Que Bottle – Collapsible Water Bottle


Product info:

How often do you drink water? Chances are, not often enough. Whether you’re doing light aerobics, going for a run, heading to the gym or on a short weekend trip, you need a water bottle by your side to keep hydrated.  

Muscle fatigue, dizziness, dry or flaky skin, constipation, ongoing muscle weakness, and frequent headaches are just of the common signs of dehydration. For most people, carrying around and refilling the hard-sided, regular plastic bottle is rather unappetizing and bulky. Thankfully, the Que water bottle is here to change all that. 

What Is the Que Water Bottle?

The Que Water Bottle is, well, a water bottle –that’s if you’re looking for a straight simple answer. However, a more detailed and interesting answer to that can be found in the ingenious design behind this vessel. At first glance, it might look like a regular bottle with an upward grooving swirl in an attempt to add a fancy touch to it –but, there is more than meets the eye. 

Que bottle is cleverly designed to expand and collapse, is 100% plastic-free, completely Earth-friendly, and it’s extremely fun to use. The bottle is 8.5 inches tall and can squish to 5.5 inches when empty, which makes it easy to slip into your pocket or bag. To refill it, simply unscrew the top cap and stretch it back to its full size.

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Que Water Bottle Key Features

  • 100% plastic-free – food-grade silicone materials approved by FDA & LFGB, and it’s safe for both hot and cold drinks.
  • Collapsible water bottle – it collapses into about the size of a fist for easy storage.
  • Design and style –comes in 6 fashionable colors with a unique spiral design 
  • Eco-friendly water bottle –It’s made of 100% recyclable silicone material which is non-toxic when disposed of, unlike plastic. 
  • Versatile –The Que bottle is shockproof, leak-proof, and lightweight, suitable for all types of sports and activities, from the beach, gym, outdoors, hiking, travel, running, and festivals. 
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe 
  • 18/8 food-grade stainless steel cap

How It All Started?

Que was created by environmentally conscious founders named Jean and Kevin Wu. It all started as a need to reduce the environmental impact of plastic water bottles that often litter the venue during and after festivals and shows. Their primary goal was to create a versatile, recyclable, functional, and fun foldable water bottle that isn’t a threat to aquatic or soil life. 

Que Bottle started as a project on Kickstarter, and thanks to the ingenious design, it received a funding of more than half a million dollars and massive support from thousands of backers. Other than reducing the menace of plastic waste disposal, the company was also on a mission to create a flexible water bottle that is functional, stylish and compact enough for hiking, regular commute, and everything in between.  

Apart from being fun and playful, this bottle outsmarts most of the regular bottles by far. It’s compact enough for light travelers, takes both cold and hot liquids, and doesn’t form condensation. This makes it a fun companion as the best travel water bottle as well as for all kinds of outdoor activities.

What Sets It Aside, Again? 

What makes this bottle unique is the fact that it’s made to be both environmentally friendly and collapsible. Regular plastic and aluminum bottles tend to be bulky to carry around once the water has been finished. Also, if you’ve ever used an aluminum water bottle for a while, you probably noticed a characteristic odor and unpleasant taste. 

The Que water bottle collapses to a small size to eliminate the bulky concern and doesn’t develop unappealing smells even after months of use. And once the bottle comes to the end of its useful life, you can have it recycled.

Is The Que Bottle Worth It?


If you’re a hiker, a workout enthusiast, a frequent traveler or regular commuter, you should consider getting the Que roll up water bottle. The bottle collapses and expands with ease, and it’s even fun to play with it. The material is 100% plastic-free, safe for both hot and cold drinks and comes in six different fashionable colors.  

You will also love the fact that it’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe and doesn’t develop funny odors and tastes even after months of use. The Que bottle has been favorably labeled one of the best collapsible water bottles.

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