Reusable Sandwich Wrapper, by Roll’Eat


Product info:

Boc’n’Roll, Who Said Food Wraps Couldn’t Be Classy?

Eye-catching, reusable and with a useful fastening mechanism, Roll ‘Eat have a spectacular hack for eco food wraps that can be used time and again, for years if well looked after.

When you want something that does a good job as a BPA free cling film, you can’t go wrong with eco-friendly Roll ’Eat sandwich wraps in an array of brightly coloured shades.  They even keep your sandwiches secure with a little clip mechanism.

They should last for many years as they’re washable, so brighten up your fridge and try the Boc N Roll Sandwich Wrappers.

Key features:

  • Clever, easy-fasten mechanism to keep your sandwich secure
  • Dirty proof and waterproof inner layer
  • Funky colours that kids (and adults) will want to put in their lunchbox
  • Folds to fit most food items (54×32 cm unfolded and 11×15 cm folded)
  • Easy to wash and machine washable (30°c) or can be hand-washed and hung out to dry
  • Dries super-fast so you can re-use every day

50% Polyester, But Still an Amazing Eco-Friendly Alternative

Boc’n’Roll wraps are made of 3 different food-grade and BPA-free materials: 50% polyester, 50% cotton on the outside and TPU on the inside. Ok, polyester is not really an eco-friendly material, but what is eco here is the concept and durability of the product.

The combination of these materials makes the wraps convenient, strong and washable at 30°c in the washing-machine. With a minimum of care, these wraps should last for years on a daily-use, still 100% more eco-friendly than cling film right?

“Reuse & Reenjoy” Is Their Motto


Roll ‘Eat was created in 2006 in Barcelona with the goal to put an end to the consumption of materials that have a high negative environmental impact. They promote a wiser consumption and waste reduction by creating functional, well-designed and original products. 


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