Plantable Business Cards

£ 75

Seed Paper: A Business Card You Can Plant and Grow

Seed is such an unusual material for paper—but it works. Plantable business cards are now a thing, thanks to companies like Botanical Paperworks.

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly; uses post-consumer material
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • You can plant the paper
  • Biodegradable; reduces paper waste


Paper Without the Trees

Seed paper is made from post-consumer materials. It’s also infused with seed. If you were wondering—yes, you can actually plant the paper itself in a pot of soil. Since the paper is biodegradable, it leaves zero waste. As it degrades, the seed grows, leaving you with wildflowers, herbs or vegetables.

Botanical Paperworks, Helping Entrepreneurs Give Back to Nature

School teacher Mary Reimer learned the art of papermaking as she was looking for a way to reuse scraps of paper from her students. She saw so much potential in seed paper and decided to start a business with her daughter, Heidi Reimer-Epp, in the mid ’90s. Now, they are the leading producer of seed paper.


Save the Planet with Plantable Paper

Botanical Paperworks’ unique business cards are eco-friendly as they are made with post-consumer materials. That means no new fibres were used in the production of the paper. They also infuse their paper with seed, so you can give back to nature and grow your own garden.


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