Best Reusable Nappies for Happy, Clean Babies

When searching for the best cloth nappies and washable nappies, it’s easy for your baby brain to get distracted by cute animal prints and colours instead of the fabric type, eco-impact and size.

Let’s dive right into it:

Our selection of the best reusable nappies


Our reusable nappies reviews (all of which are available in the UK) cut down your search to only the high-quality, long-lasting nappies for your baby.

Together we can reduce the 3 billion nappies sent to landfill per year in the UK!

You may have questions, like “How many nappies do I need?”, or “How to clean them?”. 

Don’t worry, this article ends with a short guide to help you.

Reusable nappies require many icky moments moving dirty nappies into the washing machine. But they’re worth it and our guide will convince you!

Let’s kick off the list…

Every product on this list is available in the UK.

Cute Reusable Nappies from Bambino Mio


The Bambino Mio reusable nappies starter kit has everything you need to start your bubbas early on the eco lifestyle. 8 miosolo all-in-one nappies, liners, cleansers and laundry basket is included! Plus the designs are adorable.

We love it because: the reusable nappies are one-size-fits-all with adjustable poppers. You can reuse these from those first days right up to potty training!

Tots Bots Reusable Nappies Made from Bamboo!


These balloon-themed bamboo reusable nappies are the perfect birthday suit for first birthdays! Hey, if bamboo is good enough to wipe your bum with (check out the top eco-friendly toilet papers) then it’s good enough for nappies.

We love it because: it’s made in the UK and has an oekotex certification proving that no harmful chemicals are in contact with your baby’s skin.

Littles & Bloomz Cuddly Cloth Nappies


These washable nappies are pocket style, so you can slip in reusable liners instead of washing the whole nappy every time! Yes, they are packaged in plastic, but the tonnes of disposable nappies you’ll save outweighs that little oversight.

We love it because: the lining is bamboo and charcoal with a microfibre core, which is not only highly absorbent but also deodorising and bacteria-resistant!

Lictin Fruity Cloth Diapers – It’s Never Too Early to Promote Healthy Eating!


Ok, we’ll start with a disclaimer. These baby cloth nappies are lined with suede, which isn’t a vegan material. But it is ultra-soft for your baby and is a perfect reusable fabric that won’t get fuzzy like cotton or polyester. For the long-term, it’s a great material!

We love it because: the colourful fruit prints can make trying new fresh foods simpler and more familiar when they reach the fussy toddler stage!

Reusable Nappies Amazon Recommends


The cheap reusable nappies option from Amazon are 100% cotton and machine washable! No plastic poppers, too-tight elastic or PUC waterproof lining. You will need to master the art of tie-on nappies though!

We love it because: no chemical colour dyes are used, plus you’ll be able to see quickly when those nappies are being put to good use!

Set Sail with Teamoy Reusable Swim Nappies


Best washable nappies for paddling bubbas! Teamoy’s swim nappies don’t need additional linings or special care – just put them on, let them splash all day long, then put them in the washing machine.

We love it because: the waterproof PUL coating isn’t biodegradable, but it is the most eco of many waterproofing treatments. Only a very thin layer is needed for complete waterproofing, meaning less non-biodegradable material is used.

PiccolOrganic’s Natural Material Absorbs More Than Bamboo


These organic reusable nappies are made with organic certified cotton and hemp – a combination that is more absorbent than even bamboo. PiccolOrganic ensure their plant-based fabrics are so good for the environment that none are grown with pesticides!

We love it because: unlike many reusable nappies, the inside isn’t chemically bleached to make it soft and white. This makes it entirely hypoallergenic and better for your baby’s skin.

Handmade Newborn Reusable Nappies


MumsSewCrazy makes the best reusable nappies for newborns. They’re tailored to comfortably hug the belly, being adjustable for both chunky legs and chicken legs to grow with your bubba.

We love it because: it’s handmade in the UK with a double layer of hemp that can match the absorbency of disposable nappies.

Reusable Nappies for Toddlers Training


These washable nappies are deliberately less absorbent as they should be. Wait, what? Yep, SewnDownPurpleLane makes these pull-up nappies for toddlers who are potty training so they learn not to wet themselves!

We love it because: the Etsy store owner can custom-make these in different sizes for taller/shorter toddlers, ensuring you get maximum use out of them.

The reusable guide to reusable nappies

Are reusable nappies worth it?

To answer that question, let’s just compare reusable nappies to disposable nappies…

Disposable nappies are one-use. They’re made of non compostable materials that are often non skin friendly too. Once the do do is done, the nappy’s 4-hour life comes to an end and it’s banished to 500 years in landfill.

Reusable nappies can be washed and reused, significantly cutting down costs (we’re talking thousands of £ saved) and reducing waste. They’re made of soft, skin-friendly fabrics with waterproof and synthetic fabrics on the outside. Some parts can be composted. They also use a lot of water and energy in the washing machine.

So, are reusable nappies worth it? Well, for us it’s a straight YES. They are clearly more environmentally friendly than disposable ones, even though they aren’t perfect. But until there is a better alternative, reusable nappies are the way to go.

How to Use Reusable Nappies?

They may not be perfect eco alternatives, but they are perfect to use on your baby.

Putting on these nappies is no different to disposable nappies (with the exception of our Amazon option). The nappy is the waterproof layer and inner soft layer. Add inserts, pads and liners to absorb liquids and hold solids until you can dispose of/wash them.

Easy, right?

How to Wash Reusable Nappies?

When washing reusable nappies, first flush anything solid down the toilet and dispose of the liner if it’s disposable. Otherwise, place the nappy and liner in a waterproof box or bag until you put the washing on.

Place the nappies and liners in the washing machine and put on a rinse cycle to wash away any poop you missed and excess wee. Then do the main wash according to instructions (most need the normal cycle at 60 or 40 degrees with gentle non-bio detergent).

Dry your nappies on the clothesline or indoor drying rack away from the radiator. Even if your nappies are tumble dryer-safe, machine drying will shorten their life and is a waste of energy so avoid if possible!

How often do you change reusable nappies?

Not an easy question to answer. It actually depends on your baby and the absorbency of the nappies you’re using. How old is your baby? Does he wee-wee a lot? Those are some factors to take into consideration.

A rule of thumb would be that a reusable nappy needs to be changed as often as a normal disposable one. Thereby, during the day you should change every 2 to 4 hours – or immediately when that whiffy smell starts.

How Many Reusable Nappies Do You Need?

Some days you’ll need more than others. As we just said in the answer above, you need to change the reusable nappy regularly during the day. As for the night, you can buy thick liners to keep your baby dry overnight.

Newborn babies could need up to 18 nappies in 24 hours while babies over 6 months could need 15. If you’re planning on washing every other day, it would be wise to have 40 nappies.

Yes, it sounds like a lot but we’re going for long-term waste-reduction! 40 is a lot better than 5000 babies use on average.

The best cloth nappies don’t need to be plastic-free. They just need to be reusable for the eco benefits to pile up and the disposable nappy industry to take another hit.

Hep, not so fast… 

If your kid goes zero-waste with his business, what about dealing with your own… waste?!  Have a look at our selection of eco toilet paper 😉

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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