Top UK Vegan Skate Shoes List

If you’re looking for vegan sneakers (or trainers, as we should be calling them), this is the list you need to stick to.

If you’re looking for vegan sneakers (or trainers, as we should be calling them), this is the list you need to stick to.

Mens and womens skate shoes are often reinforced with synthetic soles and waterproofing chemicals to keep up with your outdoor adventures. All that effort to save the environment for ALL life is wasted if your vegan skate shoes aren’t eco-friendly!

These are our top vegan skate shoe picks that are available in the UK.

Vegan Vans for Valiant Eco Victors


We bet you didn’t know that these were eco! The beauty of canvas shoes is that they’re so easily made into vegan shoes just with careful attention to the sole and glue material.

We love it because: Vans are one of the biggest mainstream companies to have a widely vegan line-up of trainers and a vegan company philosophy.

Epic Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoes


Featuring recycled PET laces, cork-lined innersoles and recycled rubber outsoles, the Etnies vegan skate shoes are the most eco on our list.

We love it because: Etnies take part in reforestation programs that plant trees with every shoe purchase!

Classic Emerica Vegan Skate Shoes


The perfect skate shoe (if it’s available in your size, check below) by Emerica is designed for vegan skaters soul’s soles.

We love it because: the double-stitched ollie area is super strong. No more blaming your shoes for falling on your face!

Could Vegan Running Shoes Be The Answer?


Sure, they’re not traditional vegan skate shoes… but they offer a lightweight barefoot feeling that, combined with a skateboard, have you feeling like you’re flying!

We love it because: it’s made with recycled PET mesh and a removable innersole for eco-friendly skate shoes with puncture-proof protection.

Matt and Nat Vegan Sneakers (AKA trainers)


The Gail lace shoes (we love it when they have a name) for skating ladies are 100% vegan and have the classic lace up design.

We love it because: Matt and Nat are dedicated to only using 100% recycled plastic bottles in the lining of their shoes.

Native’s Most Durable Skate Shoes


The shock absorbing sole and vegan microfleece lining in these mid-height sneakers can save you some ankle aches the next time you fall.

We love it because: Native use a low-emission manufacturing process and package the ethical skate shoes in recycled materials.

Pineapple Trainers!?


It’s no secret that we love ALL products made with Pinatex. These slip-on vegan sneakers are ideally breathable for hot summer skate sessions.

We love it because: pineapple leaf fibres are naturally waterproof, so no nasty chemical waterproof layers are added!

Crinkly (Yet Surprisingly Durable) Eco Vegan Shoes


Unstitched Utilities have an awesome crinkly appearance with thick, durable souls that can withstand every catch and ollie.

We love it because: the crinkly Tyvek material is more eco than PU leather vegan alternatives. It’s designed to be recycled and will last much longer.

Recycled Skate Shoes with Free UK Delivery!


Free delivery, recycled vegan materials and hand-embroidery. It’s almost enough for us to forgive the carbon heavy journey it makes from Thailand.

We love it because: Siam Tip repurpose beautiful Hmong embroidered ethnic textiles. These are eco skate shoes with a history!

Superga’s Unisex Eco Skate Shoes


These are super gaaaaa. You’ll be left with your jaw on the floor after seeing these classic style skate shoes that no one will realise are eco and vegan. Learn more about these unisex vegan shoes here.

We love it because: the 2750 Cotu Classic sneaker was first produced in 1911! It’s certainly kept up with the modern world by going vegan and eco.

Get your skates on to grab a pair of these eco skate shoes!

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All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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