Food Wrap Made of Bee's Wax

£ 14

The times of struggling with sticky plastic wrap and polluting the planet every time you wrap up a sandwich are over; say hello to the future of wrapping, brought to you by the beeswax wraps from Bee’s Wrap. These eco food wraps are reusable, washable, and biodegradable, and just like plastic cling film they will wrap and stick around anything you want.

In contrast to plastic though, they will never leak any harmful chemicals into your food, can be washed and reused without any problems, will last up to a year, and can be composted once you’re done using them. And, on top of all that, they come with nice designs – what more could we ask for?

Why is bees wrap (eco-) friendly?


First and foremost, let us applaud Bee’s Wrap for using not a single unnatural material in their beeswax wraps. It’s refreshing to be able to wrap a sandwich, cheese, bread, or anything else that might need wrapping, and not worry even for a second about the consequences that wrapping might have on your health or that of the environment.

With the use of certified organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin, Bee’s Wrap succeeded in creating a washable, reusable, and even compostable alternative to your old nemesis that is plastic wrap.

About Bee’s Wrap

All beeswax wraps produced by Bee’s Wrap are produced with love, care, and compassion. Sarah Kaeck, founder of Bee’s Wrap, started the now Green America certified company in her own kitchen, coating each wrap in bees wax by hand. From those hours in the kitchen with a couple of sales, the company now ships the bees wrap worldwide, contributing to the global movement of sustainability. To add to this, Bee’s Wrap also sponsors bee hives to local schools in collaboration with The Bee Cause, allowing the teachers and students to observe and learn from honey bees and their natural behaviour.

The materials


All suppliers for the materials of bees wrap are thoroughly screened on sustainability and quality. The hives, for example, will be evaluated on bee-friendliness (e.g. do the hives allow them to exhibit their natural behaviour, what are the surroundings, what crops do the bees usually have access to, etc.), eco-friendliness, and harvesting practices. The cotton that is used as a base for the wrap is sourced only from fields that are Global Organic Textile Standard certified, and the jojoba oil is certified organic as well. The final ingredient, tree resin, is a natural and renewable source too, and adds the perfect final touch to an eco food wrap. 

Compared to plastic wrap


With only four ingredients that are all completely natural, it should come as no surprise that bees wrap is far from as harmful to the environment as its unsustainable counterpart plastic wrap. Below are some of the major benefits of using beeswax wrap as a plastic replacement:

–          No pollution.

By using a compostable material to wrap your food, you will prevent tons of plastic from ending up in landfills and oceans. Instead, your bees wrap will be added to your compost pile and become part of the natural fertilizer.

–          No chemicals.

All plastic (and that includes PBA-free plastic) is full of harmful chemicals. These chemicals will always be “leaking” out of the plastic (especially flexible plastics), whether the plastic is in a hot environment or not. So, the myth that using (BPA-free plastics) is okay as long as you keep them out of the heat is exactly that: a myth. Do yourself a favour and prevent the chemicals from invading that beautiful piece of organic cheese you just bought, and use bees wrap for your food storage instead.

–          Better aesthetics

This might seem like a very superficial benefit, but don’t we all like the things and places that surround us to look beautiful? Only buying things that you feel are beautiful and will make you happy when you use them, I believe will contribute to your overall happiness. So, be kind to yourself, and buy some beeswax candles and bees wrap with your favourite prints instead of a depressing roll of plastic wrap. Next time you get your wrapped sandwich out of your bag, you’ll be happier for it!


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