We love Tencel. 

And if it’s not your first time on beeco, you must have noticed that already. It’s one of our favourite clothing fabrics, as much for its quality as for it’s sustainability. 

In fact, when compared to the main fabrics you can find in fashion stores, Tencel may be our numero uno. 


What is Tencel you may ask? It is actually a brand name. 

Tencel is the most known producer of lyocell fiber in the world and for that reason, lyocell fibre is generally referred to by its brand name.

So what kind of fabric is Tencel exactly? 

Tencel’s lyocell is a regenerated fibre, also called rayon, which means it is a man-made fibre made from cellulose (organic compound). Thereby, it’s kind of a middle ground between naturally grown fibres such as cotton or hemp and chemically made synthetic fibres such as polyester (he who must not be named). 

But before you throw Tencel into the same basket as polluting man-made synthetic fibres, hear us out!

Tencel’s lyocell is produced by Lenzig AG, an austrian company (yay, it’s local!) and its innovative manufacturing process has actually much less impact on the environment than some natural fibres such as traditional cotton.

First of all, the cellulose they use to produce the fibre is extracted from sustainably sourced wood. No forest is harmed in the process.


Then comes the manufacturing process. The cellulose is transformed into fibre using a solvent-spinning process within a closed-loop system that results in sustainably made, biodegradables Tencel fibres.

We won’t give you a detailed explanation of that closed-loop manufacturing process. What is to be remembered here is that the water and 99% of the NMMO solvent (non-toxix and organic) used in the process is captured and reused again and again in order to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact.


And what about the quality and durability of fabrics made of Tencel?

Tencel fabric is just great, you won’t have to compromise there either. Its texture and ease to be blended to other fabrics makes it perfect for almost any kind of clothing. It is durable, resistant, extra-soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and moisture absorbent. 

Tencel clothing will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. What else do you need?

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