Comfortable Organic Cotton Trousers


Product info:

Sasha Trousers, by People tree

These trousers are another item to add on your clothing essentials list. Comfortable and stylish at the same time, you will end up wearing them more than you think.

But as they are made of extra soft organic cotton, you don’t have to think it twice.

Key features:

  • 95% organic cotton
  • 5% elastane for the necessary stretch
  • Available in navy or black

Organic Cotton, Safer for Everybody

Conventional cotton is grown using unethical methods that arm the environment and the workers. Discover how organic cotton is fighting that trend in our Organic Cotton Material Guide.

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People Tree, Fair Trade Representative

Sustainable fashion isn’t only about how recyclable or biodegradable the final product is. People Tree understands that very well. Discover what makes them special in our dedicated People Tree Brand Page.