Casual Hemp & Organic Cotton Sweater


Product info:

Men Hemp & Organic Cotton Sweater, by Komodo

A casual sweater is must have in any man wardrobe. This eco-friendly classic long sleeve tee-shirt made of hemp and organic cotton is comfortable and gives a smart and decontracted look.

Key features:

  • Made from hemp (55%) and organic cotton (45%)
  • Scoop neck and long sleeves
  • Available in 2 colours

Hemp + Organic Cotton = Amazing Natural Blend

In terms of sustainability, hemp may be the best fabric yet (and you can even make hemp hats out of it). It is not only natural and biodegradable, but it also enriches the soil! Plus, it is extremely easy to grow as it grows fast and doesn’t need pesticides.

As for organic cotton, it is a good eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton. You can learn why in our Organic Cotton Material Guide. You can also test how comfy it is by purchasing an organic cotton pyjama.

Learn more about the sustainability of the main fabrics from the fashion industry in our Clothing Fabrics Guide.


Komodo, 30 years of Sustainable Services

Komodo is a London based clothing brand that has been active on the eco-friendly fashion for more than 30 years. They design clothes with a balance of contempory and timeless style, using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp and Tencel. Komodo is also GOTS certified and commit to source the materials from ethical factories.


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