Best Organic Conditioners in the UK

Don’t we all love the feeling of soft and healthy hair? So why not say “STOP” to these full of chemicals conditioners and switch to a natural and organic conditioner. Your hair deserves the best!

It all starts with a good organic shampoo coupled by a natural conditioner, then some oil here and styling there and you reign. Today is all about the best natural conditioners your hair deserves, now that you have the best natural shampoo bars to use. 

In a market flooding with hair care products, each promising to give your hair the service it deserves, and we know how challenging it can get to find a natural hair conditioner.

You might ask yourself what ingredients you should look for? How beneficial are these ingredients for your hair? And what should you avoid? No worries, we have answered all these questions for you and have hand-picked the best natural hair conditioners available in the UK.

So, let’s dive in!

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Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Conditioners

Shopping for organic hair products will turn you into a label reader, even if you do not like it. Not every company is using organic ingredients in their products as they claim during a marketing team. To beat them at this game, watch out for the below ingredients in the labels and avoid them at all costs:


A regular conditioner will have SLES and SLS to help it get foamy. These include sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium Laureth sulphate, anhydrous sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium lauryl ether sulphate and uranium. Too many chemicals, right? 

While we all love a conditioner that is foamy, the side effects on the environment and your body are adverse. Sulphates cause irritation to the skin and eyes, and SLES has 1,4-dioxane, a substance that is believed to cause cancer. 

When these salts find their way from the drainage system of your home to the water bodies, the toxins pause danger to aquatic life. These salts are also not biodegradable, thus staying in the soil for years and even decades.

Finally, these products undergo testing on animals to determine the level of irritation on people’s eyes, skin and lungs. 


These help in emulsifying a product and enhancing the conditioner’s foam. The most common ethanolamines in conditioners are diethanolamine, triethanolamine, and monoethanolamine. 

One of the problems with these is that they cause skin irritation and inflammation. Once you mix these with other cosmetic ingredients, they tend to form carcinogenic compounds, which cause cancer and affect the reproductive systems. 


Regular hair conditioners will promise to give you hair some shine and make it silky, but at what cost? Once you wash it, your hair becomes dryer than ever. Additionally, your scalps will have sebum, which leads to irritation, itchy scalp or flakes. 

There really is no winning with this one! So, avoid any hair conditioners with Cyclomethicone, dimethicone, and Amodimethicone on the label. 

Non-organic preservatives 

No one wants to be buying hair products every week. But the synthetic preservatives have parabens that help the product stay for long without going bad, and trust us, you don’t want these in your conditioner.

However, it is believed that parabens mimic hormones in the human body, especially estrogen, and find their way into breast tissues, thus causing breast cancer. Also, parabens have the potential to cause fertility problems and lead to fetal impairment. 

Non-organic fragrance 

You might want a hair conditioner with your favourite scent, like rose, lavender, coconut, or peppermint, among others. Regular conditioners use synthetic fragrances or perfume to give you this, which increases the chances of getting skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions, disruption of your hormones, dizziness and sometimes a headache. 

When you go shopping for an organic hair conditioner next time, ensure its fragrance does not include ingredients like DBP, DEP, and BBP. 

What to look for in an organic hair conditioner? 

Organic aloe vera

Aloe vera has proteolytic enzymes that help in repairing dead skin cells on your scalp. It also helps in reducing irritation and itchiness on the scalp, reducing dandruff, and enhancing hair growth. 

Coconut oil

It has vitamins and fatty acids, and the lauric acid is easily absorbed into the deep shafts of your hair. Due to this, your hair will get naturally moisturized, and add more softness, lustre and shine. 

Argan oil 

Argan oil is a perfect natural ingredient for moisturizing hair due to an abundance in fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acids. It also has Vitamin E that helps in preventing dryness on the hair and scalp by providing a layer of natural fats. Argan oil is also a perfect agent for reducing dizziness in your hair and naturally boosting its shine. 

Organic jojoba oil 

Jojoba oil came into the limelight at the right time to save sperm whales from extinction while still getting superior components for cosmetic products. It is rich in minerals, Zinc, Copper and vitamins like Vitamin B, C and E. All these help in moisturizing hair and the scalp, strengthening hair, reducing dandruff and promoting the thickness of the hair. 

Top Organic Hair Conditioners 2020

For Damaged Hair: Coconut Milk Conditioner by OGX


The answer to your dry and damaged hair lies in this conditioner by OGX. After using their organic shampoo, go ahead and give your hair some love with this sweet coconut milk scent. It is SLS free, with natural ingredients like coconut milk, coconut oil and whipped egg white. 

Egg white and coconut oil help in repairing damaged hair and reversing hair loss. These two ingredients also strengthen hair and fight off dandruff. Coconut milk, on the other hand, is high in proteins and vitamins that help restore dry scalp and hair and slow hair loss. 

We love it because: it gives you a chance to restore damaged hair as well as slow down hair loss, and give your hair a natural shine and a subtle coconut scent, all naturally. 

For Dry Hair: Vegan Hair Conditioner by Maui Moisture

We will not lie, the packaging for this is very eye-catching. But so are the ingredients! First, this is a vegan friendly conditioner with no parabens, SLS, mineral oils, or synthetic dyes. It is also one of the best silicone free conditioners in the UK. Its natural ingredients nourish your hair leaving it smooth, hydrated and untangled. 

It has mango butter, guava extract, aloe vera, and coconut water and milk. Mango butter is perfect for regenerating cells and restoring your hair strands elasticity. Guava extract is rich in vitamin B and C that help in nourishing hair follicles and enhancing hair growth. 

We love it because: the main ingredients are plant-based ingredients, with aloe vera leading the pack to prevent an itchy scalp, reduce dandruff and promote hair growth.  

For Sensitive Scalp: Natural Hair Conditioner by Galina’s Naturals 


If you have sensitive skin and scalp, Galina’s Naturals has the best conditioner for you. All products are natural and plant based, each with benefit to your hair. Among these ingredients are argan oil that prevents dandruff, camellia oil that restores the natural sheen, chamomile extracts and green tea, which strengthens hair and gives it a natural shine. 

It is an excellent choice for vegans. There are no parabens, SLS, SLES or phthalates. If you have allergic reactions, it is also a good choice since there are no artificial fragrances.

We love it because: apart from all ingredients being plant based, it is a plastic free conditioner and fully biodegradable. 

For Sensitive Hair & Scalp: Bar Conditioner by Funky Soap London


Not all conditioners are in liquid-form; some are in solid-form and work like magic. If you have sensitive hair and scalp and are looking for a vegan product, give this solid conditioner made in London a try. It is hand-made with natural ingredients and free fromharsh chemicals like SLS, parabens and dyes. Its natural ingredients include argan oil, avocado oil, and jojoba oil.

In fact, avocado oil is one of the few oils that manage to penetrate to the hair shaft, moisturizing and strengthening your hair, and preventing any breakage. Argan oil will help fight dandruff and create a hair mask to help with damaged hair. 

We love it because; it is a vegan-friendly conditioner with natural ingredients, especially avocado oil. It is also fragrance-free, making it ideal for anyone with allergies. 

For Globetrotter: Delicate Rose Conditioner by Cherry Tree Naturals UK 


Among other challenges for an Eco traveler, one is finding a natural product that suits you, especially when it comes to hair care. Cherry Tree Naturals has every Eco globetrotter covered in a neat and natural hair conditioner. All its ingredients are plant based, and aim towards untangling your hair, leaving it soft, shiny and moisturised. 

There is BTMS-25, which comes from rapeseed oil and moisturises hair. Organic jojoba oil enhances the thickness and strength of your hair. There is a natural silicone that gives your hair a fantastic shine for your in this conditioner, thanks to the broccoli seed oil.

We love it because; it is a compact conditioner, easy to pack, that you can rely on during your travel. It also comes in unscented or rosemary lavender flavour.  

For Oily Hair: Peppermint Conditioner Bar by Root Natural Soap 

While this is an excellent choice for people with oily hair, it also works perfectly on normal hair type and a sensitive scalp. It has natural ingredients like wheat germ oil, extra virgin olive oil and cocoa butter. Wheat germ oil reduces dryness and naturally softens hair while cocoa butter gives your hair a natural shine. The olive oil will protect your hair from strong sun rays. 

Perhaps the most interesting ingredient here is peppermint oil, an excellent vasodilator to have in your hair care product. It prevents hair loss and enhances hair growth. Apart from giving your scalp a tingly yet delicious cool sensation, your hair will get a refreshing scent.

We love it because; it is 100% vegan, uses plant-based essential oils and to reduce plastics in the environment comes all naked – no packaging.  

For dry and damaged hair: Natural Hydrating Conditioner by Sukin 

If you are suffering from dry and damaged hair, there is an array of options for you. Sukin gives us a hydrating conditioner that is all natural. There are no minerals, sulphates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes for colour. Also, it is 100% with no animal derivatives. 

Every natural ingredient is specifically chosen. Shea butter, sesame oil and coconut oil and excellent natural hair moisturisers. If your hair is looking dull, this conditioner has Vitamin E and olive oil to give it that natural lustre it needs. 

We love it because; it is 100% vegan with plant-based ingredients to help repair, restore and moisturize damaged hair 

For Normal Hair; Hemp & Meadowfoam Conditioner by Faith in Nature 

Many people might think that normal hair type is easy to care for and manage. While you might not have issues with dandruff or a sensitive scalp, the wrong hair products will do your hair more injustice than you can stomach. That is why we are recommending Faith in Nature’s conditioner, which is 100% vegan. Also, there are toxic chemicals like SLS, parabens. It has some interesting yet beneficial ingredients. 

Hemp oil and ginger will enhance hair growth, and the latter also helps in strengthening hair stranda. Meadowfoam is an antioxidant that will soothe your scalp and naturally moisturize your hair.   

We love it because; all its plant based ingredients are wildly and sustainably harvested. It has plant-based essential oils from citrus fruit and lemongrass giving it an exotic tropical scent.

Best conditioner for Curly Hair: Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner by Shea Moisture 

Thick and curly hair can be challenging to manage, but with the right conditioner everything is easy-peasy. This conditioner has natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil that penetrate the hair right to the scalp regardless of how thick your hair is. Carrot seed oil will help your hair remain thick and strong while neem oil seals hair follicles, conditions your scalp and reduces dandruff. 

If your hair has curls, this conditioner will retain them while still taming any frizzy strands and edges. Your hair will also get healthy and natural moisture and shine. 

We love it because: all natural curls remain in your hair, while still giving it more thickness, moisture and shine from natural ingredients. 

For Curly Hair: Raspberry Conditioner Bar by The Stuff I love UK

If you are looking for the best natural conditioner for curly hair, this handmade conditioner bar is a perfect choice. It is packed with plant based ingredients like hemp, argan, cocoa and shea butter oil. Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce irritation and redness on the scalp, making this a perfect choice for anyone with dry and sensitive scalp. 

Hemp oil has gained massive airtime over the last decade. When used on hair, it stimulates hair growth thanks to the Omega and fatty acids it packs. It has raspberry essential oils for an earthy but sweet fragrance. 

We love it because: it comes in an aluminum container packaging that is environment-friendly and recyclable. 

We know that shopping for an organic hair conditioner is challenging, but with the above tips and recommendations, you are getting closer to having healthy hair courtesy of organic conditioners.

All of the products are available in the UK, most of them ship for free!

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