Vegan Slip-on Pineapple Shoes


Product info:

Why are vegan shoes so ugly?

Trick question. They aren’t.

Alternatives to leather shoes are epic, especially when they’re made of vegan pineapple leather. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Handcrafted Slip-on Pineapple Shoes

These street style shoes are sleek, casual and perfect for battling onto the tube, through the pouring London rain, and running to and back from the office. They are perfect for any occasion, actually.

Strong? Check. Sustainable? Check. Waterproof lining? Check. Eco-friendly and handmade? Double check.

Portuguese artisans (real artisans, not underpaid labour workers) are busy in carefully picked eco-friendly factories making these shoes from sustainable fabrics in the most efficient, eco-ways possible.

Key Features:

  • 100% ethical vegan shoes, Vegan Society trademarked, and PETA approved.(epic women’s vegan shoes also available)!
  • Made entirely from organic materials including Pinatex, a natural and sustainable by-product of pineapple harvests.
  • Soft, strong, light, breathable and 10x more comfortable than leather!
  • Skater-inspired style for strutting in the street or to the nearest animal-cruelty-protest.

And, just in case we hadn’t won you over yet, they’re as cheap as eco-chips compared to leather!


No Cows Harmed in The Making of These Shoes

The primary material used to make the Pinatex shoes is, surprise surprise, pineapple. The leaves are used to create a sturdy, moldable fabric that can be made into all kinds of shoes, from comfortable dress shoes to vegan boots.

Ananas Anam (say it 10x fast) is the manufacturer of Pinatex. The Ananas leather is used by many eco-companies to make items from handbags to watch straps to shoes – we can’t express our excitement enough for this new material! The possibilities alone make us salivate…

The problem with real and fake leather (PVC) is that it’s an eco-nightmare. Some companies may try to sell you leather as a natural, biodegradable material. While that is true, it’s definitely not eco. Firstly, cows are not the best animal to farm due to the methane they produce – we certainly don’t want to encourage more cow breeding.

Next, the chemicals used to treat leather are not nice at all. The by-products of this treatment process leaches zinc, cyanide and dyes into the environment. And of course, when the leather or PVC biodegrades, the Earth is hit with another shot of chemical poison.

You don’t have to be vegan to see how leather is unhealthy.

About Bourgeois Boheme

Yes, they sound like a pompous “ooh la la” French boutique… but don’t be fooled. BB are eco pioneers. And hey, who said eco couldn’t be fashionable and a little bit pompous too?

They are redefining the perception of leather-free footwear with affordable shoes that are completely animal free.

Alicia, the ingenious podiatrist turned vegan business owner, started BB in 2005. 13 years later and BB has become one of the most well-known vegan shoe brands. Ever. Natalie Portman is a fan, and who doesn’t adore Natalie Portman?

There are 3 main driving forces behind BB: their love for animals, the environment and people (yes, you too). Alicia recognises that there’s no glass ceiling when it comes to being eco. She’ll always be striving to make her company just a bit more efficient, just a bit more eco-friendly and, of course, just a bit more comfy on your weary eco-feet.

Pineapple Fibre for Pinatex Shoes


The pineapple fibre (from the leaves, not the actual pineapple unfortunately) is superior to leather in many magnificent ways.

  1. It’s a by-product, so reduces waste.
  2. No animals are harmed.
  3. No chemicals used to treat the Pinatex (unlike leather, *cough cough* formaldehyde *cough cough*).
  4. Safer and easier for the artisans to work with.
  5. Comfortable and doesn’t need to be worn in.
  6. Undoubtedly biodegradable.
  7. Moulded into traditional styles (no ugly clogs in sight).

The lining of the Stevie Pinatex shoes is made from Bio-Polyoils – an unheard of but equally eco material. Not only is the CO2 emission level rock bottom for manufacturing this material, but it’s made entirely from grains and seeds.

When you think about it, you’re wearing pineapple sandwiches on your feet… You can’t not smile at that!

If you like pineapple leather, have a look at mushroom leather!

Enrich your heart and soles by purchasing the Pinatex shoes here!