Reusable Bowl Cover by KitchenCraft

£ 6

The Pretty Eco Food Covering Option

There’s nothing beautiful about cling film and it’s entirely bad for the environment so if you want something that ticks lots of eco-friendly options and looks great, this hack is for you!

KitchenCraft lace bowl covers are washable and reusable.  They are also pretty covers that will gain lots of admiring glances.  They’re great for dressing up leftovers or for placing over food to protect it from dirt or insects. We think this ticks every box when it comes to adding pretty display to your table (or your fridge!).  These cotton blend covers are weighed down with little beads so they stay in place.

Key features:

  • Reusable so you don’t have to keep restocking your food coverings
  • Useful, circular shape, ideal for covering bowls and plates
  • Attractive designs with beaded drops definitely create an impact when dressing a food table!
  • Hand-washable, they should last you for years if looked after well


Reusable and Washable, Just so Eco-Friendly!

These covers may not be 100% cotton, but they are easily hand-washable. Meaning that with a minimum of care, they should last for years!

KitchenCraft a.k.a Thomas Plant


The company was created in the UK in 1850, under the name of its founder, Thomas Plant and became KitchenCraft in 1996. Their mission is to offer high quality homewares products and provide serviceability and a rewarding experience. They are a leader in their domain as they claim every household in the UK has at least one of their products.


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