Best Eco-friendly Wooden Toys

Our kids deserve the best toys, of course! But at what cost? Plastic toys are thrown out at an alarming rate as children grow older, quickly polluting land and waterways with plastic.

These toys skip that… completely. Now you can give your children the fun they want and need, all with peace of mind. Buying sustainable toys not only helps the environment, but it also gives your kids an understanding of what’s in front of them.

So don’t wait up! Take hold of this opportunity and make your child’s world a better place, without sacrificing anything.

Bimi Boo Wooden Shape Sorter – Amazing Wooden Baby Toys


Okay… Your baby is going to love this! It may just seem like an average sorting game, but it’s more than that.

First of all, forget the cleanup; everything drops right into the box through the wooden lid.

Second, the set comes with 8 different pieces and 4 different colors. A great selection.

And third – this is going to help with their development. Wooden educational toys like this allow for a quicker improvement of problem-solving skills.

Oh, I almost forgot. It’s ALL eco friendly. This wooden cube toy is completely non-toxic. They’re lead and phthalates free, and are colored using fully water-based paint! One more thing… it’s all wood, so you can play your part in making this world a better place (in every way possible).

Why We Love It: We can forget about the cleanup; you’re busy, and need all the time you can get, so even something small like this can make your life just a little bit easier.

Wild and Wolf Organic Toy Bear – The Classic Choice


You can’t go wrong with a toy bear… you just can’t. Do you remember your favourite toys as a kid? We do. They were stuffed animals. Another plus is your child will remember it for life; they won’t forget their “favourite stuffed animal” from when they were kids. It not only serves as a toy but also a memory of times past.

And what a perfect choice for the eco-conscious mom! The teether ring included (yes there’s a teether ring included) is sourced completely from sustainable beech wood. Sustainable baby toys are the best toys, we can agree on that.

Why We Love It: Not only is this the perfect organic baby toy, it also serves as a lifetime reminder of a nostalgic time.

100% Natural Minicamp Pyramid Stacking Toy – Simple Is Better

As children, many of us would simply throw rocks into a pond to see how big of a splash it would make. What is simpler than that? Yet all of us have done it, and we had a ton of fun in the process! This is what you get with this toy. A basic pyramid stacking toy; kids don’t need a new gadget or piece of tech to have fun, sometimes the most basic toys bring the most joy.

“Does it help my child?” you may ask. The answer is yes! Preschools all across the UK use the same type of toy. This toy helps bring on creativity hidden within your little Picasso or Mitchell.

You’re also making his or her future brighter; not only in the way of bringing out that creativity, but in purchasing these wooden stacking toys you’re doing your part in making sure their little world is as healthy and natural as can be!

Why We Love It: The handcrafted toy brings a “natural” feel to their play space.

PS: This product isn’t treated with paint or any other potentially harmful product!

Handmade Old Fashioned Wooden Rocking Horse


Giddy up!

What a classic toy for your toddler! Wooden rocking horses have been around for ages, and not without reason. The kids love them; when a child jumps on one of these their imaginations run wild (which is an important part of development) like a stallion running through the plains.

The rocking horse is crafted with a child’s safety in mind, using only non-toxic products and sustainably acquired birch wood. So even if this toy does get “lost in the wind” it won’t affect the environment one bit!

Why We Love It: It’s a classic. They let you put custom writing on it too!

Amazing Honey Sticks Crayons

Now your little artist is really going to show themselves! Honey Sticks not only smell amazing but also offer great quality and variety. The crayons offer 12 different colors, and are shaped to fit your child’s hands while keeping strong as can be!

Beeswax is a natural byproduct from the honey industry; so now nothing is getting wasted. Play your part and buy these organic toys instead of cheap, unsustainable, and short-lasting alternatives.

Why We Love It: These crayons don’t break in the hands of our tiny barbarian.

Jaques of London Wooden Racetrack – Sturdy As Can Be!


This is a fast track to any car-loving kids’ heart! This race track comes with 6 cars and ramps.

With plastic race tracks, there are so. Many. Parts. And what happens when your kid grows out of the car-loving phase? That plastic race track with too many components to count get thrown straight in the trash. And we all know where that trash ends up.

With a traditional toy racetrack made out of plastic, it is very breakable making the toy’s lifespan very short! You can completely forget about that with Jaques of London wooden racetrack. These wooden toys for kids are not going to break. Period. Completely sustainable, and unbelievably fun!

Why We Love It: It’s sturdy and come on, you just can’t go wrong with a race track.

Weiner Dog Wooden Pull Toy – “Can we get a puppy?”


These ultra-cute weiner dogs are the perfect wooden toys for toddlers! “I want a puppy” must be ringing in your ears by now; well this is a great alternative. The toy dog comes with a pull rope (acquired through sustainable means) AND you can add whatever writing you want to the toy (just ask the seller).

EVERY part of this toy is biodegradable and non-toxic… enough said.

Why We Love It: It’s colored using milk paint! It doesn’t get much safer than that.

TOWO Wooden Puzzle Blocks – They’ll “Topple” With Excitement!

This wooden cube toy is great for ages 1-4. The set gives a ton of variety; offering 9 cubes (and a storage box) which can make up to 6 wild animals kids love! This toy is especially great for encouraging brain development, it increases the problem-solving abilities of your children.

Every part of the toy is created with sustainability in mind; All of the processes involved in the creation of this product are completely sustainable.”But what about the toxins?”… ZERO! There is nothing about this toy that will put your child in danger. This is the clear choice for puzzle toys… you and your kid win in every way!

Why We Love It: This one set offers 6 different puzzles and at a great price.

Andes Animals Wooden Stackers From Le Toy Van


This set of wooden stackers changes it up with the animals of the Andes! The set offers 8 adorable animals from the snowy tops as well as a mountain. The blocks also keep the colour neutral, so they’re great for any gender!

And of course, like all other products in this TOP; they’re completely eco-friendly and child-friendly. This product has zero, nada, none of those bad toxins used in some conventional plastic toys. The wood used? Sustainably sourced rubberwood of course.

Why We Love It: It gives a perfect opportunity to educate your children about the Andes and its animals!

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All products are available in the UK!

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