11 Best Eco Yoga Mats for a Clear Conscience

Practice your Pranayama breathing on a brand new eco yoga mat. Don’t let nagging thoughts and negativity bug you while you’re transitioning… clear your eco conscious with yoga practice on an eco friendly yoga mat.
Practice your Pranayama breathing on a brand new eco yoga mat. Don’t let nagging thoughts and negativity bug you while you’re transitioning… clear your eco conscious with yoga practice on an eco friendly yoga mat.

From natural rubber tapped to make sustainable yoga mats, to cork non slip yoga mats that offer just the right level of support for your downward dog. Just don’t forget to recycle your old mat before heading for a yoga mat sale!

Scroll through our yoga mat reviews – all of which are available in the UK – to find the best for your dosha.

Luxury Yoga Supplies UK - Yoga Design Lab is More Than A Mat!

The luxurious and eye catching mat design that will make even your most colourful yoga leggings jealous, is more than a mat. The Combo Mat is also a yoga towel and has a strap for easy carrying. Plus, it’s a recycled yoga mat. Each mat contains microfibre made from recycled water bottles.

We love it because: $1 of each purchase (don’t worry, you’ll pay in £) supports youth yoga programs to get young girls and boys interested in an active, balanced lifestyle.

An Extra Long Yoga Mat UK Yogi’s Will Love!

A cork beauty from Yoloha Yoga to feast your eyes on. Sure, it’s not cheap (click below to check the current price) but boy is it worth it. 100% organic cork from top to bottom, it’s our best yoga mat for beginners – lightweight for carrying around, soft and non-slip, and a great 72-inch length.

We love it because: the exposed cork and minimalist Chakra design are great for showing off your eco efforts at yoga class.

Leap Onto Your New UpwardSalute Natural Yoga Mat

UpwardSalute combine biodegradable foam (no harmful chemicals) with natural cork to create a more durable yet still flexible cork yoga mat. If you’re asking “what yoga mat to buy to stand out at my yoga class” this is the one for you. Each unique design is drawn and printed onto the mat by hand, with eco-friendly inks.

We love it because: it’s handmade in the UK! Hurrah! We also love that the back is a pale green to hide the grass stains from outdoor yoga sessions.

REPOSE’s Rubber & Cork Yoga Mat UK

There’s some debate on the best material for yoga mats – rubber vs cork. Well, REPOSE have solved that with a rubber AND cork yoga mat. It has a refreshing earthy cork aroma as it supports your feet with 4mm of non-slip yoga mat. Under that, you’ve got a layer of 100% natural rubber so you can switch it up with the flip of a mat.

We love it because: no glue, PVC or other harmful chemicals are used to bind those eco materials together.

Keep It Cool With The Manduka Yoga Mat

We’ve expressed our love for the Manduka rubber yoga mat before (check out the full review) but let’s do a quick recap. It’s made from natural tree rubber that undergoes a toxic-free softening process and finished with a rippled surface for perfect grip.

We love it because: the all-natural rubber is not harvested from the depleting Amazon rainforest and is made with a zero waste manufacturing process.

Awesome Natural Yoga Mat with Free UK Delivery!

Designed especially for hot yoga practitioners who need perfect grip even when sweaty, The Samadhi Initiative’s personalisable mats are sexy hot. When you buy a yoga mat from this Etsy store, it’s made from scratch. The made-to-order mentality reduces waste and only consumes materials when really needed – very eco!

We love it because: it’s 100% biodegradable and recyclable, but if you can’t wait until the cork biodegrades The Samadhi Initiative offer a no-questions-asked refund guarantee.

100% Handmade Eco Yoga Mat from Nepal

Wild hemp and cotton are spun, woven and stitched by hand in Nepal to create this natural hemp yoga mat. It’s completely non stick – but not slippery – it allows you to sink in but not rely on your mat. This pushes your body to rely more on your muscles to hold poses than the stickiness of your mat to fall back on.

We love it because: the Etsy seller, KhaliKhutta, is absolutely awesome and can make the mats longer, shorter, wider or in different colours on request!

Jade Yoga Mat UK - Eco-Friendliness From Across The Pond!

It’s always exciting when a much loved US brand becomes available in the UK. Jade Harmony’s natural rubber yoga mat is now part of a yoga mat sale UK on Amazon! The matte texture and renewable sourced materials make it feel even more luxurious under your hands.

We love it because: Jade Harmony plants a tree with every mat sold… even though the rubber harvested to make these mats doesn’t kill or even damage the original rubber tree!

Our Travel Yoga Mat UK Top Choice (Worth The Shipping Cost)

Supporting individual business and dedicated eco-people around the world always leaves us with a warm happy feeling! NJEastCoasters recycled rubber yoga mat is superior to the very thin fabric yoga mats made for lightweight travelling. It’s thin (¼ inch thick), won’t crease and is way more durable.

We love it because: eco-friendly cellular vinyl mesh in the centre of the mat offers more stability and cushion than a 100% rubber mat.

Hemp Mat for Vegan Yoga - Just Wash Out The Sweat!

Fitccessory have used one of our favourite eco materials to make this vegan yoga mat. Hemp! Growing hemp is more eco than cotton yoga mats – it uses less waste and is equally biodegradable. And it’s much better quality than the cheap yoga mats Argos provide. It’s also mildew resistant so don’t worry about the absorbing qualities of fabric yoga mats.

We love it because: you can chuck it in the washing machine when it gets a little sweaty. It’s that easy to keep clean!

Soul Vibe Eco Yoga Mat

Time to sacrifice… nothing at all! With the soul vibe yoga mat, all you do is gain. Okay, it’s eco-friendly (of course), but what else? Not only does the natural yoga mat look amazing, but it also has incredible versatility. The mat’s thickness (6mm) allows you to perform any exercises you want! Plus, it’s anti-slip. Not only will your feet not slip underneath you due to their textured surfaces, but it will stay put on any ground beneath you.

Why We Love It: It doesn’t slip under our feet and has an awesome carrying handle!

Organic GOTS Certified Ekaminhale Yoga Rug

It looks like, and has the durability of, a jute yoga mat… but it’s soft and skin-friendly cotton! Hand-loomed by Indian villagers using traditional methods, these yoga mats are preserving local trade and are best for practicing Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style.

We love it because: 10% of sales are donated to The Mysore Foundation to help children in Mysore Slums.

Now we leave you with the tricky job of selecting the best eco yoga mat for your next session. All these mats are available in the UK… so good luck selecting just one!

Don’t leave so far, we have other amazing eco-friendly products to complete your yoga equipment:

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– These organic cotton yoga leggings. Time to let your body breath.