Organic Cotton Reversible Hoodie by Pigeon

£ 29

A Beautiful Eco-Friendly Hoodie for Your Kid, By Pigeon

With Pigeon clothes you can’t go wrong. They know how to design stylish clothes for children and the wellbeing of your child is as important for them as the environment.

This cosy and reversible hoodie with wolves patterns is made with 100% organic cotton and will keep your beloved child warm during the cold months.

Key features:

  • Unisex product
  • 3 sizes available (0-5m, 6-12m, 12-18m)
  • Reversible jacket with blue stripes on the outside & wolves prints on the inside
  • Made with 100% ethically sourced organic cotton
  • Uses Oeko Tex Standard dyes for the safety of your kid
  • Machine washable (30°)

A War Against Fast Fashion


In order to stay competitive, brands form the fast fashion industry have to find ways to reduce costs and increase production speed, which often comes at a huge cost to the environment and sometimes put the health of the consumer at risk.

And don’t be fooled, fast fashion is a reality in the children clothes industry as well. But brands like Pigeon are here to change the trend. They focus on quality over quantity and therefore produce clothes made from ethically sourced and safe organic cotton.

Finally, organic clothes may be more expensive, but they are also of better quality, which means they will last longer and can be passed from child to child.

Pigeon, Little Things Matter


At Pigeon, they are very attached to some fundamentals values and they believe in the little things. They don’t want to grow huge, but they want to do what they like, work with people they like and leave a positive impact wherever they can.

They also want people to understand that organic clothes are worth the extra money because of the benefits that organic farming brings to the farmers and the environment.

Keep Your Baby and Our Planet Safe

The organic cotton used by Pigeon is ethically sourced and free of any chemicals and pesticides. They also use oeko tex standard dyes to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

Their entire supply chain is also certified by the Soil Association in accordance with the GOTS. In simple words, this means that they care about where their cotton comes from, who makes their clothes, who sells them and who wears them.