Palm Leaf Laptop Case


Product info:

Still praying for a handcrafted laptop case completely free of plastic materials, that still protects your macbook (or other kind of laptop) and looks stylish at the same time?

Well, you ask and we deliver!

Over at Kantedecor, they were inspired by the Mayan handicrafts and traditions, and decided to incorporate this beautiful art into modern, everyday items; one of them being this 13” laptop sleeve. By using all natural materials and an ancient weaving technique, these modern items have a beautiful ethical look about them, while still being very useful in our everyday lives!

This palm leaf laptop case is everything you could have ever wanted. It is:

  • Completely handmade with sustainable materials
  • Equipped with unique shock-absorbing qualities
  • Light, thin, and durable thanks to the tough material used
  • Very stylish and ethical-looking with a rugged design
  • Available in different colors and patterns
  • Available for shipping to the UK
  • Suitable for most 13 inch laptops including macbook air, hp, argos, asus, targus, acer, kensington, toshiba, dell, lenovo
  • Both for men and for women

About Kantedecor


Since the founders of Kantedecor found their inspiration with the indigenous population of Mexico, it is only suitable that they chose a name from the region as well. Kante, meaning tree in one of the Mayan languages still spoken in Mexico, stands for everything we wish all companies would stand for: preservation of ancient cultures, the use of natural materials, close relationships with producers, and fair, dignified trade.

By promoting the weaving techniques from the ancient Maya, Kantedecor want to make sure these traditions don’t disappear. In Mexico, as in many parts of Central- and South America, ancient cultures are still very much alive amongst the modernization going on around them. More and more people will choose to buy a cheap t-shirt with a fancy brand on it rather than a locally hand-woven, quality piece of clothing. Because of this and the recent use of machines to make “traditional” clothing, weaving and other traditions are slowly disappearing from countries and cultures formed by them.

Isn’t it amazing that something simple as buying a computer case could help prevent this from happening?

Also, no less important:

Kantedecor believes that something coming from an ancient tradition definitely does not have to look old-fashioned or outdated! By using the ancient techniques that the Maya know so well to make items with modern, practical designs, we get the best of both worlds. Preserving and promoting ancient cultures and traditions, and owning a beautiful, durable, and natural product.

About the palm leaf


To make a laptop cover out of natural materials only that is actually durable, functional, and stylish, is not an easy task, nor is it one that a machine can do in a few seconds. The production of every single one of these palm leaf laptop cases can take up to three weeks!

The palm leaves used for this environmentally friendly laptop case are from the Puebla region in Mexico, were the tradition of weaving is very much alive still amongst the indigenous Maya. Although mostly used to make cloths and “huipiles” (the traditional blouses from the Maya), the weaving technique can be used to make almost anything, as long as the material is weavable!

To make the palm leaf suitable for weaving it has to be dried in the sun first. Once dry, the leaves are woven into large sheets, which are then died and softened again This softening with steam prevents that the palm leaves will become brittle and break later on.

The lining is made from cotton, and will be sown in after the steaming and softening. Once complete, the final details will be sown on and voilà, one unique laptop case is ready for you to use and enjoy!

Since these cases are all handmade and the materials are completely natural, every laptop sleeve will be unique in pattern and color. Which, if you ask us, just makes this item even cooler!

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