Trash Talk: Your Guide to Biodegradable and Compostable Bin Bags

We’ve ditched plastic supermarket shopping bags. We’re saying no to plastic packaging in our deliveries. Isn’t it about time we tackled the jumbo roll of plastic trash bags under the sink?

You’ve gone to so much effort to cut down on waste and plastic use. Don’t throw it all away! At least, not in a plastic bag. Check out compostable trash bags instead.

First though, we should really clear up what biodegradable and compostable really mean.

Biodegradable bin liner – will degrade into smaller particles over time, but not necessarily a short time! Technically, plastic will biodegrade… eventually. Eco-friendly bin liners labelled ‘biodegradable’ should biodegrade into non-harmful materials in about 3 to 6 months. If it’s made entirely from cornstarch, you know you’re onto a winner. If it’s made from a mix of recycled and other materials, be wary.

Compostable bin liner – will break down completely into non-toxic materials, but not necessarily in your home compost heap. Some compostable bin liners will only compost in a specific, controlled environment, like an industrial composting facility that your council uses. If you want to compost at home, you need to look for compatible bags (we have a few on our list).

All these bin liners will ship to anywhere in the UK and are just the right size for your council-issued food waste bin or larger!

Green Maker Compostable Bin Liners for Your Food Waste Bin


Designed for the food waste bin (although possibilities are endless) these garbage bags are made entirely from cornstarch. Without any biodegradable recycled plastic elements, these bags are 100% good for the earth they decompose in!

We love it because: possibilities really are endless. As these bin liners are both strong and waterproof (before they start to compost), you can even use them for picking up dog poop.

Biodegradable Bin Bags and Packaging for Zero Plastic Pollution


Green Walker offer food caddy or office bin sized liners in larger sizes than most. We love that they’re packaged in a recyclable carton. As strange as it sounds, we’ve seen far too many eco-bin liners sold in plastic wrapping.

We love it because: 10 litre sized rubbish bags allow you to throw away more with less bag waste. Dispose of more trash responsibly with fewer Amazon deliveries too. Win win.

Biodegradable Bin Liners Ideal for Avoiding Mess


Solution Green made our shortlist by offering biodegradable bin liners in 6 litre sizes. This is slightly too big for your standard kitchen food waste bin… which works in your favour! The top of the bin liner will roll down, so you can easily grip the clean part of the bin liner when it comes to taking out the trash.

We love it because: Solution Green is a British family business. They use plastic-free materials and pay their taxes to contribute to our beautiful country! Do bin liner companies from abroad?

EN Certified Compostable Mini Biodegradable Bin Bags!


The 5 litre size is just right for your council provided grey food bin! The Caddy Company’s biodegradable bin liners are ideal for those that want to compost their food waste at home as well.

We love it because: these bags start composting fast and are great for households that empty bins quickly, or compost food waste themselves. You can see the magic happening!

Even Larger Garbage Bags for Composting!


Hold up! At first glance, these bags look the same as all the rest. But read the description and you’ll realise that these plastic trash bag alternatives hold 5 gallons, which is equivalent to 22 (and a bit) litres. If you need large biodegradable bin bags for more than just the food bin, you’ve hit the jackpot here.

We love it because: Bamyko bin bags can be used for the office waste bin or just collecting garden waste. They’re also quite thick so if you usually double up your food waste bin liner, you can cut down.

ECO WAVE for The Usual Waste Disposal Route


We’ve focused a lot of home composting so far, but you’ll be glad to hear that ECO WAVE’s compostable bin liners are certified as suitable for industrial plants. When you just don’t have the means to compost your own waste, it’s good to know that you’re still doing your bit for the environment!

We love it because: ECO WAVE plant trees when they sell their trash bags and they dispatch said bags in sturdy cardboard boxes, so the bags won’t be damaged and the packaging can be reused and recycled.

The Original BioBags from All-Green


All-Green’s 6 litre compostable bin bags are cheaper than other brands (and thinner, we won’t deny it) but still have the EN 13432 certification. This goes to show that they’re compatible for home composters and are approved by many local authorities for food waste recycling schemes.

We love it because: you can’t keep these bags stored for over 18 months as they’ll start to decompose! But don’t worry if they do. We love that we can just chuck any old bin bags on the compost heap and forget about them.

Plastic Trash Bag Alternatives… for Your Car!


Okay, technically this one isn’t compostable, but it does count towards your zero waste lifestyle! On your next long car trip, instead of stuffing your waste in a supermarket carrier bag – or worse, a soon-to-split black bin bag – make sure you take one of these car ‘trash cans’. HandmadeByNabara is a dedicated Etsy store with many of these epic upcycled fabric car bin bags (so don’t feel disappointed if this design sells out).

We love it because: the inner lining is made with waterproof canvas, so you can just wipe it clean with a cloth to remove any smells or odours in the bag.

All-Green but BIGGER – 50 Litre Rubbish Bags


Yes, we know. They arrive wrapped in plastic. But compared to buying bin liners that are wrapped in plastic AND made of plastic, it’s still a great eco-step. These 50 litre compostable bin bags are great for general waste as well as food waste. Just don’t waste them!

We love it because: a composting guide is included with your order, with tips and advice from All-Green to help you compost your waste better using their eco-friendly bin liners.

We’re Wheelie Excited for These Giant Paper Bin Liners!


You’ve reached the last trash bag on our list. The giant. The daddy. The one you should kneel down and worship. Okay, not really. But you should still be impressed! These 240 litre capacity paper composting bags are designed to fit inside your wheelie bin without letting nasty smells and liquids mulch them down too quickly. Whether you’re finally clearing out the garden or just hosting a super large party, sometimes you need a bigger bag.

We love it because: these All-Green bin liners are made with paper from sustainable sources, not hardwood trees. They’re great to hold excess grass clippings and tree trimmings when your green bin gets full.

If you haven’t gotten down and dirty with our eco-friendly bin bag list, don’t worry, there’s still time to find great ways to eco-up your home and get in a few cheesy puns too!

Speaking of eco-friendly waste disposal, have you read our guide to recycled toilet paper?

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