Recycled Bikini Bottom


Product info:

Pyramid Bottom Bathing Suit, by allSisters

Having a relaxing swim into the ocean while wearing a swimsuit whose manufacturing process polluted the water would feel a bit hypocrite, right?

But rest assured, with this swimsuit bottom made of recycled waste (such as fishing nets), you can jump into the water with a clear mind.

Plus, this bikini bottom is quite an elegant piece of fashion!

Key features:

  • Made from Econyl® (78%) and elastane (22%) for the necessary stretch
  • Printed string
  • Available in black of white
  • Assorted Pyramid top available

Econyl®, Eco-friendly Nylon

Conventional nylon is far from being an eco-friendly fabric. It’s mostly made from coal and petroleum, it’s energy intensive and its manufacturing creates an incredibly potent greenhouse gas. But its durability and resistance to tear make it an important fabric.

That’s why we love Econyl. It is made in a closed-loop process, from the nylon waste that pollutes the oceans and landfills around the world. Not only Econyl is eco-friendly, but it is also as durable and resistant as normal nylon.

Learn more about nylon and the sustainability of other fabrics in our Clothing Fabrics Guide.


allSisters, a Tribute to The Bond Between Women and Earth

allSisters is a Barcelona based swimwear brand for women. They share a deep love for the sea and the nature, and that reflects through their range of eco-friendly swimsuits. Their specific design is a mixture of convenience and style that results in timeless sportive but elegant swimsuits.


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