The 10 best vegan cookbooks available in the UK

Is the meatless era a dream coming true? It’s too early to say but what’s sure though, is that the best vegan cookbooks are more diverse and enjoyable than ever!

Some vegans are looking for simple, healthy meal recipes. Some people are trying it out for a while to see if they can go all in. And others just want to sneakily trick their carnivorous friends before the big reveal that the burger they just ate was meat-free…

Whether you are a vegan looking for some cooking inspiration or you just want to incorporate some vegan dishes in your diet, you are in the right place! 

Now there are hundreds, if not thousands of books on veganism, especially cookbooks. But we picked the 10 best vegan recipe books on Amazon UK, so you won’t have to dig through them all.

“Dirty Vegan” – Dirtylicious meat-free meals.


Matt Prichard is a heavily tattooed expert in creating vegan dishes that will satisfy anyone. Famous for being the ex-presenter of BBC’s show “Dirty Sanchez”, this guy can prepare flavourful meat-free meals for any occasion and at any time of day, from breakfast to dessert. 

Prichard’s recipes are fun and indulgent. It’s ideal for adventurous, bold vegan cooks and bakers at any level. 

And don’t worry, no tattoos are required; you don’t have to look like Matt to cook like him.

“Vegan One Pound Meals” – £1 per person, it’s all you need!


In 2017, Chef Miguel Barclay proved to us with his book “One Pound Meals” that £1 can go a long way in cooking

His first book rapidly became a bestseller and the Chef now comes back with the vegan version of that book. 

And with cost often being an obstacle in vegan cooking, saving money is a big deal. He’s done us a big favour by now offering one of the best vegan recipe books for those on a tight budget. 

It’s not all tofu, either. Enjoy a sweet potato falafel wrap or black bean “meatballs” vegan-style for a quid or less. 

A great UK vegan book for thrifty chefs and those they feed.

“Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy” – Healthy mom, healthy baby!


Pregnant women face additional challenges with vegan diets because if you’re not careful you may come up short on important vitamins and minerals. 

Fortunately, this vegan pregnancy book is not only a vegan cookbook, but also a guide on how to stay healthy. 

It gives you 50 nourishing meal recipes as well as expert advice on how to be sure both you and your new-born are healthy and not hungry. 

An excellent companion guide for the vegan mum-to-be.

Vegan Cookbook for Beginners – To get you started!


Looking for a vegan cookbook for beginners?

How about THE Vegan Cookbook for Beginners? This handy little one couldn’t be clearer.

You 150 recipes that get you on the path to healthy vegan eating. Along with the tasty recipes, you get general advice on vegan principles and lifestyle. You’ll have an easier transition and you sure won’t be sure of yummy dishes to eat.

No excuses – get started cooking vegan!

The Complete Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook – Vegan meals with no pressure


If you’re feeling pressure being a vegan, use it to cook… in a pressure cooker!

This ingenious cookbook has 101 whole food recipes that you can make with that single handy device.

You’ll double-up your skills by not only getting great with the pressure cooker, but by making convenient, colourful, and delicious plant-based meals.

The pictures are gorgeous as well.

This is a great vegan cookbook for those with limited space and/or time.

Vegan Bodybuilding Cookbook – For delicious meals full of vegan proteins!


It’s a common belief among those who pump iron that you need hundreds of grams of protein, ideally animal-based.

Well, sorry but that’s a load of rubbish (literally, for your body)!

There are scores of vegan bodybuilders who could wipe the floor with those who wear by their tonnes of chicken breast and dozen eggs.

This is not a lightweight book, it’s about macros, cutting, bulking, and maintaining. You can, or rather… you will get ripped with these plant-based vegan recipes for “gym rats”.

If you’re after the best vegan cookbook for bodybuilders, you probably found it.

The Green Macarons – Cheer up pastry lovers!


Pastries do not all require a basket of eggs and a few pounds of butter…

This book has the mission of being a vegan baking book that paves the way for a future of pastry bakers who can make delectable egg- and dairy-free desserts… that taste as good as they look.

Just look at that amazing cover!

With a nod to French style, you’ll soon be making macarons that inspire romance while letting cows in peace.

The 28-Day Vegan Plan – The best vegan cookbook for beginners


Another excellent beginner vegan cookbook, or one to get you restarted if you’ve fallen off the vegan wagon.

This is food writer and blogger Kim-Julie Hansen’s one-month plan designed to get you going on the vegan lifestyle. Along with day-by-day meal plans, you’ll get practical advice on becoming vegan.

It’s a great way to try out the lifestyle and maintain your motivation.

Then go back to day 1 (the black bean tacos definitely deserve a second try) or just pick up your next vegan recipe book.

Deliciously Ella – Approved by thousands of customers!


You can’t go wrong with the fastest selling vegan cookbook of all time.

This Sunday Times number-one bestselling cookbook is supremely comprehensive!

In addition to telling how she used veganism to make herself well, Ella offers over 100 colourful and satisfying dish recipes.

They range from veggie burgers and falafel to curries and stews or to vegan baking recipes such as cakes, muffins, and brownies.

It’s a treat for vegan cooks of all levels and tastes.

But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan!


Being vegan can be a solitary experience when the rest of the family doesn’t want to hear anything about it.

This family recipe book is geared toward convinced the whole family that vegan cooking doesn’t have to be hard and that they can replace standbys like cheese and bacon by other tasty ingredients.

In this vegan cookbook, you’ll find quick and easy recipes as well as recipes to satisfy big eaters.

It’ll crush the various objections within the household, believe us!

An indispensable vegan cookbook for convincing the relatives that vegan is wonderful, even for them.

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