Recycled Canvas Womens Tote Bags

£ 47

Is your closet full of the skeletons of a dozen broken handbags? It doesn’t matter how pretty they are, they all end up the same. Ripped, broken, stained, soaked through with spilt drinks…

What if you could find a bag that combined super water-proof strength and chic designs?

Step this way ladies, recycled women’s tote bags from Barcelona are the way forward.

Women’s Tote-lly Recycled Bags

Recycled plastic, sustainable and eco-friendly bags have a bit of a reputation for being ungainly, ugly and very unfashionable.

But hold on.

We are very happy to report that the stereotype is finally being smashed by the goddesses at Vaho! Take a look at their Flora L, 100% recycled, 100% fashionable tote bags.

Key features:

  • Eco-friendly, fashionable tote bag – recycled materials taken from glorious, colourful Barcelona advertising art.
  • Tote bag recycled plastic is PVC coated fabric – water repellent, weather resistant and very strong!
  • Dimensions: 38 x 18 x 28cm, which is plenty of space for a small laptop and A4 folder for work, or travel essentials for day trips!
  • Black handles made from recycled car seat belts.
  • Black nylon lining with a secret zip pocket inside.
  • Totally handmade and each bag unique!

Unique, recycled, eco-friendly, made from some of the sturdiest fabrics available AND each bag is handmade. Etsy lovers, eat your hearts out.

Marketing Madness – Solved!

Barcelona bakes in 2,600 hours of sunshine a year… and is home to more advertising billboards than we can count.

From Saint Sebastià Beach to Gaudi’s Sagrada Família, the streets of Barcelona are lined with abstract art, advertising cultural events, concerts and art galleries. As lovely as these ads are, they are rarely visible for more than a month before they’re thrown away.

These advertisements are made of PVC coated fabric coated, to stop the sunny weather bleaching them. This coating means that, unfortunately, recycling them is a nightmare. Sooner or later, they end up in a landfill…

…unless Vaho save them. They’ve created a sustainable, eco-friendly business turning unwanted masterpieces into fashionable bags. They’re reducing waste and preserving fantastic art – what more could you want?

The recycled plastic tote bags are made from ads that are generously donated by the town halls, museums and events that make up the spirit of Barcelona.

For over 14 years, Vaho have been busy repurposing art so you can bring a drop of Barcelona sunshine to the UK!

Vaho – Clearing the Mist in Barcelona


Vaho, meaning mist or vapour, really are a breath of cool, fresh air! They reduce waste and create beautiful “trashion” statements by handpicking lost treasures from among the waste of progress and modernity in Barcelona.

Their canvas bags are very modern in design – they make recycled plastic tote bags fashionable in a brand-new way. So fashionable that you can use them for travel and for work, whether you’re heading for fashion-central Milan or an important London business meeting.

Yes, you read that right. Vaho have ensured that being eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on looking good. Finally!

They also have smaller, cuter tote bag recycled plastic designs and large messenger style bags – all handmade, of course. This brand is so zingy fresh, we just can’t get enough!

Sturdy Canvas for Bold Trashion Statements


We’re not through yet. There’s more.

Vaho bags are made from super-strength fabrics. If the hulk needed a man-bag, we’ve no doubt he would shop at Vaho.

The straps are made from car seat belts – fabric that can hold up to 3 metric tons without breaking a sweat. The base of the bag? Reinforced PVC for extra strength (as if the bag needs it!).

We know what you’re thinking. This bag is made entirely of fabrics and plastics that will never be recycled – how can this be eco-friendly?

Well, the average UK woman spends over £6,000 on handbags in a lifetime, equalling approximately 192 bags, all of which end up broken or lost in your closet. As there are currently over 33 million women in the UK, that’s a serious amount of waste – 6,336,000,000 bags in total.

Vaho women’s tote bags drops that figure to just 1 bag per person. A Vaho bag for life really is a bag for life.

If you’re ready to save £6,000 and the planet by reducing your fashion-bag-footprint, click here to buy a tote bag from Vaho.