Best Eco Friendly Toilet Paper for Clean Living!

Living zero waste is certainly a noble aim… but can anyone be truly zero waste? Biologically, we mean! Let’s get down to earth and discuss what you’re doing with your, erm, waste.

Let’s dive right into it:

The best eco-friendly toilet paper in the UK

Did you know that National Geographic estimated that 27,000 trees are cut down to make toilet paper per day? That stat was calculated in 2010, we dread to think what it looks like now!

Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to turn that around.

Yep, eco toilet paper is a thing, and it’s nothing weird like wiping on moss or leaves! In fact, you’ll struggle to tell recycled toilet paper from your standard Andrex.

Every sheet, roll and wiper on this list is available in the UK.

Go Au Naturel and Wipe with an Ecoleaf!


It’s made in the UK with UK-sourced recycled fibre. This eco friendly toilet paper has the smallest carbon footprint by far, and the softest, most cushioning feel (we know that’s more important to you than you let on).

We love it because: the wrapping Eco Leaf toilet paper use to keep rolls dry in transit is 100% compostable and made from potato starch, which is a sustainable material!

Before introducing our 2nd recommendation: did you know that energy waste in the kitchen can be drastically reduced by using smarter appliances? Have a look at halogen ovens or eco-kettles.

We Give A Huge Crap About This Plastic-Free Toilet Paper!


Who Gives A Crap 100% recycled toilet paper is made from loose leaf, textbooks and journals collected from school – meaning it will have even smaller trace amounts of BPA than other recycled brands.

We love it because: half of their profits are donated to charities who build toilets in developing nations to improve basic sanitation and quality of life.

Marcal’s Eco Toilet Paper for The Unfussy


It’s plain, it’s simple and it’s recycled. Marcal recycled toilet paper is nothing fancy but it gets the job done. This loo roll is green seal certified, meaning it’s processed in the most chlorine-free, energy-efficient and water-efficient way possible.

We love it because: Marcal use more than 200,000 tons of recyclable paper each year and have been an eco-focused company since 1932!

Cheeky Bamboo Toilet Paper


Wipe away allergies with sustainable, hypoallergenic Cheeky Panda bamboo toilet paper. This is truly plastic-free toilet paper as bamboo doesn’t contain any BPA. It’s also skin-friendly and naturally anti-bacterial, leaving you as clean and fresh as a bamboo forest.

We love it because: bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than the average tree and grows faster than you can flush and pandas can munch!

Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls That Mean Business


This one isn’t our first-place favourite, but it’s definitely suitable for number 2.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist. Renova make strong, reliable toilet paper from recycled paper in XXL sizes, so you can comfortably take care of the bigger issues of the day and still remain eco.

We love it because: 6 of these huge rolls holds the same amount of paper as 12 standard rolls – but half the cardboard inner tubes!

Stop Dumping Money on Expensive Soft Recycled Toilet Paper


Amazon, bless them, are trying their hardest to go eco but often they really miss the point. This is one of the cheapest recycled toilet paper options… but it’s wrapped in plastic. Nonetheless, it is recyclable plastic and a huge step up over virgin toilet paper!

We love it because: it’s made from 100% recycled materials, cellulose to be exact, which includes wasted material and wood fibres as well as paper.

Surprisingly Compostable Toilet Paper to Unclog Your Pipes

As tough and chewy as bamboo is (especially for pandas) Bumboo’s bamboo toilet paper is surprisingly biodegradable and completely suitable for septic tanks. It goes through smoothly and composts down neatly instead of blocking you up further.

We love it because: Bumboo calculated that individually wrapping each roll in paper used less paper weight than wrapping them up together. True dedication to less paper waste!

The Best Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Brands Think Outside the Cubicle


Greencane bathroom tissue is 100% biodegradable, wrapped in 100% compostable plant-based cellophane, and is made from 100% natural materials. Bamboo, wood pulp (just a few chips here and there), plus recycled sugarcane waste is all natural and unprocessed, unlike waste paper and materials with their added chemicals, dyes and inks.

We love it because: the unique mix of bamboo, eco certified wood pulp and recycled sugarcane waste is carefully balanced to provide a gentle, chemical-free experience.

Discussing Toilet Paper Habits is Wonderfully Tiboo


Yes, share your toilet paper discoveries with your friends! Verbally, of course. Tiboo have something you’ll love shouting about – 3-ply hypoallergenic bamboo toilet roll sourced from forests far away from panda habitats. Is their paper better than recycled toilet paper brands? You’ll have to try it to find out.

We love it because: Tiboo’s bamboo toilet paper has 35% less carbon than recycled toilet paper, which could have been used from paper that went on carbon-expensive journeys around the world.

Eco Friendly Alternative to Toilet Paper (This Might Make You Run for The Hills…)


Reusable cloth toilet paper is, well, an interesting idea! While it might sound odd, so long as you clean them thoroughly, don’t share, and keep a roll of bamboo or recycled toilet paper in the cupboard for guests, there’s no reason you can’t give it a go.

We love it because: it’s made in the UK from repurposed UK bedding and has free shipping!

A guide to eco-friendly toilet paper

Making Sense of Eco Logos


Green Seal

A mark of environmental responsibility through every stage of the toilet paper production process.



Just proves that this product has a lower environmental impact compared to standard products in the industry.



All about responsible sourcing from forests – this one should only apply to bamboo toilet paper.

Just bear in mind that products without certifications are just that. Uncertified. It doesn’t mean they aren’t good products!

Most asked questions on eco-friendly toilet paper

Is toilet paper bad for the environment?

When it comes to the soft toilet paper (made from virgin woods) most people are using, the answer is a big yes, that toilet paper is bad for the environment. A sheet of toilet paper doesn’t live long… You pick it, use it, flush it.

But being a single-use product is not the only environmental issue with toilet paper. The main problem is its manufacturing process. It takes a huge amount of trees and water to produce toilet paper… entire forests are cut down (more than 27 000 trees a day).

And that softness and whiteness so often advertised… another issue! Tons of chemicals, such as chlorine, are used to get that small “luxury”. And where do these chemicals en up? In the local water sources, obviously.

But as you’ll see in this article, eco-friendly alternatives exist…

Which toilet paper is biodegradable?

In reality, all toilet paper options are biodegradable, even the ones that are considered bad for the environment. That’s because they are all made from natural materials.

The real question is “How fast will your toilet paper brand dissolve?”. Indeed, how fast toilet paper will take to decompose will depend on the material it is made of, the amount of water available and the thickness of the paper…

What is the most environmentally friendly toilet paper?

There are more and more options available when it comes to eco-friendly toilet paper. Thereby, you can check out our article for some of our favourite eco-toilet paper brands. But in any case, when shopping for eco-friendly toilet paper, here is what you should look for:
– What is the toilet paper made of? If it’s made from virgin wood pulp, run away. Instead, look for recycled materials and alternatives (fast-growing) fibres such as hemp, bamboo or sugar cane.
– Avoid plastic packaging and look for recyclable or biodegradable packaging instead
– Avoid toilet paper options using chlorine to bleach their paper in order to make it whiter and softer.

Is bamboo toilet paper eco-friendly?

Yes! Bamboo grows super fast, produces a lot of oxygen and can be sustainably harvested without killing the plant. Furthermore, it is entirely biodegradable like paper toilet roll. The biggest downside, however, is that bamboo grows in Asia and it’s quite a long journey to get to the UK. And as always, be careful of bleaching and chlorine.

Is recycled toilet paper safe?

BPA Got You Bummed Out? You might already know that in most eco toilet paper made from recycled paper, there are traces of BPA (that nasty chemical that’s been linked to cancer among other terrifying things).

So, is recycled toilet paper safe?
Well, the good news is that those traces of BPA are so small that they might as well not be there. In fact, you will absorb more BPA from touching your credit card receipts directly

And if you’re still concerned, don’t worry – there are plenty of plastic-free toilet paper options on our list.

Plus, toilet paper made from recycled paper is great for keeping waste out of the landfill and ensuring it decomposes properly. Paper (anything from newspapers to greetings cards) is stripped of ink, then moulded and dried into a toilet roll.

What can you use instead of toilet paper?

Family Cloth: One eco-friendly alternative to the traditional toilet paper is the cloth toilet paper, also known as “Family cloth”. It is a piece of cloth that fulfils the same role as a toilet paper, but it is washable, can be reused, and doesn’t get flushed away. If this option seems odd to you, and you can’t see yourself trying it, you can still opt for a bamboo toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper: it is becoming popular as it is much more sustainable than the wood pulp toilet paper. Bamboo grows faster and regenerates itself, in addition, bamboo can absorb up to 35% more carbon dioxide than other plants

Bidet: Using a bidet is a more efficient option than a regular toilet paper and has a smaller environmental impact. Besides, simply using water is actually more hygienic and cuts down on toilet paper used.

For more recommendations on how to have a more eco-friendly household, have a look at our super complete resource hub.

If you want to start creating a 100% eco bathroom, your next stop should be eco-friendly razors for men and women

By the way, do you have a baby? If yes, well first of all, congratulations!

Then what’s your eco-solution four your baby’s bum? Consider reusable nappies, landfills will thank you (and your baby too). 

Just like our best eco-friendly toilet paper options, they’ll all ship anywhere in the UK.

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