Hand Carved Eco-Friendly Necklace

£ 25

Eco-friendly carved wood, intricate design, handmade uniqueness and an affordable price. We dare you to look at this stunning Indian ‘Elephant Shadow’ necklace without falling in love.

It’s impossible!

Handmade Indian Eco-Friendly Necklace

Wooden beads are just a bit boho and totally adorable. They match pretty much anything, from light cotton summer dresses to your festival going peasant skirt… you can even just sling this necklace on after a yoga session to add some chilled vibes!

But at eco- we’re really not that shallow. This necklace symbolises far more than just boho fashion – it’s sold through UNICEF who ensure that your purchase will fund their lifesaving programmes working with children in danger across the world.

That’s the real beauty of this wooden eco-friendly necklace.

Key features:

  • Beautiful floral carved pendant necklace.
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly and untreated Kadam wood materials.
  • Handmade with traditional methods by Chander Kant for UNICEF.
  • Super long, boho style item with a 64cm long wooden beaded necklace.

This necklace is one of a kind, hand-carved from a single piece of Kadam wood with natural, untreated grains.

Yes, that’s right – the hollow pendant and intricate floral wood work is all one piece!


A Sustainable Future for India’s Indigenous Trees

Natural materials are our favourite.

Kadam is a gorgeous indigenous tree from the Indian rainforests that Chander carves into necklaces.

Fairtrade support for this material is vital for the eco-system in India. By increasing demand for this native wood, we are encouraging foresters to plant more of these essential trees, which will in turn provide the perfect habitat for India’s native animal species.

Without UNICEFs work with traders like Chander who want to use the traditional materials for their products, foresters try to use cheap tricks to boost their profits.

They plant fast-growing, exotic trees in India to replace the Kadam trees – while these may turn a bigger and quicker profit for the foresters, the Indian eco-system suffers and entire lifecycles are broken. Work like this is endangering countless animal species in ways we can’t even comprehend.

Kadam wood trade supports the Indian environment!

Meet the Maker: Chander Kant


Chander Kant. Skill level 100. Master of fine carving.

Carving is a family tradition for Chander, passed down from his grandfather to his father and now to himself. His entire family, including 4 brothers, spend their time carving stunning figurines, statues and jewellery items using traditional methods and materials.

We love his style! Besides the floral ‘Elephant Shadow’ necklace, Chander has multiple masterpieces available to buy from UNICEF, including romantic lovebird pendants and traditional elephant designs.

You won’t find unique carvings like this anywhere in the UK.

And don’t let the fact that it’s sent from India put you off. UNICEFs partnership with NOVICA ensures that the necklace goes straight from Chander’s workshop to your front door. Small carbon footprints are sexy AND they support Fairtrade work for talented individuals.

Boho Beauty

Kate Moss was almost right. Nothing looks as good as eco-friendly, guilt-free accessories feel.

Be honest. The biggest reason you buy a handmade necklace (besides the awesome eco-friendliness of it) is so that you can look unique.

There’s nothing worse for the fashion conscious individual than stepping out your front door and seeing another person wearing it too.

With these intricate necklaces from Chander Kant, you know that what you’re wearing is unique. Each piece of wood carved into a beautiful pendant is completely individual and organically grown, just like you.

To put an end to mass-produced jewellery items and encourage other people to go eco (by flaunting this lovely handmade necklace yourself), click here to buy!