Recycled Cotton Business Cards

Recycled business cards are a must have for mindful entrepreneurs looking to make a great first impression- without the waste that traditionally goes with it.

We all want to look professional, but do you know how many trees are cut down every year to help businesses promote themselves?

Let’s just say, it’s quite a few.

But, now, you don’t need to choose between your professional business persona and your green living lifestyle. with these stylish Moo cotton business cards made completely from the offcuts of old t-shirts.

What Makes the Moo Recycled Business Cards Eco?

Looking at the cotton business card, you’d be forgiven for wondering how they can be eco-friendly. They look just like paper and act just like a business card would. But, actually, they’re made from the offcuts of old t-shirts: a completely sustainable resource that saves more waste from going to the landfill.

However, the business cards still look professional, despite their less traditional material. They don’t scream “vegan” or “green living” to the world. Instead, they simply help you promote your business in a beautiful way, no matter what your industry is.


The cards are made from 100% recycled cotton that comes straight from the offcuts of old t-shirts. That means that absolutely no trees were harmed in the making of your cotton business cards, and that less clothing waste goes to the landfill. If you’re looking to reverse some of the damage from your fast fashion days, these cards will offer a solution that looks just as good as you!

Let’s have a look at some of their cool features:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (ok, like that we are sure nothing can go wrong!)
  • Reduces fashion industry waste (did we already tell you they’re made of T-Shirt offcuts?)
  • Available in Moo size (84mm x 55mm) and in square (65mm x 65mm)
  • Naturally Bright White (forget the usual brownish recycled paper look)
  • Uncoated
  • Tree Free (no tree was harmed during the process of manufacturing those business cards)

About Moo: The Creators of the Cotton Business Card

Moo was established in The UK in 2004 by creative entrepreneur, Richard Morross, to offer a sustainable alternative to trillion dollar print industry. The company is committed to creating a range of vast high quality products without the astronomical pricing that goes with them, making their products completely accessible to young entrepreneurs and start up brands.

Materials Used to Create Moo Recycled Paper Business Cards


So, how exactly do Moo use t-shirts to make their recycled paper business cards?

Let’s dig a bit deeper into this process.

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll know that everyone loves a good t-shirt. But the process of creating this cult item of clothing creates lots of wasted material. Moo has taken that material and turned it into something that helps you elevate your own brand.

To create the cards, Moo has partnered with Mohawk, one of The UK’s cotton paper specialists. Because of this, you can trust that your cotton business cards will be of the highest standard.

If you’re looking to make a great first impression with your business clients, design your own recycled paper business cards with Moo. They come with free templates allowing you to take advantage of their great eye for design. Not only do these premium cards look professional luxurious and chic, they help save the planet, too. Buy yours online now.


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