Finding eco-friendly products is often a challenge. Either you find ugly unusable products or products nobody can afford.

Well… it was like that until….

beeco appeared! Yeah, we do the hard work of selecting amazing eco-friendly products from all over the web. We have a broad definition of eco-friendly because although we think that buying no product is the best solution, we are convinced that :

  • buying recycled or upcycled is better than buying stuff mad of new materials
  • buying organic cotton is better than buying normal cotton
  • there are new materials out there (like Pinatex: leather made of pineapple) that can replace traditional non-sustainable materials
  • a product made mostly out of sustainable materials is better than a product made 100% out of new materials

In other words: every step counts.

Start making a difference today by buying better. Tomorrow you’ll maybe do even more, but start easily today.


As part of our mission to help people live a more sustainable life, we publish regularly posts aimed to help you live a greener life. Not we speak about greenER and not green. Being 100% sustainable is hard work. It’s not made for everybody because not everybody has the time, money or even motivation to do it. But doing a little is better than not doing. And the first step is knowledge.

As such, we share tips on things like zero-waste living, sustainable traveling, sustainable consumption and some other topics that may be of interest in your trip towards a greenER life.

We regularly interview people who have impressed us through their positive impact on our society.


To avoid being overwhelmed with new products, we also provide you with simple to use guides, showing your the best products of each categories, their Pros and Cons. Ideal to get an overview and decide before buying.