Banana Fibres Business Card, by Green Banana Paper


Product info:

Banana Paper: A Great Conversation Starter

Not everyone can say that their business card is made from banana fibres. If yours is, you can surely make a great first impression. Unusual business cards such as this one are really hard to forget.

You will certainly leave your customers and clients wanting to know more about your brand.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly paper
  • Sustainably and ethically made
  • Uses organic materials (recycled paper and banana fibres)
  • Prints colours vividly


Saving Trees with Banana Paper

Trees take decades to mature, but many tree-free fibres grow seasonally. Banana is one sustainable alternative to resource-intensive materials. If you choose banana-based paper, you can save so many trees from being cut down.

Green Banana, Making Ethical and Eco-friendly Paper by Hand

Green Banana has developed an ingenious method of producing paper from banana tree stalks. The company is very hands-on, from paper production to the design process. They manufacture their own banana fibre paper by hand.


Banana Fibre, One of the Strongest Natural Fibres

Banana paper is made of natural fibres and post-consumer materials. Your cards will be durable and long-lasting, given that banana fibre is one of the strongest in the world. Unlike other sustainable options, the paper can absorb full-colour ink prints completely.


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