10 Best Natural Deodorants

Welcome to our list of the 10 best plastic-free and natural deodorants. If you haven’t made the switch to an eco-friendly deodorant yet, our guide will help you find the perfect one.

We use deodorant daily on our skin, so we need it to be safe for our bodies and our environment. If you haven’t made the switch to an eco-friendly deodorant yet, our guide will help you find the perfect one. An organic deodorant that is good for you – and for our planet!

You can choose from a range of textures, scents, and packaging and even support humanitarian causes with your purchase of one of these natural deodorants. All of the earth conscious products listed below are available on Amazon or Etsy, delivered to the United Kingdom.

PureChimp Natural Deodorant Balm


What makes it unique?

PureChimp’s Natural Deodorant Balm uses charcoal and arrowroot to help prevent odours while coconut oil protects your skin. It even contains banana extract for a delightful smell – along with shea butter and sodium bicarbonate to keep you fresh. Aluminium-free, PureChimp’s deodorant balm is packaged in the United Kingdom in containers made of recycled glass.


This deodorant is all-natural – vegan, paraben-free, alcohol-free, and palm oil-free. It also contains zero substances known to irritate skin allergies so it’s a good option if you have sensitive skin.

About PureChimp

PureChimp produces natural beauty products as well as matcha supplied from Japan. This UK-based company is a living wage employer and donates 5% of its profits to Save the Chimps. So, you can easily contribute to saving chimpanzees through your purchase of this necessity. PureChimp abides by four morals: “Be Helpful, Be Natural, Be Environmentally-Friendly, and Have Fun.” Get in on the action by trying out their deodorant balm today!

PureChimp also offers solid shampoo bars that are 100% natural, vegan-friendly and is not tested on animals. Check it out on our top 10 natural and vegan shampoo bars.

Natural Deodorant Stick by Your Nature

What makes it unique?

With scents such as Lavender & Bergamot and Lemongrass & Tea Tree, Your Nature’s natural deodorants are enticing. Besides they are handmade in the UK and made of 100% natural ingredients including shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, and Vitamin E.

Additionally, they resemble “regular” deodorant in its tube shape – for a smooth transition those trying out an all-natural deodorant for the first time. If you prefer a fragrance free deodorant, you can choose an unscented version.


Aside from the all-natural ingredients, these vegan deodorants will arrive in 100% recyclable packaging, plastic-free. The deodorants will store for up to two years if kept in a cool dark location.

About Your Nature

Your Nature’s motto is “Vegan and Earth-friendly deodorant with zero plastic.” Based in Bristol, Your Nature never tests its products on animals and doesn’t use non-recyclable packaging or shipping materials. What’s not to like? Currently, deodorant is the only product on offer – we hope they will expand their offerings soon!

Natural Vegan Deodorant Balm by Battle Green

What makes it unique?

It takes just a pea-sized amount of this balm deodorant to protect you for the whole day. You can choose from three fresh scents – Lavender and Tea Tree, Orange and Patchouli and Grapefruit and Mint.


Using essential oils, soy wax, sodium bicarbonate and shea butter, these vegan, all natural deodorants are PETA certified as cruelty-free.

The tin that the balm comes in can be reused and all shipping materials are biodegradable – no plastic! The balm is free of aluminium, parabens and other harmful materials.

About Battle Green

Based in Caernarfon, Wales, Battle Green produces eco-friendly toiletries, including bamboo toothbrushes, organic shampoos and conditioners, and even reusable menstrual pads. The company prides itself as offering “zero-waste, eco-friendly products” which are available on Etsy. They also sell reusable cotton gift wrap and mesh produce bags.

All Natural Deodorant by Organic Beauty Junkie


What makes it unique?

This deodorant has a simple formula – sodium bicarbonate, coconut oil, cocoa butter and arrowroot powder. This is a great chemical-free option for those venturing into the all-natural deodorant world!

While this particular version is a fragrance-free deodorant, there are additional scented options such as Orange, Orange Vanilla, Coffee Vanilla, Lavender and Hazelnut. Scented versions contain essential oils.


All the ingredients are organic and thus free of harmful parabens and aluminum. There’s no mention of the packaging’s eco-friendliness, but read on to find another reason to try this deodorant!

About Organic Beauty Junkie

Organic Beauty Junkie is the Etsy shop of Maryann Gallagher, who is based in Massachusetts in the United States. In addition to all natural deodorant, Organic Beauty Junkies offers lip balms, bath bombs, and body lotion – even a body butter.

Maryann says that her Etsy shop allows her to work at her own pace as she has a physical disability. Her dream is to one day employ others with physical disabilities. Support her and her dream by trying one of Organic Beauty Junkie’s deodorants today!

Juniper and Balsam Deodorant by Green Earth Naturals

What makes it unique?

Made in small batches and packaged in a tube shape form, this deodorant contains all-natural, vegan ingredients with essential oils for fragrance. It contains more diverse ingredients that some of the other all-natural deodorants featured on our list, including sunflower oil and zinc oxide.

Additional scents include Lavender and Pink Grapefruit. Even better, you can use only one deodorant tube for at least three months!


The deodorant is packaged in biodegradable, reusable paperboard, avoiding plastics altogether. Most of its ingredients are also certified organic, including cocoa and shea butter and coconut, sunflower and castor oils.

Green Earth Naturals tests its products only on willing (and probably very happy!) human volunteers.

About Green Earth Naturals

Green Earth Naturals is a family business based in rural Virginia in the United States. The owners were inspired to search for and create all-natural products after the birth of their first child. They did not want to expose their little one to harmful chemicals, so they searched for adequate products and eventually created their own line.

Green Earth Naturals’ understanding of women’s needs means they also offer products for new and expecting moms – from pregnancy oil to postpartum healing balm.

Moon Goo Natural Deodorant by Awake Organics

What makes it unique?

In a Lavender and Rosemary scent, this eco-deodorant checks all the boxes – plastic free, cruelty free, and made with organic ingredients. It also includes a few unique ingredients – beeswax, olive oil, and lemongrass.


In addition to its organic composition, this earth conscious deodorant comes in a reusable tin. And there are no mineral oils, parabens or aluminum in Moon Goo.

About Awake Organics

Awake Organics is an English company whose products are sold in stores including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. It markets itself as a “Zero Waste Skin Care” company and offers other products like vegan shampoo and skin serums.

Awake Organics offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with Moon Goo. If you’re feeling nervous about trying out a new natural deodorant, this is a perfect first choice!

Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant Stick


What makes it unique?

This marine-themed company offers stick and tin natural deodorants in a wide variety of scents as well as a fragrance free form. Plus, their “We love your pits” and “No nasties” slogans are sure to make you smile.


Made in small batches, the stick deodorants come in all natural biodegradable packaging and are plastic free. The tins are made from recyclable aluminum, so if you’re looking to avoid aluminum, you have the stick option.

About Earth Conscious

Shop and support our oceans at the same time! 10p of each purchase goes to the UK charity Marine Conservation Society. Earth Conscious’ natural products are made on the Isle of Wight in the UK. In addition to organic deodorants, they offer an all natural baby balm.

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant


What makes it unique?

Seven fun scents, including Persian Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Indian Mandarine, mean you have a lot to choose from – there are even several “sensitive” scents. The ingredient list is longer than other brands – if you’re interested, you can find the list here.


Ben & Anna’s deodorants are cruelty free, aluminium free and vegan. Additionally, they are packaged in FSC-certified paper, so you can rest assured you are not harming the environment with your purchase.

About Ben & Anna

This brand based in Germany is the brainchild of a couple named, you guessed it, Ben and Anna. They post frequently to a blog, documenting interesting travels as well as their support of the German charity One Earth – One Ocean. Ben & Anna also offers toothpaste and tooth powder, to support your search for earth conscious dental care as well.

Also, have a look to our guide to the best plastic free toothpaste in the UK!

Citrus Mint Deodorant by Green + Lovely


What makes it unique?

This eco-friendly deodorant is probiotic. Unlike most of the other deodorants on our list, it does not contain sodium bicarbonate (it contains magnesium). Another difference is the cream is drier and more powder-like.

The Citrus Mint scent includes spearmint, bergamot, and grapefruit essential oils. Plus the packaging of this deodorant, and all of their products, is really eye-catching.


Green + Lovely’s slogan is “Pure plant-based organic skincare”. The company uses vegan and organic ingredients whenever possible. And they never test on animals. As the owner says, “Think of our products like the clean eating philosophy, but for your skin.”

About Green + Lovely

Founded in 2012 by a woman with a background in nutrition and food science, Green + Lovely is based in Charleston, South Carolina. It offers a large range of products for women and for babies on Etsy. The best part is that Green + Lovely donates a portion of all its proceeds to help fund domestic adoptions.

Spearmint Deodorant Balm by Aquarian Bath


What makes it unique?

This vegan deodorant’s claim to fame is that it is featured in the book Plastic Free by Beth Terry. Pretty cool, right?

Ingredients include organic cocoa butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, arrowroot powder, sodium bicarbonate, and Vitamin E.


Aquarian Bath products do not contain synthetic ingredients or palm oil. Additionally, your vegan deodorant will ship with minimal packaging and no plastic. The company does not test on animals and is free of aluminum.

About Aquarian Bath

Based in Florida, Aquarian Bath says it is “an herbalist owned small business” – and we like the sound of that! The company has been selling products on Etsy since 2008. Also offering shampoos and soaps, the shop even has more unique chemical-free products, such as mosquito repellent and a large variety of herbal pillows. So when you purchase your deodorant, you can pick out a few gifts as well!

If you are looking for more eco-friendly beauty products to take care of yourself while protecting the environment, check out our guide to the best organic body lotions.

All products are available in the UK!

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