Recycled Polyester Fleece Pullover


Product info:

If, like us, you are an outdoorsy kind of person, you are most probably facing the same dilemma as we are (or, were). You love nature, being outside, being active – maybe you surf, hike, climb, swim… Whichever one it is, at some point you have come face to face with the equipment necessary to practice your sport of choice; equipment, made almost exclusively out of one single material: plastic.

Tun tun tuuuuun….

We know, it’s a never-ending, chronically recurring nightmare. There you are, trying to enjoy the view of a mountain or floating happily around in the ocean waves… Wrapped in plastic, the number one threat to that ocean and that mountain, the animals and people living in, on, or near it, and the rest of our world. Not how you pictured your serene moments with nature!

So, what do you do?

You search for a sustainable alternative!

It’s kind of cold on those mountain tops, and without some kind of fleece pullover you might actually freeze… So just buying a hemp sweater might not be the best choice here. Luckily, we found a company for you that will give you your fleece pullover (with pockets!), without the guilt trip. This recycled polyester fleece pullover uses only recycled polyester, and it is comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly, and available in the UK. Some other things we love about it include:

  • The kangaroo-style hand warmer pocket
  • The stand-up collar (to keep you cosy in those icy winds)
  • The anti-pilling finish (bye-bye biggest fleece struggle!)
  • The half-zip (for those sweaty moments)
  • The wide array of colours available (red, black, navy blue, and grey)
  • The fact that it is fair-trade certified
  • The pockets (we already said that… But they’re worth mentioning twice)


So, without further ado, let’s dive into the cosiness that is this recycled polyester fleece pullover from Patagonia.

About Patagonia


When we approach a new brand or product that seems to be sustainable, we do so sceptically. After all, with all of us becoming more conscious about our personal impacts on the world, and a rapidly-growing wish to make green choices, many a company uses our goodwill against us…

But, not Patagonia. It took us just a couple of minutes of browsing to be convinced of the heroically great efforts of this company to make their enterprise a sustainable one… Here’s how:

–          The use of sustainable materials.

Besides recycled polyester, products from Patagonia might include organic cotton, hemp, a mix of recycled wood and cotton scraps, and reclaimed cotton.

–          The development (or adoption) of innovative eco-friendly technologies.

Scared of stinky clothes after climbing? If your shirt was made with the polygiene technique used over at Patagonia, send those worries away with the mountain breeze. Don’t want to ruin your eco-friendly, recycled jacket with chemical colouring? Just opt for one that used plant-based dies – easily found in the Patagonia web shop.

–          A dedication to fair trade.

These people pay their hard-working staff; from cotton collector to fleece pullover sewer: they all get paid. That’s how it should be!

–          The genuine involvement in the fight to stop harming our planet.

Protests, regular donations to environmental grass root organisations, a constant striving to lessen their environmental impact, etc., etc. We know, they really seem to have thought of everything…

About the recycled polyester

Now that we’re all on the same line when it comes to trusting the company, let’s get into that pullover!

Patagonia was the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to come up with a recycled polyester fleece product, and we’re glad they did. This fleece doesn’t use petroleum unnecessarily; instead it is made mostly from Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic bottles. This not only saves resources, it also helps keep some junk out of the already endless waste stream.

After tweaking and perfecting this technology bit by bit, Patagonia is now able to also recycle unusable manufacturing waste and worn-out clothing into polyester fibres.

Understanding the wish for fleece pullovers on chilly mountain tops aside, we like to stay critical, and recycling still does use quite some resources and produces waste. And of course, you are still wrapping yourself in plastic. Recycled, yes, but therefore not less sketc  hy when it comes to health concerns.

So, although opting for a recycling fleece product is most definitely a step in the right direction, we do encourage you to buy clothing made from sustainable, natural materials whenever possible. Patagonia has a lot of options that are (at least partly) made from organic cotton, recycled wool, and even recycled wood, so go ahead and have a look at those too while you’re browsing the web shop!

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