Recycled Inner Tube Wallet

Behold the humble bike innertube wallet. Sleek, sustainable, and dare we say, sexy? The Alchemy Goods’ recycled inner tube wallet is an ideal gift for stylish cyclists and no-fuss modern men alike.

Recycled Inner Tube Wallet

The Night Out Wallet from Alchemy Goods is the slimmest in their range of eco-friendly products; it will fit comfortable in front and back jean pockets without bulging. The stretchy, rubber billfolds grip your cards (you can stretch to 5+ cards if needed) and cash without being too clingy, and the front of the wallet will hold your ID visible through the opaque window.

Stripped back of the multiple compartments, zips, poppers and Velcro, this is a minimalist design for the practical, modern man.

Key features:

  • Made from recycled materials, namely reclaimed bicycle inner tubes.
  • Super slim design at only 0.25in thick.
  • Room for an ID card in the front window.
  • 2 slots on the back for credit cards and or/cash.
  • Dimensions: 2.5in x 4in x 0.25in
  • Ideal for both men and women


Why Bike Innertube Wallets are More Eco Than You Thought

The bike innertube wallets are a sustainable reincarnation of an already eco-friendly product! Once they’ve lived out a long, healthy life transporting us humans without polluting the planet, the reclaimed bicycle inner tubes go on to save the planet once again in the form of ultra-long-lasting wallets for men.

Rubber can take up to 50 years to decompose naturally in a landfill (releasing some pretty nasty oils along the way) unless of course it’s piled up to be burned… in which case it releases carcinogens into the atmosphere instead. This is a serious problem, with rubber tyres showing no sign of falling out of popularity. Even the super cool, electric autonomous cars of the future will probably run on rubber tyres! So, wallets made from recycled materials like this are very important for the future of our planet. The small changes we make today will build up to make a better tomorrow.

And of course, you’ve got a handy wallet for the present time.

About Alchemy Goods

Alchemy are all about upcycled wallets. Upcycling previously cycled inner tubes – from everyday US cyclists –  so you can cycle to work with a slim, durable upcycled wallet in your own back pocket. It’s a cycling tongue twister Alchemy are proud of! They’ve hooked up with cycle stores and recycling centres across America to create sustainable, eco-friendly wallets for men. And the best bit? You don’t even have to like cycling to get involved.

Not only do their customers feel a bit proud of having a fashionable, super functional wallet, but they also know for a fact that the wallets are made with minimal impact on the environment. There’s none of that materials sourced from America, cut in Europe, sewn in China, then stored in a warehouse in the back of beyond. To keep the product footprint as small as possible and support hardworking families in the city where Alchemy was first founded, each wallet is cut, sewn, treated and packaged in one place: Seattle, Washington.

Besides men’s wallets, Alchemy also have a range of eco-friendly products all made from recycled material that would otherwise end up in landfill (including a clutch and larger wallet for those dinosaurs among us that still carry cash).

Reclaimed Bicycle Inner Tubes – The Ultimate Wallet Material


Rubber is an ideal material for wallets. Not only is it waterproof, sturdy and easy to cut/sew, but it’s also much more durable than leather. No cow sacrifice required, meaning less methane is released into the environment and the vegans among you can breathe a sigh of relief too.

Over the years (and your rubber wallet really will last for years and years) it will start to age, sometimes forming white marks. Much like a fine wine, the wallet just gets more and more characterful as the years go by. It doesn’t matter how many wallets you buy as gifts for your friends, you’re never going to pick up the wrong wallet by mistake!

You’re also probably wondering about that nasty rubber smell – don’t sweat. It wears off in a number of weeks as the innertube ages. All billfolds, men’s wallets and bags made from this rubber are totally unique. The markings on the rubber and the way the material has been cut to salvage all the usable parts means that no two rubber wallets are the same.

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