Top Bamboo Sunglasses for Summer 2020

If you had the choice to protect the planet or protect your eyesight, which would you pick?
If you had the choice to protect the planet or protect your eyesight, which would you pick?

Just a hypothetical question, of course. With bamboo wood sunglasses you can do both effortlessly while you kick back with a book or fire up the BBQ. Make summer 2020 eco-cool with our best bamboo sunglasses. UV protection always included!

Foxy Black Bamboo Sunglasses


Made entirely from bamboo, darkened with natural dyes, and hinged together with 100% recyclable stainless-steel, this is one hell of a way to kick start our list.

Cute Bamboo Glasses with a Bamboo Sunglasses Case Thrown In!

A simple pair of bamboo sunglasses – the kind you should always have stashed away in the glove box, and another pair in the suitcase. With multiple shades available and a reasonable price tag, these sunglasses are awesome. The tawny shade is our favourite.

Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses (Psst, you can switch the lenses!)

Easily the most stylish bamboo sunglasses on our list. Takemoto handmakes every pair of bamboo sunglass frames herself. Pop in your own prescription lenses or pick some new shades!

100% Bamboo Frame Sunglasses - Every Pair Unique!


Natural bamboo wood, sustainably sourced, and undyed. If you’re looking for a chance to show off your new eco-purchase, these are the sunglasses for you.

Bamboo Sunglasses Polarized - For More Than Just A Pretty Face


Polarized with UV 400 protection, to protect your eyes on your next eco-travel trip around the world, or just when picking the kids up from school. Awesome bamboo storage box included.

Mens Bamboo Sunglasses in a Classic Style


A lightweight bamboo frame with mirrored lenses makes for a classic, everyday summer look. Buckets of laidback eco-style.

Custom Bamboo Sunglasses (Our Top Pick for a Personalised Gift)


The big problem when you buy bamboo sunglasses is theft. Everyone wants to borrow them ALL the time, trust us. The solution? Have your name engraved in them.

Don’t Let These Bamboo Floating Sunglasses Swim Away…


Whether you’re chilling by the pool or risking it with some wild skinny dipping, these bamboo sunglasses will float along right beside you.

Give These 90s Vintage Bamboo Sunglasses A New Home


Eek, plastic! But hey, remember the rules. Instead of letting these bamboo-handled sunglasses go to landfill, why not bring them back to life?

Bamboo Aviator Sunglasses - More Eco Than You Thought


You wouldn’t think Aviators would be a popular design picked by bamboo sunglasses brands but here they are! Navaris’ Pilot Style sunglasses are plastic free; just bamboo, metal and glass.

Now, how about a sustainable hemp hat to go with your new shades?