The Best Eco-Friendly Cling Film Alternatives​

Do you find yourself constantly using non eco cling film to wrap food?

Are you worried about how it affects the world you live in? 

Do we hear a YES?  

As an eco-warrior you might want to look for a good BPA free, environmentally friendly cling film alternative!

Luckily there are non PVC eco cling film options available on the marketplace. 

Here are a few brilliant options, all available in the UK!

Beeswax Wraps, 2020’s Answer to Eco-Friendly Cling Film

These extraordinarily awesome beeswax wraps are made by the Beeswax Wrap Company in the UK and provide a fantastic natural alternative to cling film that you’ll love! They also add plenty of wow factor to your food because they’re brightly coloured with eye-catching patterns.

Beeswax is a natural wax made by honey bees and can very useful in a variety of products, from beauty products to candles and home items.

Made out of 100% organic cotton infused with bees wax, there are no nasty chemicals and the material breathes, so food stays fresher for longer. The wraps seal food tightly, stopping cross-contamination plus you can wash them rather than throwing them out after use, which makes them even more environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable (you could even consider these as your biodegradable cling film), once you’re ready to replace them, there’s no worrying about harming the environment and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

Good Stuff
*Funky and colourful food coverings
*Seals food tightly
*Can be cut to fit smaller food items
*Lasts up to a year and then decomposes naturally

Bad Stuff
*Not freezer friendly
*Not completely leak-proof
*Cannot use with raw meat or fish
*Quite costly initially
*Can’t see the food contents

Kitchen Craft Lace Bowl Covers, a Traditional Alternative to Cling Film!


These rather kitsch looking lace covers by Kitchen Craft are ideal for covering bowls, jugs and other similar containers, however they’re unsuitable for sandwiches, cannot be used in the microwave and neither can they be frozen.

If you want something that looks pretty, they work well and they’re reusable too so you will save on using up electricity and on throwing out non eco cling film. Completely washable, the lace is trimmed with contrasting colourful beads but they aren’t made entirely out of cotton and obviously the beads aren’t decomposable.

Looked after well, they should last you up to a year, however, remember that they aren’t biodegradable.

Good Stuff
*Attractive display

Bad Stuff
*Not biodegradable
*Material could be more eco-friendly
*Unsuitable for sandwiches
*Not leak- & drip-proof

Smith’s, Insanely Good Looking Mason Jars

Airtight and watertight glass jars are an ideal way to keep food stored in the fridge and perfect for dry goods too. A strong alternative to cling film, glass is completely recyclable, environmentally friendly and lasts a long while (provided you don’t drop yours!).

These Mason Jars have endless uses. As well as using them in the fridge, you can use them for drinks such as milk shakes, cocktails, cold drinks and more. They’re even thick enough to hold hot drinks safely.

Durable, convenient and handsome too (with a rustic appearance) they’re excellent environmentally friendly storage and they go a long way to reduce your carbon footprint.

The downside of course, is they aren’t suitable for packed lunches and they’re breakable but they’re still excellent for taking salad out for an office lunch rather than a sandwich. 

Good Stuff
*Recycled glass
*Suitable for cold/hot food/drinks
*Air tight, drip- & leak-proof
*Ideal for fridge & freezer
* Microwave-friendly (without lid)
*Keeps food/drink protected

Bad Stuff
*Bulky storage
*Unsuitable for sandwiches

Kilner, Good Looking Screw Top Jars


These smart looking screw top jars bring the traditional into a modern kitchen. Tough, strong and environmentally friendly, this is glass storage you’ll want to show off.

Made by Kilner, these jars have an airtight metal screw top so keep food fresh and protected from dirt. They come in a useful set of 6 so there’s plenty of storage. Perfect for dry food and wet food (although not for lunchbox use) they’re highly attractive on display or hidden away.

Use them for tea, coffee, herbs, spices, soups, stews, salads and more plus they’re freezer safe and fridge-friendly. Who needs cling film?

Good Stuff
*Glass is recyclable
*Fridge & freezer friendly
*Microwave-friendly (without lid)
*Set of 6 for more storage options
*Airtight closure
*Ideal for dry & wet goods

Bad Stuff
*Bulky storage
*Unsuitable for sandwiches

Glasslock Glass Containers, a Great Eco-Technique for Storage

These eco-alternative glass containers by Glasslock are rectangular in shape and
roomy enough to store lots of different food options.

Strong, durable and hard-wearing they go a long way to reduce your carbon footprint as glass is entirely recyclable. They come in a useful set of three (400ml, 1000ml and 2000ml), giving you good sizing options and as they’re made out of recyclable tempered soda-lime glass (which is five times stronger than regular glass) they should withstand lots of wear.

The lid is a BPA plastic clip lid with a silicone ring so it’s kind to the environment. However, remember they’re still breakable! It’s worth mentioning that these Glasslock containers give you plenty of flexibility – use them in the fridge, freezer and even put them in the microwave!

Quite cool looking too, they’re ideal cling film alternatives, offering safe food storage but they’re not great for use in a lunch box which is the one big downside.

Good Stuff
*Super strong & durable
*Recyclable tempered glass
*Ideal for fridge, freezer & microwave
*Set of 3 for more storage options
*Keep food protected

Bad Stuff
*Large piece is bulky
*Not ideal as a lunch box

Lunchbots Stainless Steel Containers, a Great Hack for Food Storage

Traditional looking Lunchbots stainless steel containers are the perfect solution for convenient, eco-friendly lunchtime storage and look totally awesome too!

Lunchbots is a trusted brand, known for making convenient food storage geared toward lunches or meals outside the home.  These containers are ideal for sandwiches, salads, wraps or even a small meal at your desk, the material is entirely eco-friendly and BPA free.

Adults and kids will love this option which not only goes a long way to protecting the environment, it also prevents squashed sandwiches, keeping them secure.

The downside is they’re one size (15 x 12 x 4cm) so they’re not great for bigger food storage and they’re also not completely watertight so they’re only suitable for dry food or sandwiches that don’t contain wet fillings (to be on the safe side!). Made out of high
quality 18/8 stainless steel, they’re dishwasher safe too.

Good Stuff
*Good looking lunch box
*Should last a lifetime
*Great for food, salads & sandwiches

Bad Stuff
*Not entirely leak-proof
*Not suitable for wet goods
*Expensive (but durable)
*Content not visible

Janolia Stackable Lunchboxes, One of the Best Eco-Hacks

Here’s another stainless steel option that works super-well for lunchboxes and looks totally awesome!

The cylindrical Janolia stackable lunch boxes are an eco-friendly alternative to cling film and offer far more protection too because of their rigid construction. Dishwasher safe, these boxes are made out of food grade, rust-proof 304 stainless steel that won’t taint food together with a silicone lid that is odour and toxic-free.

The small sizes make them conveniently portable for children and they’re easy to open (while being entirely airtight when closed). Leak proof, durable and reusable, they’re great for storing at home too because they’re stackable so save on space. They’re even suitable for wet food and perfect for carrying around pieces of fruit to enjoy on the go.

Kind to the environment (although obviously not biodegradable), treated well, they should last a lifetime!

Good Stuff
*Durable & washable material
*Keeps food protected
*Suitable for wet goods
*Stackable & space-saving

Bad Stuff
*Not shaped for sandwiches
*Not freezer-safe
*Content not visible

Boc’n’Roll, Awesome Sandwich Wrappers


These cool looking, colourful sandwich wrappers give you a fantastic eco-friendly option for wrapping lunchtime food and the hot shades are fun and funky – be the envy of all your friends!

Entirely reusable, just pop in the washing machine or hand wash (if you want to save on your carbon footprint) and hang out to dry. Made out of 100% polyester, these reusable food wraps aren’t biodegradable but they should last you a long while so still make a viable alternative to cling film, which is obviously less environmentally friendly.

The easy fastening mechanism makes the wrapper versatile enough to fit most food shapes, however, wrappers are not leakproof or drip-proof and can’t be used with wet food. Wraps are ideal for wrapping cheese though, although we wouldn’t use it to wrap your meat or fish!

Go one step further and why not make your own reusable food wraps? Here is a great piece of what you need to do this.

Good Stuff
*Bright colours, cool look
*Machine washable
*Folds to fit most lunchbox items

Bad Stuff
*Polyester material
*Unsuitable for wet goods
*Not leak- & drip-proof
*Not for freezer & microwave
*Not for fish or meat
*Content not visible

Food Kozy a Cool, Reusable Technique for Wrapping Food

Food Kozy by U-Konserve is a reusable eco food-wrap option that isn’t plastic free; however, it is made out of LDPE #4 plastic. This is low-density polyethene and is recyclable. On the positive, Kozy is BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate-free.

Being kind of a reusable cling film, this product is kind to the environment so you’ll definitely be doing your part to help preserve the planet. It’s a super alternative to cling film.

Ideal for sandwiches, covering salads, wrapping leftover food, if you want an eco-friendly cling film, this one is for you. Hand-washable, just leave your Kozy wraps to air dry naturally.

You’ll love how colourful they are and convenient too because they feature an awesome secure closure at the end using a hook and loop, so there’s no leakage.

Good Stuff
*Reusable & hand washable
*Phthalate, lead, PVC & BPA-free 
*Drip & leak-proof (secure closure)
*Convenient for multiple uses
*Double up as a cool placemat

Bad Stuff
*Not for microwave and freezer
*Air dry

Lunchskins Resealable Paper Bags


This eco food wrap may throw you off for a second, but don’t let it! For years kids used paper bags and they worked just fine (with a few problems). But Lunchskins has fixed those with their new stay-fresh design! It offers an adhesive strip to seal the bag and has grease resistant properties. The bag is also 100% toxin-free so you won’t have to worry about your children. Paper bags are the new thing!

Of course paper bags are eco-friendly, but what about the adhesive strip? You guessed it, that’s biodegradable too! Be early in this new trend and get other parents on board, every little thing helps!

Good Stuff
*Grease Resistant
*Toxin Free
*100% Recyclable

Bad Stuff
*Can Rip
*Can’t Hold Liquid-Intense Products

Charles Viancin, an Insanely Clever Silicone Lid


This silicone lid by Charles Viancin offers airtight closure system for most food storage containers. It’s 15cm in diameter, round-shaped and certainly in an eye-catching design, perfect for sealing pots, pans, dishes and bowls.

Suitable for use with most materials (e.g., stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and even wood) it insulates too, preserving freshness and flavour. Made out of non-toxic premium quality BPA-free silicone, it’s kind to the environment.

Use this safely in the oven, microwave, freezer and fridge, it’s washable so it should last you for a very long time making it a truly excellent environmentally friendly alternative to cling film.

Good Stuff
*Microwave, oven & freezer-friendly
*Excellent insulation & airtight
*Preserves freshness & flavour

Bad Stuff
*Need different sizes
*Slightly sloppy

Furoshiki, Traditional Japanese Wrapping Technique


Take a leaf out of our Japanese friends’ notebook and try this traditional food wrap. Not only is this item entirely handsome, in a really eye-catching minimal design, it is the ultimate eco-friendly method to wrap food safely.

Made out of 100% cotton (natural fibres, an excellent environmentally friendly material), it’s ideal for lots of food types with the exception of wet goods, meat and fish.

Use it to wrap dry goods, for lunchboxes or to cover bowls/leftovers. Entirely washable (machine wash or wash by hand) it’s a sensible product that you will use again and again. Every modern eco-friendly kitchen will enjoy the versatility of this product!

The Furoshiki Technique has many uses (eg. gift wrapping). Learn more about it here.

Good Stuff
*Any piece of cloth works
*Fun and good looking

Bad Stuff
*Pretty basic 
*Not for wet goods
*Not for microwave or freezer
*Food contents not visible

Plate over a Bowl, Zero-Waste Eco-Friendly Hack

Of course, you don’t need to buy any of the above cling film alternatives. And for a completely eco-friendly lifestyle, why not use what millions of people have done for years on end and just cover your leftovers with a plate over a bowl?

Simply placing a plate over a bowl keeps food protected from drips, insects, household dirt and more. It’s also convenient and easy – no need for nasty cling film and no wondering whether your eco-friendly food wrap will

There are downsides. You must be careful not to smash the plate (or the food contents in the bowl), sometimes the plate doesn’t fit the bowl as snugly as you’d like and this type of storage can be precarious if you’re don’t take care with where or how you position it!

Still, it saves you money, time and fiddling around…now where did I put that side plate?

Good Stuff
*It’s free!
*Perfect zero-waste solution
*Efficient (if the size fits)

Bad Stuff
*Not an on-the-go option 
*You may need your plates
*Food contents not visible

Planning on using these alternatives to cling film to pack your lunch or a 04:00 PM snack? Check out these eco-friendly vegan backpacks!

All products ship to the UK, most of them for free!

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