Chic Summer V-neck Hemp Top, by Thought

£ 25

V-neck Top, by Thought

This white Jazmenia v-neck top is a summer classic.

Coupled with a pair of jeans, it makes a great casual-chic outfit.

Key Features:

  • 100% natural hemp fabric
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • V-neck and short sleeves
  • Available in white and rose pink

Hemp, One of the Most Eco-friendly Fabrics

Hemp belongs to the canabis plants family, but there is nothing controversial about it as a fabric. It is so sustainable that growing it is actually benefical to the soil. Not only its properties make it a healthy fabric, but it is also biodegradable and very durable.

Learn more about hemp and the sustainability of other fabrics in our Clothing Fabrics Guide.


About Thought, Sustainable in Style

Thought is a London based slow fashion brand. See how they live by and promote their mantra in our dedicated Thought Brand Page.