Reusable & Chemical-free Nappy, by TotsBots

£ 16

One Nappy to Conquer Them All

Still using disposable nappies? Then you are (literally) throwing your money away. We understand, going for reusable, washable nappies is quite a big step to make, but trust us, it’s worth it! They are cheaper than disposable nappies, easy to apply, easy to wash, easy on your baby and easy on the environment!

You got it, they are easy.

Key features:

  • Chemicals free diapers (Oekotex certified)
  • Easy to use and re-use
  • One size fits most (3.5 – 15 kilos)
  • It grows with your baby (adjustable elements)
  • Waterproof exterior and leaks protections
  • Super absorbent bamboo core
  • Can help reduce skin conditions (eczema, nappy rash …)
  • Made in Scotland


Landfills Are Stinky Enough, Don’t Make it Worse

According to the numbers provided by TotsBots, by using cloth diapers you could reduce your carbon footprint by 40% and spare our planet 4000 diapers. Knowing that a disposable nappy takes around 500 years to decompose, we are talking about avoiding a mountain of diapers here!

Moreover, at Totsbots they are using ethically sourced material for their products and commit to keep the carbon footprint of their entire supply chain as low as possible.

TotsBots, From Sewing in the Kitchen to Selling Worldwide


TotsBots is a family owned business based in Glasgow that started more than 18 years ago in their kitchen. From sending prototypes to their friends to selling in over 30 countries worldwide, they went a long way!

Despite being a growing business, they still stick to their core values. In addition to respecting the environment, they also care about having a happy and local workforce, which is key to good products.

They work hard to bring us easy and efficient cloth diapers that are good for the baby and the environment. And they work as hard to spread the awareness of these benefits.

Eco- & Baby-Friendly Nappy

In addition to be made with ethically sourced material, TotsBots nappies are also free of ¬†VOC’s, Dioxins and other chemicals that you want to keep as far as possible from your baby’s bottom.

TotsBots claims to be the only nappies brand to be Oekotex 100 certified (no chemicals used in the whole process), that means natural fibres only!

Finally, with cloth nappies you can say goodbye to irritating skin conditions and be sure baby will enjoy his next nap!


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