BPA free Reusable Glass Bottle, by Purifyou

£ 16

A dishwasher-friendly option for your next reusable bottle!

BPA free & Dishwasher Friendly Water Bottle

Stainless Steel bottles are great, but most of the time they are difficult to wash and may give a slight metallic taste to your drink. If these are major flaws for you and you don’t plan to take your bottle on an adventure, then you should consider a glass bottle!

Purifyou’s reusable bottles are dishwasher friendly, you can warm them in the microwave and they don’t give any taste to the water. Moreover, they come with a resistant silicone sleeve to give them a little extra protection. 

Key Features:

  • Material: Premium glass
  • Sizes available (ml): 360, 650, 1000
  • Resistant, yet lightweight (for a glass bottle)
  • Silicone sleeve for an extra protection and non-slip grip
  • Doesn’t influence the taste of the water
  • Leak proof
  • Easy to carry thanks to the lid
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe


Premium Glass for a Premium Taste

There is a reason why wine and other liquids are bottled in glass: the purity of taste! Indeed glass doesn’t impart any flavour into the water, unlike some plastic and stainless steel bottles.

Admitting you won’t drop your bottle, glass is a durable material that won’t degrade over time!

Moreover, glass can be recycled endlessly, without any quality loss. Plastic, in the other hand, can only be recycled a few times.

Yes, glass is amazing for reusable water bottles. So amazing we decided to create a selection of the best glass water bottles you can get (the Purifyou bottle is part of them). Check it out!

About Purifyou

Purifyou is a family owned and operated business whose aim is to bring us healthy and eco-friendly products.

They also give a percentage of their profit to the construction of wells in impoverished communities around the world.



Purifyou’s glass water bottle is part of our selection of the best eco-friendly water bottles. Check it out for more options.