BPA-free Flexible Silicone Lid, by Charles Viancin

£ 8.5

The Only Environmentally Friendly Lid for Secure Food Storage

Sometimes, all you need is a lid!  This insanely clever Charles Viancin silicone lid is eco-friendly as it’s made out of non-toxic premium quality BPA-free silicone. Washable and reusable, no pot should be without one! Treated with care, each lid should last a long time making it reusable and kind to the environment that we live in.

Did we mention that they are also pretty attractive with their nature-inspired design?

Key features:

  • Flexible material allows it to be easily sealed (on wide variety of materials) 
  • The perfect partner for many pots and pans
  • Ideal to protect food from insects and preserve freshness
  • Airtight, spill stopper and keeps the vapour while cooking
  • Available in different sizes that fit most storages 
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures (freezer and oven friendly)
  • Conveniently washable in the dishwasher (or by hand)

Washable, Reusable Multi-Use Eco-Friendly Silicon Lids

These lids are made of premium quality non-toxic, food-grade, BPA-free Silicone. They are also quite convenient and give you plenty of eco-options. There’s no need to transfer food over, simply pop on this food grade silicone lid and keep your food free from dirt.  No nasty cling film involved!

With a bit of care, these lids should be “reusable in the infinity”!


Charles Viancin, a Group Inspired by Nature

Charles Viancin is a French group and brand founded in 2005 by the designer Charles Viancin himself. The group nows offer more than 300 kitchen eco-friendly silicone products, all inspired by nature. The company aims to revitalise the kitchenware market by offering original and well-designed products that respect the environment. 



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