends with her wherever she may go.

Its paper-like consistency exists for her scribbling pleasure. Not to worry, though—it’s won’t tear as easily as paper.

All animal lovers would appreciate this eco-friendly vegan wallet.


A Vegan-Friendly Passport Holder for Fashionable Travellers

Go green even while globetrotting. Lost in Samsara has a passport holder made of upcycled tyre and cotton.

It’s stylish, sustainable and an original ethical gift.

Each purchase financially empowers disabled people who are victims of landmines and polio.

Eco-Friendly and BPA-Free Reusable Bottles for a Sporty Friend

Thinking of getting someone an eco-friendly water bottle?

We’ve made a list, and you better check it twice because we’ve found an incredible selection of reusable bottles.

Repurposed Wine Bottle Candles

Made with 100% soy wax, Vineyard Candles are non-toxic, making them so much healthier for pets, their humans and the environment.

They are unlike any supermarket candle you’ve ever seen before. These bad boys are hand-poured in snazzy repurposed wine bottles.

These fabulous candles smell exactly like a mojito, ripe with lime and cut with mint. Anyone who enjoys a good sparkling cocktail fragrance will love this eco-friendly present.


An Eco-Friendly Phone Case for Clumsy Hands

Someone with a bad case of butterfingers needs a phone case that can survive dirt, dings and drops.

We found an incredible eco-friendly phone case by Pela that’s smooth to the touch, flexible and sturdy.

It’s made from plant-based materials, making it biodegradable and non-toxic.


Check our guide to the best eco-friendly phone cases if you are looking for vegan or wooden phone case. We have also a selection of the best biodegradable phone cases just in case you need more options

A Sustainable Wooden Watch for Liquor Lovers

Original Grain’s eco-friendly wooden watches are made of reclaimed oak barrels that once stored America’s spirit, bourbon.

Each piece is finely polished to bring out the grain of the natural wood, making each timepiece unlike any other.

Probably one of the best watches to give as gifts!


A Gorgeous vegan Leather Watch

You might want to treat a friend (or yourself) to one of Votch’s vegan leather watches.

The petite black and rose gold wristwatch will look chic with any outfit.

And nothing’s classier than a watch that’s cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

Recycled Bracelets, a Stylish but Ethical Gift

Paguro’s bracelet isn’t just fashionable. It’s also sustainable.

These recycled bracelets were made for eco-warriors who want to make bold statements through their fashion.

Each piece is fashioned from reclaimed rubber.

Accessorise Guilt-Free with an Ethically-Made Handmade Ring

This cosmic accessory was handmade with love in Kenya.

It’s perfect for girls who would love to take their jewellery game to stellar new heights.

The adjustable crescent and moon ring doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. A bit of lemon juice or soapy water is all you need to keep it shiny and clean.


Handmade Necklace for the Stylish Eco-Warrior

Artisans in Kenya transformed recycled glass into gorgeous pieces of jewellery, which your loved ones can proudly wear around their neck.

This double-chain necklace comes with two sky blue pendants made from recycled glass.

It’s not only beautiful, but it’s also environmentally-conscious.

Thames-Shaped Necklace for Your Homegirl

This brass necklace comes in the shape of the river Thames, London’s most famous river.

It’s the perfect gift for those who aren’t afraid to show off their home-grown pride.

By giving away this fair trade piece of jewellery, you can make a huge difference in the lives of artisans in developing countries. You can also make a homegirl happy and chic.


Original Upcycled Vegan Belts

Felvarrom makes belts out of upcycled bike tubes. They are as sturdy as a leather belt, but so much softer.

Their punctured inner tube belt comes with colourful textile strips, each sown meticulously to its sides.

They also provide a wide range of colour options, from neutral tones for formal setups to more vibrant hues, perfect for every occasion.

A great eco-friendly gift for dad!   


Sustainable Kanken Backpacks for Conscientious Outdoor Enthusiasts

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an eco-friendly edition of your favourite Kanken Backpack?

Oh, wait, there is one!

You can purchase one for yourself or your friends. This bag comes with the same innovative design as the original Kanken backpack, but it has been revamped from a recycling perspective.

With each purchase, you can save about 11 plastic bottles from being dumped into a landfill or the world’s oceans.

Vegan Boots, an Average Joe’s Ticket to Cool Kid-Dom

Help an average joe out. A pair of Dr. Martens should catapult them into cool kid territory.

Punk rockers love these iconic boots, and now they’ve gained a new audience. Vegans will love the soft and supple non-leather material that makes up this classic pair of Docs.  

Eco-Friendly Shoes for Sneakerheads

Celebrate 10 years of love with Veja.

V-10 is a special pair of sneakers made with ecological and sustainable materials.

The upper portion of the sneakers, as well as their panels, are made out of leather while the brand’s logo is made of rubber. Veja uses organic cotton for the lining and insole of these sneakers.


Handmade Moccasins for Cozy Nights at Home

Anyone who deserves a break after work is worthy of this super fluffy and comfortable pair of moccasins.

Made with 100% sheepskin, this pair of insanely cosy footwear was handcrafted in the Polish mountains.

Each pair was made using traditional shoemaking techniques passed on from generation to generation.


Adopt a Beehive

Welcome a friend to the wondrous world of beekeeping!

Adopt an entire beehive for them, and they can enjoy the satisfaction of saving bees, without having to get stung by one of them.

They also get to fund a bee conservation project that’s saving thousands of colonies across the UK from a parasitic mite.

And that’s not the only reward they will get. As they become a parent to thousands of bees, they will also receive a generous box of goodies.


Adopt an Amur Leopard

Surprise a crazy cat lady by adopting an Amur leopard as a gift!

Only 90 Amur leopards exist in the wild, making them the most critically endangered leopard subspecies in the world.

Their numbers are dwindling because of us. Hunting, industrial development, and illegal and unsustainable logging are some of the reasons why so few of them remain.

But that can easily change with your help.

Bee & Bug Biome for Your Little One

Save some critters next spring by gifting your little one a bee and bug biome.

This tiny house has seven wooden nesting tubes and several bamboo tubes that serve as little rooms for solitary bees, ladybirds and other insects.

For every purchase of a biome, you get a life cycle guide and an identification guide, so you can get to know more about its tiny occupants.

Duck Family Pull-Along Toys for the Cute Baby in Your Life

Sustainably sourced wood was used to create this pull-along wooden toy set.

The set has three yellow duckies: a parent and two little ones.

They even come in a stylish box made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials.


Still looking for sustainable gift ideas? Have a look at our online shop for more

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