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Hemp Hats - 2019 Guide To The Most Awesome (and Breathable!)

We’re sure you remember your sun hat choices as a kid.

There was the super uncool UV protection hat. That was the hat your mother insisted on. Then you moved onto breathable baseball hats. Sure, you looked cool but was it eco and can you really pull that off in 2019? And finally, there was the itchy hemp hat, the king of sustainable hats… but something you’d feel embarrassed to wear anywhere but your own backyard.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 2019. A year where we can now enjoy hemp hats that are comfortable, sustainable, breathable, protective from UV rays, and fashionable.

What a world to be alive in.

Custom Hemp Hats Made To Order? Yes Please!


Yep, we’re starting with a good’un. A.Ell Design’s Page Boy style hats are all made-to-order, reversible and made entirely from biodegradable hemp and cotton. We just can’t get enough of the different colour combinations available too!

Breathable Men’s Sun Hat - With Matching Eco Hats for Your Partner and Kids!


Fashioned with eco-fibres and sustainable hemp that’s sourced from off-cuts, the engineer hat is another beautiful design from A.Ell Design. Comes in kid sizes too!

Effortless Hemp Snapbacks Hats (Always Wear With Shades)


This is the kind of hat you see Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio wearing as they try to dodge the paparazzi. It’s sleek, it’s modern, it’s sexy… too sexy for you to handle?

Joking. Of course you can handle it. Hemp hats are notoriously lightweight and breathable.

Hemp Baseball Hats That Blend In...


Finally, sustainable hats that don’t scream “eco-friendliness is more important than fashion”. FYI, it is more important… but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your looks! Try on this modern hemp hat and you’ll blend right in.

Sustainable Hats for The Modern Woman (Plus Free UK Delivery)


We love the detail on this hemp hat. It’s feminine and stylish, while still being long-lasting. Not only will this hat protect you from the sun, but thanks to its natural isolator properties it will also retain heat in cold weather. Now you have an excuse to wear it all year round!

A Better, Unisex, Alternative to The Tilley Hemp Hat


Why is it better? Well, it’s lighter and cheaper, plus it offers UV protection. This simple hat absorbs 90% of UV radiation! And don’t let the model fool you – this looks great on guys too.

Hemp Hats Made in The USA? How About Kathmandu!


Completely handmade and one of a kind. Can your factory-made USA hemp hat compete? From Kathmandu, this funky 100% hemp hat is crocheted and dyed into a rainbow of colours. No fancy frills, just a simple hemp hat for ultra comfort and a guilt-free eco-conscience.

Crochet Hemp Dread Hats, Beanies and Sweat Bands


We love the chunky crochet knit of these epic hemp beanie hats! Like a leather wallet (or recycled inner tube wallet) these hemp hats need wearing in before they feel like a second skin. Aren’t the best things worth waiting for?

The Best Breathable Hat - Lightweight and Cooling!


Further proof that hemp is the best hat material. Check out how thin and slouchy this hemp hat is! Don’t let the thin material fool you though, it’s made to last a lifetime of summer eco adventures. Did you know it’s deodorising too?

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