Faux Leather Backpack by Sugulovas


Product info:

Backpacks are important accessories that not only allow you to carry personal items but also complete your look. There are many elegant backpacks that you can rock at any time. However, how many of these can we call eco backpacks? Be it during their production or many years after you have outgrown them and thrown them out.  

Not as many as we would all love. Especially when it comes to keeping our environment safe and our wardrobes as chic as possible, but don’t let that discourage you from getting an ethical fashion bag. We believe there is an eco-backpack for everyone. 

And, for the ladies willing to add a fashionable touch to their look wearing their favorite ethical backpack, we have just the right backpack for you. 

Drum roll… Ladies, we present to you the ethical faux leather backpack that will perfectly suit your style. 

Elegant and stylish eco backpack by Sugulovas 

These faux leather bags are unique, handmade, and come in different colours and styles. The Sugulovas backpacks can be considered as the best ethical and fashionable bags for eco-conscious women.  

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The outer side of the backpack is faux leather, while the inner side is made of a cotton lining.  Besides, you have the liberty to choose the inside fabric you want for your bag. This ethical bag also has one pocket inside for you to keep your small-sized essentials. The outside has details made of toned brass metal.

Key features:

  • Faux leather 
  • Cotton lining – you can choose your preferred material and colour 
  • An interior pocket
  • Brass-toned metal details
  • Stylish v-shape cover- can be in a mix of colours 
  • Sling handle to carry as a handbag 

Why is it eco?

As mentioned earlier, this backpack by Sugulovas is made of faux leather and cotton lining, which are both sustainable materials. But what makes them eco-friendly? 

The faux leather used in making these bags is vegan. For starters, it does not involve the killing of animals.  As much as the final product is not biodegradable, it is possible to break it down to some degree compared to other plastics.

The inner lining of the bag is cotton, which is also an eco-friendly material. Cotton is made from flax plant fibers. These fibers are fully biodegradable, especially when untreated with any dye.   

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On the other hand, the brass-toned metal used in the bags can also be considered as an eco-friendly material since it doesn’t lose its physical or chemical properties during the recycling process. Besides, brass doesn’t produce much carbon during its recycling process compared to metals like steel or aluminum.

The Sugulovas backpacks are vegan, handmade, and ethical; however, the faux leather is still less eco-friendly than cork leather or mushroom leather.

Uniqueness with a Personal Touch


Sugulovas is not an ordinary company like many we have come to know when looking for eco-friendly products. This is a sole proprietorship that provides chic but vegan and handmade backpacks on a demand basis.

The owner of Sugulovas has a creative mind, loves sewing, and is on a mission to keep the environment safe. Her style is unique and sews the bags based on the customer’s request and needs. She uses faux leather, cotton lining, and magnets.